Monday, April 4, 2011

Healing Miracles in the Philippines

God is still healing people today. In the last six days, (29 March to 3rd April 2011) God healed so many people in different places. At the Assemblies of God School of Ministry, the students and lecturers received their miracles. At Navotas Assembly of God Church, many were healed. At Jesus Almighty God International Assembly, participants experienced their miracles. At Angono First Assembly, many came forth to testify that they had received instant healing in the name of Jesus.

We praise God for such wonderful miracles and the hearts of the believers in these churches are now revived. They are taking up the challenge to go two-by-two to win souls with the power and authority of Christ. We are praying that they will have great success in gathering the harvest of the End Times.


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