Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blind Man In England Sees As Children Minister To Him

Houston, Texas
Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Greetings, dear Brethren in Christ ~

You may recall that last December we were in England with Modern Jesus Army to teach them The Elijah Challenge.

There was a young brother there named Tom who had recently gone blind. It was likely hereditary in nature. During the Training session, believers ministered to him with authority, but his eyesight was not restored. But in January the following month we received the following testimony from Peter Pap, a leader with Modern Jesus Army.

Tom who was healed by the Lord
"You may remember that Tom has gone blind about 6-7 months ago, and medically there was no hope for him. The doctors could not do anything for him really other than put him on the usual help for the blind programs and allocating a guide dog to him. He was quite put off by all this, felt rather frustrated. Tom recently started to "pick himself up", made sure his life did not stop just because this disability, he laughed a lot with the others, started to go to the gym and so on. 

After months of ministering and seeking the Lord about him, last night he was still blind with not even a sign of improvement. Then two small children ministered to him last night and..... Tom woke up this morning to go to the toilet and found himself being able to clearly see! He quickly woke up his brothers in his community house others, they tested and confirmed the miracle (by making Tom to make a cup of tea for everyone, which was done perfectly done!).
Now we are rejoicing with our brother and praising God for His wonderful ways!"


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