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The Fulfillment of a Vision Seen in 1999

Rev William Lau
By Rev William Lau, 
Director, The Elijah Challenge

On a Sunday morning in June 1999 as I was preparing to preach at the Sunday morning service in our church in Houston, I received a vision from the Lord.
We had been in full-time ministry since 1978 when we began serving as missionaries preaching the gospel and making disciples in unreached areas of Indonesia. Following our return to the United States in 1987, we planted and pastored churches in New York City and Houston. But by June 1999 I had made a decision to step down from the pastorate. Although we could plant churches, I discovered that staying on to pastor them in the traditional manner was not my calling. Although my salary at our church was helping us to pay our bills and feed our family of three daughters, I could no longer serve. You could say I was miserable.
But I had no idea what I was going to do after stepping down from the pastorate. For all I knew, I might end up flipping burgers at McDonald’s. Nevertheless I was going to trust the Lord, just as I had done in 1978 when by faith Lucille and I gave up everything we possessed to follow the Lord the ends of the earth to minister in primitive regions of Indonesian Borneo.

The vision
During that Sunday morning in June 1999 while in prayer in my living room, my eyes were opened. No longer in my living room, I was walking down the street in a somewhat dilapidated neighborhood. To my left I saw a drab rectangular structure of some kind by the side of the road. It seemed to be made of adobe or concrete and was unpainted and unattractive. There was a single window-like opening in a wall that faced me as I walked toward the structure. Curious, I left the road and walked toward the structure to peek through the window.
As I stuck my head through the opening, the entire structure turned to dust around me in the blink of an eye and disappeared. There was no trace of it. Suddenly I was lifted up into the air and whisked away high in the sky. In rapid-fire movie clips as it were I was taken to different places around the world; I could see them from the air above. Finally I saw what appeared to be heavenly sights that were not of this world. Then the vision ended as abruptly as it had started. The vision appeared to take a few minutes.

The dream
Needless to say I was amazed at what I had seen. In view of my giving up the pastorate in just another week to live by faith, I wanted to know what the Lord was showing me. And so I prayed to the Lord to reveal to me the meaning of the vision. I then fell into a sleep during which the He gave me a dream. The quality of the dream was identical to that of the vision which I had just seen. In the dream I was riding in a vehicle which I can only describe as similar to a train car. I was the only one in the “train.” However, there was no locomotive pulling the car and no one operating it. The car was moving over the ground at very high speed all by itself. Nor was it traveling on rails as normal trains do; it did not touch the ground at all. And I was simply a helpless passenger on the train looking out the windows in wonder as it powered ahead irresistibly.
The train did not slow down regardless of where it went. When it ascended a steep mountain its speed was not diminished in the slightest. I was terrified when it rounded a sharp curve high up on the mountain but kept going at full speed. Amazingly it stayed on course and did not go flying off the mountain as I thought it surely would.
In the car I was taken to all kinds of distant places around the world. Finally I saw glorious sights which appeared heavenly.
Then I woke up. Though I did not understand the meaning of the vision and the ensuing dream, I felt that the Lord was somehow telling me that He would be with me as I left the pastorate in one more week to live by faith in Him. At that time we had one daughter about to start college at New York University and two younger ones to follow.

