Friday, September 2, 2011

Man Born Without Inner Ear Healed By The Power of Jesus

Creative miracle in Oklahoma

Robert Short is a disciple from Phoenix, Arizona who attended Basic Training II in Houston. Here's what Rob just sent us...

"I was ministering healing in Oklahoma City and did exactly as trained in the Elijah Challenge as I placed my finger in his ear and commanded restoration to his hearing. Here is the testimony he shared on Sunday morning service.  He was dancing with such great joy all morning!
'One man who was born without the inner ear apparatus that enables you to hear shared that as an infant that they had transplanted some small bones into his ear to create some capacity for him to hear. He had about 10% hearing as a result and a lifetime of strong pain in his ear and head. We ministered to him and the pain left completely. The next morning the stuff that had been transplanted fell out of his ear and he could hear normally. Thank you, Jesus.'
There were many other testimonies but this one I will never forget. Things are getting exciting seeing the Gospel confirmed like that. Looking forward to 'dancing on the edge of the earth!'"

God is good!


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