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Testimonies of miracles from a Vietnamese servant of God after Basic Training II

Houston, Texas
Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dear Fellow Disciples of Jesus Christ,

We would like to share with you the recent blogs of Pastor Linh, a Vietnamese servant of God based in Houston who at one time ministered with the United Methodist Church. He attended sessions of The Elijah Challenge Basic Training II which was held last weekend here in Houston. Since then the Lord has used him to minister quite powerfully to those in need. Below are some of the testimonies. We hope you'll take a moment to read them.

Thank you for partnering with us so effectually. Praise the Lord for His wonderful grace!

-William & Lucille

PS  Pastor Linh mentions "faith of God" in his blogs below. This is simply another term for "mountain-moving faith."

FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2011

Shoulder Pain Gone

Talking to a man on the corner street of life, I discovered that he has a drinking problem, 2 knee surgeries, joint problem, Hep C, Cirrhosis of the liver and shoulder pain.

The shoulder pain is hurting him right now he said. I asked for permission to pray over it. Laying my hand on his right shoulder I commanded the pain to go. The pain subsided a lot he said. Testing his shoulder he moved around, rotated it. He noticed a little pain left deep inside. Praying again I commanded the pain to go and the spirit of infirmities to leave him now in Jesus' name. He rotated it around and around and the pain was gone.

I saw him again today, and he is happy to have no pain in the shoulder. Praise be to God.

Pastor Linh


A Spirit of Confusion Left in the Name of Jesus

A woman with so many cares and concerns came to talk to me. As we sat down and talked, her mind is confused; she seems to lose the control of her life. She didn't know what to do, where to go, she asked me to pray for her. Life seems harsh to her. She came to Jesus hoping God will help ease her mind.

I prayed a simple prayer over her; "In the name of Jesus, spirit of confusion go. Leave her now. Pain leave her heart in the Name of Jesus." After the prayer, her face lit up beaming with joy. She exclaimed that the spirit of confusion left her. Praise the Lord. Thanks be to God.

Pastor Linh

Fractured Ankle Healed

Today on the street of life, God led me to talk to a woman who just lost her son in a tragic car accident. The grief is too much to bear right now. No tear seems to be able to flow. Her life suddenly came to a halt. Nothing is going for her. No job. No home. No loved ones to care for. No one seems to care about her she said. "Jesus does." I said.

As we talked, she shared with me about the fractured right ankle which happened about 2 years ago. It is painful. It needs surgery, the doctor said, but she has been postponing it until now. A simple cast wrapping around the ankle to support it loosely. She felt the pain there as we talked.

I found out that she does have faith in God. I shared with her the Scriptures about the faith of God that moves mountain. Jesus does heal today, I said. "Would you like me to pray over the fractured ankle?" I anointed her and commanded the fractured bones to be made whole. All ligaments and nerve endings around it be made well. Pain leave her now in Jesus' name.

Then I asked her to walk to test it. The pain subsided, and the swelling went down a lot. Because of the cast, she walked awkwardly. As she came back, I asked her to remove the cast and prayed and commanded the ankle to be healed in Jesus' name. She is able to walk, tiptoeing, squatting down, putting some pressure on it as she was able. Yes, her ankle is made strong and it is healed in Jesus' Name.

I can't help but notice the smile on her face walking away thanking God for her healing. Amen.

Pastor Linh


Pain in Left Ear Be Gone. Backache Healed.

An elderly woman said that her left ear was hurting because someone hit her ear with a fist. The hit knocked her down and her back was also hurt. Just imagine laying in bed sick with pain and Jesus walked right in and healed her of her pains. Indeed, Jesus came by the bedside and lifted her spirit up. She is a believer and has faith of God when I shared with her a little bit about mountain-moving faith. Yes, Faith of God. No doubt.

I asked her for permission to pray over her and laid my hand over her ears. I commanded, "In the Name of Jesus, pain in the left ear go. Leave her now. Back pain leave her now and never to return to her again in Jesus' name. Jesus heals you. Amen."

When I took my hands off her ears, the pain in the ear was gone. Her back is still a little bit sore. I asked her friend to lay her hand on the back where the pain was. She prayed for her. Then I prayed again commanding the pain in the back to go in Jesus' name. Spirit of infirmity go and leave her now in Jesus' name.

I then asked her to stand up and checked again and again. The back pain was gone. To God be the glory. He is good to His children. God is good to us all.

Pastor Linh

A Heart Opened to Welcome Jesus

I visited a young lady this morning and led her to Christ. Her heart is ready to receive Christ Jesus. I read John 3:16; John 1:12 and Romans 10:9-10 and explained to her what it means to receive Christ. She realizes that Jesus loves her and died for her sin. Gladly she prayed to accept Christ right on the spot. She is born again. Hallelujah.

The Heavenly choir and angels must rejoice in heaven this morning when a sinner opened her heart to welcome Jesus Christ into her life.

God is good all the time. He is still saving souls today. As you go declare that the Kingdom of God is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons and raise the dead...

Pastor Linh


Back Pain Be Gone. It is Gone.

I recently talked to a man who was raised up as a Jehovah Witness. Until 11 years of age he stopped going to church due to many circumstances.

His heart was cold to the Lord. After sharing the Gospel to him and leading him back to the Lord, he gave his heart to Jesus.

I asked him if there was any pain in his body that he would like me to pray over him. God will heal you of your pain. I will pray and heal you according to the Word of God in Jesus' name.

Yeah, I had back surgery some time ago, and the pain is still here in my lower back. He showed me the back surgery. There was a big scar in the back. The pain bothers him a lot and constantly.

I asked permission to place my hand on where the pain was. In the Name of Jesus, spirit of infirmity I bind you and cast you out of this man. Pain go now. Leave him now in Jesus' name and never to come back.

God heard simple prayers and answered the man and his back pain was gone. He checked it again and again, and the pain was gone. Praise the Lord. He is able to move without pain. I felt so glad to see him relieved of his pain. God does heal and is still healing today.

Pastor Linh

The Harassing Voice of 43 Years Stopped!

I visited a middle aged man about 57 years of age in his home. We met before. This time he looks older. His beard grows out a lot. He asks for a Bible which I gave him.

After talking to him I discovered that there was a female voice that kept talking in his ears ever since he was 14 years of age. The voice told him to cut himself, hurt himself. He did have anger issue with his stepfather.

"What do you want the Lord to do for you?" I asked him. "I want the voice to stop. I tried to stop it with medicine but it keeps on persisting."

I asked him some other questions to see where the source of the issue was. Forgiveness is needed. I invited him to place his trust in the Lord. "In the Name of Jesus, unclean spirit, female voice and spirit of unforgiveness I bind you and cast you out of his body. Come out in the Name of Jesus." Be made whole. Be still right now in Jesus' name.

Amazingly, he said, "The voice stopped." It indeed stopped. I checked with him again and again today, It does stop. The man was so thankful and grateful to God for his healing. I encouraged him to read the Word, especially the book of James. James 4:6-7. Jesus confirms His Word with miracles and signs and wonders. Thank you Lord.

Pastor Linh
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