The fulfillment of the vision and dream for us personally
The following year in 2000 I went on a mission trip to North India as one of the team members. I was given an opportunity to preach in open-air evangelistic crusades, and I witnessed the Lord heal the sick miraculously to confirm the message of the gospel. During our nine years as missionaries in Indonesia, the Lord had taught us how to heal the sick as Jesus did in the gospels and as He taught and commanded His disciples (Luke 9:1-2; 10:9). Because of the many miracles which took place through us and the Indonesian disciples we had trained, many who had never heard the gospel before came to saving faith in Christ. On that mission trip to India in 2000 I began to minister to the infirm in the same way, and many were healed.
Then I decided to train the Indian believers, including those who had just received Jesus Christ, how to heal the sick as I had learned from the Scriptures while we served in Indonesia. And as these believers laid hands on the infirm and exercised their authority in the name of Jesus Christ, people were being healed. I was so excited to be able to give away what the Lord had so freely given to me.
When I returned to the United States from this short mission trip, I knew what the Lord wanted me to do. I was to train ordinary believers to heal the sick and cast out demons as Jesus did and as He taught and commanded His disciples to do when He sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God. The ultimate purpose would be the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
Since then we have taught The Elijah Challenge to tens of thousands of believers in 37 nations, including pastors, evangelists, and missionaries. Some of these have gone on to have very powerful ministries in miraculous healing and are also training others as they themselves were trained. We now witness miraculous healings every time we teach and when we preach the gospel. In India, churches are been impacted and new churches are being planted following the preaching of the gospel accompanied by miraculous healings performed through trained servants of God. Unreached people groups are now being reached by disciples we have trained. The gospel can be preached much more effectively to the lost when miraculous healings confirm the truth of the gospel to them.
As we train the Lord’s disciples, we are beginning to see the fulfillment of John 14:12 in which Jesus promised that those who believe in Him will do the works that He did, including the miraculous works of healing the sick and casting out demons.
The Lord is graciously fulfilling the vision and dream which He gave to me in June 1999. I now understand their meaning more fully.
The drab, unpainted concrete-like structure which I saw in the vision represented my ministry as a traditional church pastor. As the structure had turned to dust before my eyes, so my ministry as a local pastor had disappeared. The Lord has since then taken us to distant nations around the globe to teach and preach. The speeding “train” in my dream was not anchored to the ground on rails and did not touch the ground. Instead it was carried by the Spirit and powered by the Spirit. And that is what the Lord has so graciously done for us since 2000. Wherever we go the enemy has not been able to stand against us and we see victory.
He has graciously fulfilled many prophecies made over us by His prophets over the years, all of which have been consistent in theme with the vision and the dream He gave me in 1999. One such fulfilled prophesy is:
2 Samuel 7:8 This is what the LORD Almighty says: I took you from the pasture, from tending the flock...  9  I have been with you wherever you have gone, and I have cut off all your enemies from before you.
We are extremely grateful to the Lord.

The wider meaning of the vision?
But now (March 2012) we are sensing for the first time that the vision and dream might not only be for ourselves personally, but perhaps prophetic in a wider sense.
We believe that the teaching and practices of the Nicolaitans (Revelation 2:6 & 15) which Jesus hates are alive and well to varying degrees in the Church today. This teaching erects a wall of separation between a special, professional class of clergymen and the “lay people” who are forever subject to their authority. Only the elite class of clergy are entitled to perform ecclesiastical duties. The Roman Catholic Church of course excelled in the teaching of the Nicolaitans. This in part resulted in the Protestant Reformation over 500 years ago which sought to reinstate the “priesthood of all believers” according Revelation 1:6, 1 Peter 2:5 & 9, and especially John 14:12.
However, the Reformation fell short. Today the Nicolaitan teaching is still firmly embedded in the Church of Jesus Christ. The result is the failure of the Church to fulfill the Great Commission in which Christ commanded us to make disciples of all nations. God’s people are not being discipled to maturity, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ (Ephesians 4:13). They are not bearing much fruit---the evidence by which they show themselves to be disciples of Jesus Christ (John 15:8). Most so-called believers bear little fruit at all for Jesus.
We believe this is the result of the Nicolaitan establishment in the Church today.
Before Christ returns, the Great Commission must be fulfilled. If His return is near, then it may mean that He will seek to destroy the Nicolaitan establishment He hates which has spread like a cancer through much of His Church in varying degrees.

