Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Paralysed Woman Got Up To Walk

By Pastor Albert Kang

Grace and I were called to heal a woman who was paralyzed waist down. For four months, her husband carried her from the bed to a chair before he went to work. During the day, the woman's mother took care of her. When the husband returned in the evening, he carried her back to the bed.

The interesting thing was that the husband was a Chinese medical doctor who tried to heal his wife with acupuncture. However, after many sessions of treatment, nothing happened. Apparently all her nerves in the lower part of her body were not connected to the brain.

When we arrived, we found her sitting on the chair. After explaining about the love and miracles of Jesus, we commanded her to rise up in the name of Jesus. My wife and a few sisters from our church were standing by her left and right sides so as to catch her if she were to fall. She was a heavy-set woman and that explained why her husband was the only one strong enough to carry her.

On the first command, I pulled her up and she stood for two seconds and then screamed that she could not stand any longer. She collapsed back to her chair and was shaking with fear.

The second command in the name of Jesus got this lady to stand a little longer. To cut the story short, on the fifth command, she got up and walked around the living room by herself. Absolutely, without anyone holding on to her - she had recovered completely.

What happened? The truth is that when I commanded and all my assistants followed every word in command, the faith was not dependent upon the woman's own. The faith had to be ours! This meant that during the healing ministry, my assistants and I had to believe completely that the power of Jesus was there to heal. We had to have no doubt that the woman could be healed. Thank God, she was healed and walked in the name of Jesus.

Did we have any failures? Yes, there were some who were not completely healed in spite of our faith and belief. We do not understand why but we just continue to utilize our authority and power to command the diseases and pain to leave in the name of Jesus.

One man who had a frozen shoulder was healed only after three days of intensive commanding. His wife who had the same condition was healed on the very first command on the first day. An elderly lady was healed of deafness immediately on the first day but an elderly deaf man was healed only on the third day. A lady pastor had 9 arthritic fingers healed on the first day and the final finger was healed only the next day.

We never fully understand why such discrepancies in time of healing but we know only of one thing, we have to keep commanding by faith.

Hope this little write-up will help you in exercising your faith to heal others in the name of Jesus.

Limping Man with Bad Pain Walks & Climbs Effortlessly

Mission Harmony Summer Camp
Pastor William and Pastor Lucille Lau write from Taiwan where they are involved with Mission Harmony Summer Camp where 2,000-2,400 Taiwanese elementary school children in various schools in the community attend. In the evenings, they teach Elijah Challenge and share in this letter about the healing miracles during their training sessions.
Ligang, Taiwan
Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In the evening we held Session II of the Basic Training. The Lord's grace was very evident again. At the end of the session an older man, the husband of a lady pastor from Taipei, hobbled forward to be healed. He suffered from pain in his upper thigh/hip area which was especially bad when climbing stairs. Two brothers came forward to minister to him. Gerhard is a German expatriate who has lived in Taiwan for twenty years. Eric is a graduate of Oral Roberts University as well as Rhema Bible School in Oklahoma. They laid hands on the gentleman and authoritatively commanded his leg to be healed in Jesus' name. Then I asked him to walk. He took some steps and a slightly amazed grin appeared on his face. The limp was gone. He walked back and forth easily and normally. I asked him to climb the steps to the platform and he glided up effortlessly. The Lord had graciously confirmed His word before His disciples.

Then five more people experiencing pain in their bodies came forward to be healed. Disciples came forward from their seats to lay hands on them. Afterwards, each of the five testified that the Lord had healed them. One woman had been unable to raise her arm. But as she testified she was lifting it up and down effortlessly.

Then I encouraged the disciples to use what the Lord had given them to preach the gospel in Ligang. There are 112 idol temples, but only four churches in Ligang. This is a reflection on the lack of power in the Church's evangelism. Now that they have been trained to use the very powerful weapons given to them by the Lord, they must use them to fulfill the Great Commission. There will be a mass movement of Buddhists to Jesus Christ here only when the Church obeys the Lord's commands to "heal the sick and tell them, 'the kingdom of God is near you.'"

There is darkness here which can only be dispelled by the gospel and the authority the Lord has given to His people. Last night our host pastor was very late in picking us up to take us to the meeting in his church because his mother, who is now staying with him, had been attacked by severe depression. He had his hands full. 

Later that evening after the meeting while we were preparing for bed in the retreat center, we were called to minister to a young lady who was on the Mission Harmony team. She was staying in a big dormitory room just across the courtyard from us. She was seeing spirits and was suffering from severe pain in the back of her head. We got dressed and went to the dormitory room where she and about a dozen other young women were staying. We laid hands on her and rebuked the spirits and the pain in Jesus' name. She was healed and set free.


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