Friday, July 15, 2011

Miraculous Healings On A Cruise Ship

Houston, Texas
Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dear Partners in the Great Commission,

Tomorrow. Pastor William Lau leaves for three weeks of training the Lord's disciples in various venues in Brazil. Once again, he will be ministering with the Visitation of God ministry which has been so fruitful. A year ago in July when William was with Visitation of God in Brazil, 1,920 people were healed and 1,440 accepted Jesus in a week as 620 Brazilian disciples trained by Pastor William went door-to-door healing the sick and preaching the gospel in the second most idolatrous area in Brazil. (Click on the link if you'd like to read the report.)

Please remember us in prayer, dear ones! Pastor William will go by himself and Lucille will stay back in Houston.

Miraculous healings on a Carnival cruise ship

Last month we received an unusual report from John Slionski who heads a street ministry on Long Island, New York. In April 2009 John and his people were trained in The Elijah Challenge by Joseph White who had attended the Advanced Training earlier that year. 
This is what John witnessed on a Carnival cruise ship last month:
"William, I just got back from a mission trip to Jamaica on a major Carnival cruise ship with the "celebrity Christians." They let us minister twice and we had TREMENDOUS SIGNS and wonders and miracles.

A woman's tumor watered out before our eyes. We saw legs healed, water left a swollen foot caused by high blood pressure. A blind woman's eyesight restored plus MANY MANY MORE INCLUDING A MAN DELIVERED FROM WITCHCRAFT SPIRITS!

All these videos are under the afgtv link on our website at

We just signed a lease to open up our own church called "The Sound of Heaven" which opens July 10th. We will have regular services but also a full time training boot camp during the week in all areas!"

Praise the Lord for His wonderful grace in fulfilling His promise in John 14:12. "Those who believe in Me will do the works that I did."

Pastor William & Pastor Lucille


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