Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Healing At Segamat Charisma Assembly

Elijah Challenge Training
September 18, 2009
Charisma Assembly
Segamat, Johor, Malaysia

18 September - Friday - Training from 8.00 PM to 10.00 PM.
19 September - Saturday - Training from 9.30 AM till 12.30 PM
19 September - Saturday - Healing Rally - Evening
20 September - Sunday - Healing Service - Morning
20 September - Sunday - Healing Rally - Evening
21 September - Monday - Training from 9.30 AM till 12.30 PM

On 18 September, Pastor Albert Kang, Sis Grace, Bro and Sis Ong drove from Kuala Lumpur to Segamat, a little town in Johor. The first evening of Elijah Challenge training seminar was well attended by members of Charisma Assembly. After running through important topics about how to exercise faith, the participants tried their hands in healing the infirm.

Quite a number of those who came up for healing had back pain. One had throbbing pain in the head and another had pain in the abdomen. A few had arthritis in the hands and legs. A brother had pain in the neck and shoulder. Participants laid hands on the infirm and miracles happened. After they were healed, these grateful people gave thanks to Jesus by going on stage to testify. We thank God for doing wonderful healing miracles on the first evening of training. Praise the Lord.

Friday, September 18, 2009

An Unbelieving Woman Healed By The Power of Christ

We just received a testimony from New York. It involves a 15-year-old radical disciple named Rodrigo Luna who serves in the Army for God led by John Slionski. Army for God trained with The Elijah Challenge last June under Joseph White, who in turn attended the Advanced Elijah Challenge Training last spring in Houston.

Here is the testimony of Rachel Mieses, the woman who was healed:

"Hey, this is Rachel Mieses. Your friend or family Rodrigo Luna ministered to me at a shopping center and I had a broken leg! I didn't believe in God before but now I do and there is no way that anyone who reads this can say He is not real! 
I was crying because I broke my leg playing basketball with my friends ... and today the pain was so bad for some reason. It hurts sometimes but today it was horrible, but not no more. I was with my friend, I saw Rodrigo praying for some people and then my pain came really bad again. I was crying with my friend saying I just want this pain to go away. Somehow after 2 or 3 minutes Rodrigo came back saying “I know what you can do.” I said “what, take some pills?” He said “No. If you let me pray over you, the Son of the Living God is gonna heal you.”

I said, “there is no way that’s gonna happen.” He said why don't you just ask Him! I swore a four-letter curse right to his face. (I felt bad afterwards.) He said “just ask Him.”

I went like a sarcastic jerk saying, “God, if you are real, heal me!” After a couple of seconds I said “no, pain still here.” Without asking he took the crutches away and I said, “what are you doing, you idiot.”

He said, “God just healed you, the pain is going down behind your knee.” I started crying because it was true. Then he started saying stuff that I had never told anyone, not even my closest friend. I was crying on his shoulder for a while. I’m being honest. I don't know you but it's so impressive how a kid like that can only just come and say “you’re healed.” That’s what touched me the most. He took some pictures of my leg. I can't believe it. I wasn't supposed to walk until next month. Thank you, Jesus. Thanks for your time."

We are in the last days, and the spirit and power of Elijah are being restored to the Church!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


August 9, 2009
Charisma Assembly
Segamat, Johor, Malaysia
Sunday Service - 8.30AM
On 9 August which was the National Day of Singapore, Sister Grace and I were in Segamat, a town in the southern state of Johor in Malaysia. We were in Singapore, visiting my mother, and forgot about the extended holidays caused by the National Day. We almost could not make it to Segamat because all the transport systems were fully booked. No train, no flights and almost no buses too. However, thankfully, we managed to find one coach and arrived on Saturday night.
Segamat Town is built along the Segamat River and it is serviced by the Kuala Lumpur railway and a small airfield. Years ago, it was a logging center but today, it services the people who are involved in the palm oil and rubber industry. Sister Grace and I had not been to Segamat for a very long time. I remember driving pass this town way back in the late 1980s. More recently, my countless train rides to Singapore did pass this town but I never got down to take a closer look.

This trip to Segamat gave us a great opportunity to have a closer look at the town again. We learned that Segamat is prone to flood. The flash flood in 2006 was the more serious one. The small town has a population of over 200,000 residents. Many of them are Chinese and they practice the traditional ancestral worship polytheistic religion. There are also quite a number of Christians and most of them are Chinese-speaking.

Pastor Steven Wong felt led by the Lord to minister in Segamat. When he first came with his family, he did not know many words in Mandarin. Today, he is able to converse well with this language. His church, Charisma Assembly, is made up of mainly Chinese-speaking Christians. Today, these Christians are reaching out to their relatives and friends with the message of the Gospel.

