Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Completely Broken Arm Miraculously healed - Doctors In Denial

Mexico City
February 22, 2010

Dear Partners in the Great Commission,

We have completed our meetings here in Mexico on this trip, and I am now in the airport awaiting my homeward flight.

We thank the Lord for what we witnessed---Mexican disciples trained to heal the sick and cast out demons, the Lord graciously confirming the teaching through multiplied healings during the Training, and most especially God clearly demonstrating that Jesus Christ is the only way to Him in the evangelistic events by healing the infirm convincingly through the trained disciples. Among many other miraculous healings, eyesight was restored and the mute began to speak. At the open-air outreach on the basketball court yesterday, there was a teenage girl could not speak. As soon as Brother Gerardo rebuked the dumb spirit, she was able to speak normally.

Brother Gerardo Iniguez Uzeta---a well-regarded former pastor and Bible School professor in the Church of God in Mexico---is now scheduling various Elijah Challenge Basic Training events where he will train pastors, churches, and disciples. From what I have seen, he is more than ready to teach TEC on a full-time basis. May the Lord use him powerfully and fruitfully in all of Central & South America to equip God´s people to fulfill the Great Commission. As I see it, the greatest endtime harvests will be in "Christian" Latin America, although we will also see the gospel make unprecedented inroads in Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist countries as well.
We recently received a testimony from Sherman & Heather Fuselier in Houston. It was Sherman who worked so hard to videotape the nine-hour Basic Training, to edit it, and then to upload it to the internet where as of now Session 1 has been viewed or downloaded about 2,500 times by believers. Below is Sherman´s testimony about his son´s broken arm.

"i want to drop a line to let give you this amazing praise report on our son, Cameron's arm. since the day he fell and broke it, he had felt no pain, due to my wife Heather commanding the pain away in Jesus' mighty name. We had already told you this part. But that's not all! In less than three weeks, my boy went from having his arm completely broken in half at the wrist, to absolutely no sign of a break in his arm whatsoever! That's right! Jesus healed his arm so well, that the doctors could not even find where the break had happened in the first place. The doctors were, for lack of a better phrase, in denial that a break so bad could be healed in less than three weeks. They even put a cast on his arm for precautionary reasons because they said, and I quote,"nobody can heal that fast, so we have to put him in a cast just in case it's not fully healed." See, normally, a break takes as long as 8 weeks to fully heal, and there is always a scar on the bone showing the spot in which it broke. In Cameron's case, NOTHING. Cameron's x-ray shows that there was never any break at all on his arm. MIRACLES ARE REAL! His break was also the worst kind of break an arm can suffer, usually ending up with pins and rods holding his arm together while he heals. My Jesus showed us all that nothing is impossible when you put your trust in Him and speak with the faith of God over illness, disease, demons, and even broken bones. Praise you Lord Jesus for the perfect healing you have done to my son's arm!

We believe that the only reason his arm wasn't fully healed the day we laid hands on it was because God was "teaching my son a lesson in patience about his arm". Cameron has a hard time being still, so therefore God may have to tell him to slow down a bit before Cameron breaks more than just his arm. LOL!"

Thank you for partnering with us so effectually and fruitfully, dear ones.

Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor William (& Lucille at home)


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