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Woman Healed From HPV Virus After Studying Training Manual

Woman healed from HPV virus after studying Training Manual
We just received a testimony which we'd like to share with you. The sister's name is Tammie G.

"I would like to share my testimony with you. I'll try to make it short. I am a 50 year old married woman & I'm in menopause. In August of 2011 I had a monthly cycle which is abnormal given I'm in menopause. I called my doctor & scheduled an appointment. She took a biopsy and pap smear. The pap smear result came back showing slightly abnormal cells. The biopsy was normal. Since the pap smear was abnormal my doctor performed one more test per her protocol. She tested me for the HPV virus and the test came back positive. My doctor shared the results with me which was devastating to hear. She said I now need to have a cervical biopsy to determine if the cells show signs of early cervical cancer. Especially since the HPV virus can lead to cervical cancer.

I started praying about this immediately and decided I was going to believe God for complete healing from whatever was trying to take root in me. Prior to all of this I had become dissatisfied with the results from my prayer group. We were praying about many things especially healing from cancer but weren't seeing any results. I decided to do an internet search on healings as a way to encourage myself as I waited on God to bring my healing to fruition. I ran across your site and started reading the training manual. I read up to the point where you said to go and heal somebody in the name of Jesus.

Since I didn't have anyone immediately that I could heal I said to myself "Since I need healing I'll have to start with me." I followed the instructions and with authority commanded healing to myself in Jesus' name. I did this for a few days. The peace of God came on me and I believed that my healing was complete. I went to my doctor's appointment to have my cervical biopsy done. I asked the doctor for another pap smear test and another HPV test. A week later she called me and told me all of my tests came back normal. Praise God!

I also have a leaky aortic valve. I was born with a heart murmur (leaky valve). I had a big episode (heart failure) 11 years ago after the birth of my son. I was close to heart surgery but God healed & delivered me from it. But earlier this year my cardiologist said my heart valve showed some leakage again. I believe God healed my heart valve too. I'll report back in a few months after I have another test.

Thank you so much for the teaching. It has cleared up my misunderstandings. I'm not done reading the training manual but so far it's been excellent."

Praise the Lord for His wonderful grace!

Clay mixed with spittle restores eyesight as in John 9:6

Brother Jim Hathaway of British Columbia, Canada attended The Elijah Challenge Advanced Training in Houston in February 2008. Since then, the Lord has used him to minister healing to many people. This is one of the many testimonies of healing that happened when Brother Jim ministered in July 2011 in Juarez, Mexico.

This mom was wearing glasses and had cataracts. I was asked to minister to her. After two efforts there seemed to be little improvement. She shared how the day before she had been reading how Jesus had made mud out of clay with his spit and wanted me to do the same. I admit I was a little out of my comfort zone but complied. 

There is not much clay in the desert but after 10 minutes of searching one of the pastors found some. I asked for some water to make the paste but she insisted that I use my spit. Again I complied and made a paste and applied it to her eye lids and commanded healing. Immediately she went into a very powerful, dramatic worship time that lasted a few minutes. 

When she opened her eyes not only were her cataracts gone but her sight was restored too. She told her husband “Now that I can see you, you are more handsome than I remembered.” I cried when I heard this.

Mixing the clay paste to minister healing for eyesight as Jesus did in John 9:6
Commanding healing in Jesus' name

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