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Delivered From Demonic Oppression

This Canadian believer had been cursed as a child in his native Africa. The curse resulted in severe demonic torment in his life, including loss of hearing and ringing in his ears. Because of his disability he was unable to attend the Basic Training in Houston. Instead in early August 2009 he began studying The Elijah Challenge Training Manual..

"To help you better understand the unspeakable joy that I'm experiencing over the past weeks, it would be necessary to recall the time of despair that I went through prior to getting in contact with The Elijah Challenge.

Although in the eyes of people who knew me I looked OK, but on the inside I was defeated. The devil had gotten hold of me.

I had lost my business, lost my house, declared bankruptcy, moved in a noisy basement apartment, had to move again just 30 days later, was involved in a car accident that made my overall condition worse, lost the small job that I had because of my inability to hear, forced to be on welfare and unable to pay my rent and even buy groceries, just to name a few...

I had tried all sorts of therapies and the last one made my condition even worse. I had learned to be resillient but I was losing strength and confidence. I had started to lose hope.

How I came across The Elijah Challenge, only God knows. Upon reading the The Elijah Challenge web content on July 25, 2009, I knew IMMEDIATELY that I had mysteriously found the solution to my problem.

I'm back to life before even completing the reading of the Basic Training. The Elijah Challenge understanding of "faith of God" (or mountain-moving) has given me the wings to fly again.

In a couple of weeks, I have gained territory over the devil.

It wasn't just about my hearing loss & ringing ears.

It was a curse from childhood that had spread and severely affected my life in a negative way. Although I knew that there was something wrong I didn't have the courage to admit it. I was in denial partly also because I had no remedy for the curse. It was frightening. I fact I had lived my whole life in perpetual fear of almost everything including myself. I was controlled and tormented by demons.

Upon reading about the authority that I have over demons from The Elijah Challenge Basic Training, I became INSTANTLY free as if a divine revelation had taken place in my spirit to give me the power that I needed to overcome the battle.

Since then, I have been gaining territory every day: I feel stronger than ever before, confident, enthusiastic, hopeful, the ringing is decreasing, my hearing getting better, I started looking for a job confidently, I'm strongly determined more that ever to develop a STRONG, POWERFUL RELATIONSHIP with GOD through JESUS. I know without any shadow of doubt that I'm victorious, so victorious.

You may or may not know how inspiring, encouraging, and motivating it is to read your email that reflects the mountain-moving faith which is so indispensable in this process. The "faith of God" displayed in your email gives me the strength to keep on fighting violently in the spirit. Thank you for being sent by God to rescue me."

September 25, 2009 Update 
"From July 25, 2009 when you ministered me for the first time [over the telephone] to September 25, 2009, there have been significant changes at various levels of my life that I feel pressed to express in updating you.

When I originally got in contact with The Elijah Challenge, the predominant issue that surfaced and needed healing urgently was hearing loss and ringing ears. But upon reading the Basic Training Manual and uncovering that there was a considerable demonic component that has affected my overall life since childhood, I have not only violently engaged the demons and gained significant territory over the past 2 months but I know based on the changes, that I have the authority and that total recovery is just seconds away.

Among the damages caused by the demons in my life were:

1. Total loss of the ability to speak my native [African] dialect at age 19:

Influenced by the demons through nightmares, I got up one morning and felt as if my brain was just like a stone and was therefore unable to think. Overnight, I lost the ability to speak my native dialect which I had spoken fluently just the night before. I couldn't explain what has gone wrong until I met The Elijah Challenge. On the one hand I had suspected the presence of demons in my life through a series of strange nightmares and circumstances, but on the other hand I was afraid to admit it because of the fear of facing the situation and hopelesness.

The understanding of the biblical principle that gives me authority over the demons has given me the POWER and set me free. After 30 years of loss of the ability to speak my native language, it came back in the name of JESUS as the demons are fleeing. I can now speak it! PRAISE THE LORD!

2. Inability to attract in my life a lady who could conceive a child:

This was curse-related as well. All the ladies I have married and dated with the intention of marrying had been infertile. I could hardly understand such a repeated coincidence. The curse was heavy. Now I know from the feeling I have inside that I'm totally cleared from that curse in the name of JESUS. With God all things are possible for those who believe. PRAISE THE LORD!

3. Feeling as if my brain was like a stone: 

This was the part of the curse to stop me from being the kind of person God intended. That feeling is almost gone and I KNOW that in the name of JESUS it will disappear very soon. Now I can think clearly. PRAISE THE LORD!

4. Life dominated by extreme fear: Unknown fear

The fear of demons had infiltrated all aspects of my life and paralyzed me. The fear is disappearing and I KNOW total deliverance is just seconds away. I have the VICTORY in the name of JESUS.PRAISE THE LORD!

My hearing is coming back. My ears are getting opened. Although I'm still using an amplified telephone, I'm able now to have a phone conversation and hear better with my hearing aids. Two months ago I could not hear a word. Hearing is just around the corner.

Emotionally, I'm at the highest I have ever been in my entire life. I have met the REAL JESUS with The Elijah Challenge. He came to rescue me just ONE MINUTE BEFORE MIDNIGHT. I was at the lowest I had ever been, in a dark pit. I was TOTALLY hopeless. In my desperate situation I had lost control of my vision and was drifting toward a worldly life. On the inside, the devil had defeated me so badly. He had brought me to a point where I hated life and found life so unfair. Although I was still fighting from the outside, I was depleted from within. All my prayers had apparently gone unanswered.

I had lost my home (worth over half a million). I had lost a projected billion-dollar business. My health was so poor with no hope in sight. I started making arrangements with different deaf organizations to learn American Sign Language. I had reached the ONE MINUTE BEFORE MIDNIGHT.

Exactly at that time, JESUS knocked at my door. He knocked through The Elijah Challenge. A sixth sense directed me to the website and I knew upon opening it that the VICTORY was at hand and forever and ever.

I'm back, stronger than ever before and with a MIGHTY determination to serve God. I had promised Him that if He got me out of this situation, I would spent the rest of my life serving Him. Now the ball is in my court. I'm ready to serve HIM as JESUS did.

I have learned that even in the most desperate situation in our lives, God always has the upper hand. I have learned that even when our weakness seems to have the upper hand, God is always in charge. HE never loses control of the situation and HE can turn the most tragic situation into the most beautiful tapestry. He can turn the bad into the good, the ugly into the magnificent, turn tears into laughter. Demons have meant it for bad but GOD turn it for good.

I have engaged the process to find a job with a solid plan to put the kingdom first and help the world know the REAL JESUS, the SAVIOR of the world.

I thank you for being the intermediary between The Elijah Challenge and me and I'm FOREVER grateful for the role that you have played in helping me. Without you, I would have been TOTALLY LOST. I'm indebted to GOD. I thank God to have inspired and revealed the understanding of HIS POWER to The Elijah Challenge and I encourage you all to keep on following JESUS' example as HE is THE WAY, HE is the LIGHT.

I'll keep you posted upon completion of reading the Basic Training Manual for the second time word for word."

(Paul's entire testimony is at

P.S.  The Elijah Challenge Training Manual which Paul refers to can be freely downloaded at


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