Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Open Air Seattle Miracles

Houston, Texas
Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dear Intercessors,

We would like to share with you what the Lord is now doing with Open Air Seattle, who trained with The Elijah Challenge last December. Tom Briggs just sent us the following exciting report:

"Open Air Seattle carpooled to the Tacoma homeless feed and clothing outreach sponsored by the Biker's Tabernacle Church, and other local churches in Tacoma. They have been doing this humanitarian outreach for several years now.

Eleven OAS evangelists and "witnessing machines" were prayed up and filled to overflowing with the Holy Ghost and fire---to heal the sick, cast out demons, and cleanse the unbelieving of unbelief and preach the Kingdom of God is near. I announced His intentions to heal the sick and oppressed just as He did in the Bible days (they are still here today, folks! There is no "amen" at the end of the Acts of the Apostles) and we sure enough now know why! I proceeded to lift my voice like a trumpet with my plastic megaphone cone (a sawed-off oil funnel) to invite the sick and infirm to come for free ministry for healing and miracles. I told them Jesus would demonstrate tonight He is risen from the dead and conquered sickness, sin, death and Hell. He would prove it by healing anyone who would come over to us for ministry. They were dumbfounded, moonstruck, paralyzed with curiosity at best, utter unbelief at worst!

No matter, a lady in a wheel chair was willing to give it a shot. Why not---no charge, and nothing to lose, right? We ministered to her torn and painful tendon and ankle from an earlier surgery and subsequent re-injury. After three commands in Jesus' name to her ankle, she was pain-free, and walked around on it. However, she was a bit dizzy from favoring her good foot too much up until now. We ministered to her for that, and she said she was improved in that too.

I announced this to the enlarging crowd, yet they stood aloof.

Next, one of the Biker Tabernacle volunteer staff men, Rick, had a short leg with an obvious limp. He wanted his leg lengthened. (We have this miracle on video tape...stay tuned!) He sat in a chair which we had dragged out to the middle of the crowd, lifted both legs supported by a cane under his calves. After about 45 seconds it grew out two inches to catch up to his normal left leg length. We erupted in praise and shouts to Jesus! But he was in shock! He felt his leg grow out! (He didn't see it because he had shut his eyes in prayer). He got up and couldn't walk straight away because he wasn't used to walking without a limp after so many years of limping. He started walking around with total amazement and wonder in his face and eyes. Later, he came back and wanted us to re-check his legs to make sure it really happened! His friend checked them and confirmed his legs were equal in length! Hence many more people took a chance out of their desperation for healing in Jesus' name. I will let the other team members write their own testimonies and forward them to you, William.

We began limited open air preaching and continued praying for various needs, not even physical! We gave money to some, Bibles to others, many Gospel tracts went into hands, and best of all, many Christians were intrigued, awakened, and wanted more of this next weekend!"

[The following added by OAS teammate Brother Toby] "But, in my opinion, what followed was the best part of this evening. Having seen and heard of God's Spirit moving, a line of people formed wanting us to pray for them that they would become more serious about God, that God would be more powerful in their lives and that they would know Him more. They were just hungry for Him!"

The entire report

Thank you for partnering with us in intercessory prayer so effectually, dear brethren. May the Lord raise up similar groups of street preachers in every city of our nation. We are ready to train them!

Yesterday we completed the Basic Training at The Elijah Challenge Training Center here in Houston. This morning (Sunday) we held an evangelistic healing service where the trained disciples could apply what they learned under actual battlefield conditions. The Lord was gracious, and infirm people testified that the Lord had touched and healed them as His disciples laid hands on them. The report plus photos can be viewed at:

This Friday and Saturday we will hold the Basic Training at Union Baptist Association in Houston.

Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor William & Pastor Lucille


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