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Healing Miracles at TEC Seminar, Bangladesh

Healing Miracles at TEC Seminar
The Elijah Challenge End-Time Model of Evangelism Seminar
15 -16 February 2011
10.00 AM to 1.00 PM (2 days)
2.30 PM to 5.00 PM (1 day)
Dharabasail Village, Gopalgonj District

The trip to Dharabasail took more than seven hours of car ride and ferry crossing. It was quite a harrowing experience travelling by road in Bangladesh. A two-way road became six-way traffic and for us foreigners, we expected an accident to happen at any time. Driving through the city and towns was a noisy affair. The drivers of all vehicles were very quick to use the horns. To add to our stress, the land cruiser that we were travelling in broke down several times. It took a couple of prayer and physically pushing to get this vehicle working. It was after two-third of the journey, at Pastor Proshanta’s house at Faridpur, that we were transferred to a regular van for the remaining three-hour journey. Finally, adding all the time that we spent waiting for the ferry and at Pastor Proshanta’s house, we reached Dharabasail Village after more than twelve hours.
Pastors and Leaders gather to learn to evangelize with power
The first Elijah Challenge Seminar session was held the following morning at 10 AM. There were more than 30 pastors and church leaders who attended the seminar. It was not a typical setting where there were chairs or tables. These believers sat on the floor with the ladies and men on separate sides. They worshipped with traditional musical instruments such as an accordion-like organ, drums and cymbals. The worship songs were of the traditional Bangladeshi composition. They seemed like chanting but Grace and I were able to enter into spiritual worship with their songs.
As expected, there was no LCD projector and so we showed them the photos of healing and testimonies through our laptop. With Pastor Proshanta interpreting, the message was getting across clearly to every participant. Later, some of the participants testified that they had never heard such teaching before. They expressed great delight to be able to learn the correct way to heal the infirm with their God-given power and authority.
It's the culture for men and women to sit separately to learn
The participants were taught how to lay hands and command in the name of Jesus. They learned that they were not to mix commands with prayers. The Priestly Authority should not be utilized when it comes to healing diseases and casting out demons. They learned that the most appropriate way was to utilize the Kingly Authority. In the seminar itself, it was easy to find participants who suffered from various infirmities. Before the practicum, since the participants were Christians, we asked them to seek God and get rid of all bitterness, unforgiveness, anger and sins in their lives. Pastor Proshanta led them in a prayer of confession and repentance.
Healing of Christians is conditional and so all  ask God to forgive before the healing miracles
The practicum began with interview – the participants who were doing the healing learned to ask the infirm the right questions about their health condition. We then showed them how to lay hands. They were not to massage, squeeze, shake or shove the infirm when they place their hands on the affected areas. They learned that the appropriate way was to place their hands gently without exerting a lot of weight or force on the infirm. To those who heal an infirm as a team of two or more, we asked them to appoint a leader to give the commands while the rest follow.
Showing the way to lay hands
I commanded in English and Pastor Proshanta interpreted the commands in Bengali. Everybody followed confidently and by the grace of God, the infirm received their healings. A sister with a pain in her right hand was healed of the infirmity. Another with almost similar pain but in the upper right arm also testified of being healed of the pain. To the delight of numerous participants, their neck, shoulder and back pain disappeared in the name of Jesus. A village pastor with chest pain testified that the pain had left him. A couple of participants had the pain in their legs healed. A sister was seen having hands laid on her abdomen and she was instantly healed. A pastor who suffered from pain in his left sole testified that after his colleagues commanded a couple of time, the pain had finally left him.
Getting ready to heal the infirm
Exercising faith to heal in the name of Jesus
Commanding in the name of Jesus
Bangladeshi pastors and leaders exercising their faith to heal in the name of Jesus
Be healed in the name of Jesus
Neck and back pain gone - healed in the name of Jesus
During the second day, I taught about Distance Healing. Sharing from Luke 7, I explained about how Jesus healed the Centurion’s servant through distance healing. I went to elaborate on the distinction between ‘power to heal’ and ‘authority to heal’. After that, the participants practised distance healing by healing their loved ones and friends who were situated far from our location. One of them even commanded a lady to be healed in Singapore. The results had yet to come in but we believe that miracles had happened in the name of Jesus.
Testing the healed eyes
A sister testifies about her miracle
Pastor Auron is also healed by the Lord
With real-life experience of healing, the participants were ready for the Revival Convention to which was to be held for three consecutive nights. As many of them were pastors, they expressed great confidence in using their God-given authority and power to heal the infirm while preaching the Gospel.
Many of the pastors and leaders are miraculously healed
Learning how to utilize their God-given authority in distance-healing
After more than 8 hours of training time, we covered most aspects of The Elijah Challenge End-Time Model of Evangelism Seminar. The results of the training became very evident during the Revival Convention because many of these trained pastors and leaders were up in the forefront healing many infirm in the name of Jesus.
Reported by Rev Albert Kang
Coordinator, Elijah Challenge Asia


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