As a preview of the Elijah Challenge seminars that we will be conducting from 18 to 21 September 2009, we taught the people briefly on how to use the authority of Christ to heal the sick. Here is our schedule for the coming training.
18 September - Friday - Training from 8.00 PM to 10.00 PM.
19 September - Saturday - Training from 9.30 AM till 12.30 PM
19 September - Saturday - Healing Rally - Evening
20 September - Sunday - Healing Service - Morning
20 September - Sunday - Healing Rally - Evening
21 September - Monday - Training from 9.30 AM till 12.30 PM

After encouraging the people with the word of God, I challenged the infirm to come forth to be healed. The leaders of the church were given brief instruction as to how they could exercise their faith to heal the sick. They were very receptive to the teaching. As I commanded and the leaders laid their hands on the infirm, miracles began to happen. People were healed of various pain and diseases in their bodies. We praise God for showing His power and authority among His people in Segamat. Now, we are looking forward to another great time of faith and miracles at Charisma Assemby. 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Cold Wave and Then Healing

I want to report what the Lord has been doing here in New Jersey.  One of the members of Union Community Church , Sis. Nanet Purino, was diagnosed with a lymph node in her breast that was alarming so she went to the doctor who recommended biopsy and surgery with possible chemo therapy.
Her husband, Bro Richard asked me to pray for her the Elijah Challenge way. So I asked the other brethrens to join faith with me that day and we took authority over that node. 

After that session, she felt a cold wave all over her. I asked her to go to the doctor and have confirmation of God’s miracle to her. 

After a week, she stepped up to testify in front of the whole church, thanking God that the results were all negative!!!

Reported by 
Pastor Ruel Crisostomo Barte
Senior Pastor
Abundant Life Ministries and Fellowships

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Healing At The Coffee Shop

A middle-aged Indonesian lady of the Majority faith was working at the coffee shop that my wife and I used to have our meals. She was a very friendly lady. That day, this lady was complaining about extreme pain on her left ankle and heel. She said that in her job, she had to stand for a long time, making beverages etc. And thus it aggravated her weakened foot and caused great pain.
My wife asked her whether she wanted to be healed of this infirmity. We told her that we are followers of Isa Almasih. She said that she had no problem with that. As long as she received the healing. So, we used our God-given authority to heal her.

We did not pray because God has already instructed us through His Word to heal the sick and not to pray for the sick. There is a difference. When we heal the sick we have to utilize our faith to believe that the miracle will happen. In every instance in the New Testament, we were instructed to heal and not pray for the sick.

My wife and I obeyed God's word and so commanded the pain and infirmity to leave this woman. Immediately, she was healed. She jumped up and down. She stamped her previously painful foot hard on the floor and screamed in delight that she felt no pain at all.

This was exciting because this was our first healing of a lady from the Majority faith. The healed lady then testified to everybody around that she was completely healed. She reminded us of the Samaritan woman in the Bible. Then she rushed to the kitchen and brought her lady boss out to meet us. The lady boss had arthritis but since she had taken pain-killer, we told her that we would come back and heal her later.

Another lady, who is a Christian, whom we had healed earlier of arthritic pain in her arms, offered to bring this Majority lady to church. There was an excitement in the coffee shop because people were being healed in the name of Jesus.

Reported by
Reverend Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Christ Baptist Church, Kuching, Sarawak - Elijah Challenge Healing Rally - July 4 2009

Elijah Challenge Healing Rally
July 4, 2009

Elijah Challenge School of Basic Training (SBMT)
Organized by Christ Baptist Church
19, Jalan Stakan, 7th Mile, Kota Sentosa
93250, Kuching, East Malaysia
Senior Pastor: Rev. Greman Ujang Selat

The night of the Healing Rally was filled with excitement. The parking lot was already packed and people were parking their vehicles across the street. It was great to learn that there were many Pre-Christians among the crowd. The worship team was made up of young people and the worship leader was Tabitha, the pastor’s daughter. Just don’t get these Iban young people started – they can out-rock any rocker groups in the world. The only difference was that they were worshipping Jesus. Many of their worship songs were obviously not from my generation but judging from their lyrics, these were very powerful songs. Pastor Greman and I realized that we had to learn to worship with these young people or be left behind.
I preached from John 3:16. Explaining about the sins of mankind that need salvation provided by Christ, I also shared about the love of God. Then I appealed for a verdict. The people responded overwhelmingly. The Pre-Christians confessed their sins and prayed along with Pastor Greman in the Iban language. 
During the time for healing, the Lord confirmed His Word by healing many who were suffering from all kinds of pain and diseases. The deaf could hear and the lame walked. The testimonies kept coming as more and more people were healed. The faith of the trained disciples was at all time high. Many of them continued to exercise their faith and authority to heal even after the service. We praise God that there were more people healed on this night than any other nights.


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