The wider meaning of the structure which turned to dust
At the beginning of the vision which the Lord gave me in June 1999, I saw a drab-looking, unpainted concrete-like structure by the side of the road where I was walking. When I stuck my head in an opening in one of the walls to look inside the structure, it suddenly turned to dust around me and disappeared. Up until now I had interpreted this structure to symbolize my ministry as a local pastor which had turned to dust, setting me free to do what I am now doing around the world. But now I am sensing that the meaning of the structure could be much broader than that.
Could that concrete-like structure also represent the prison---the Nicolaitan establishment---which has kept believers from maturing to become fruitful disciples of Jesus Christ? The victims of the Nicolaitan system also include the many thousands of frustrated pastors around the world who are unfulfilled in their calling to equip God’s people for works of service. Well-meaning and sincere pastors and ministers are just as much victims of the Nicolaitan system as are the believers who have been imprisoned by it. Because of the very nature of the system, their “church members” will never mature to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.
Of course, in the Church there are those who have personally benefited from the teaching of the Nicolaitans, and will continue to hold to it. They have power and wealth, and these of course are exhilarating and addictive. These are the ones Christ spoke of who come in His name, claiming, “I am the anointed one,” and will deceive many (Matthew 24:5). In Greek the word Messiah means “anointed one.”
Is it possible that during these last days the Lord is turning this Nicolaitan prison to dust, setting the Church free to be the Church in order to fulfill the words He spoke two thousand years ago?
John 14:12  Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.
Only then will we fulfill the Great Commission. Only then will Jesus Christ return.

Man Healed of Chest Pain and Maurijuana Addiction

Pastor William Lau who is now ministering in Jakarta, Indonesia reported the following testimony on Thursday, March 15, 2012.

We just received a most wonderful report which we'd like to share with you. Eleven days ago on Sunday, March 4 we ministered at an Assemblies of God English-language Sunday Service here. (The day before on Saturday we had taught The Elijah Challenge Basic Training for the church.) At the Service people were healed of various infirmities as the trained disciples ministered to them to prove that Jesus is the only way to the Father.

After the service a young sister named Ira came to us bringing her husband Paul who worked as a guard at the US Embassy in Jakarta. While Paul was studying in America some years back, he met Ira who was a Muslim and they married in a local mosque there. After they returned to Indonesia Ira came into a vibrant relationship with the Lord Jesus, but Paul fell into bad company and became addicted to marijuana and cigarettes. Their marriage suffered. Every day Paul would experience episodes of  paralyzing anxiety and chest pain.

At that Sunday Service eleven days ago, Paul requested through Ira that we minister to him. He wanted to repent and to come back to the Lord. We laid hands on him and rebuked the demons of addiction and commanded him to be healed in Jesus' name. We commanded him to be set free from the daily anxiety attacks and chest pain. As we ministered to him Paul felt the magnificent power of the Lord Jesus Christ setting him free and healing him.

Today we heard from Ira, his lovely wife who had brought him to us. Below is what she wrote.



This is Ira. Paul's wife.

Paul is doing so fine. This has been the best ten days of our lives as spouses, of peace, joy, and love and love only. It is all because of the Lord our God, Christ Jesus and His Love to us, to our marriage, and to our family. But most of all, for Jesus' Love to Paul.

Paul now is back to his real being. The man that I used to fall in love with. The man full with zealous love towards Jesus; the man that I knew then when I first met him; that he was born to be a servant of God and will be used to win souls and to glorify His Name. Paul is really changed. He never for once touched  marijuana again; not a single day has passed (after that very day - when he was healed at the altar by your prayer) during which he was contaminated by that substance anymore, not even regular cigarettes such as Marlboro. Praise the Lord.

He is patient. He is humble. He is willing to admit and to be taught. He is my real deal Paul. No longer in anxiety mode; all the chest pain has stopped. He is gentle. He is loving. He is Paul. Apology to always repeating the same words over and over, because His Love left us amazed, Pastor. Paul erased all the names in his cell phone [of his former friends]; who potentially can lead him back to the temptation. He chooses his friends, the right crowd. He spends time with God, by playing church music and also contented with our children by be with them in most quality moment.

I could not be more thankful to the Lord. All I wanted was my Paul to return home---the so-called prodigal son. He is indeed now, home.

Thank you, Pastor. WE LOVE YOU AND MRS. LUCY.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Deaf and Dumb Healed In Medan

Pastor Carl Henderson, our Elijah Challenge Coordinator of the Philippines reports of the tremendous moves of God in saving souls and healing bodies while he ministers at Medan, Indonesia. More than 15 students from the School for Deaf and Dumb are healed in the name of Jesus.

March 14, 2012, Medan, Indonesia
Over 300 people came, to our crusade after two days of teaching.  Many people confessed faith in Christ, and during the healing time many people were healed and many demons were manifest with vomiting, shrikes, growling and convulsions, etc.  Many spirits of Islam and witchcraft manifested during the healings.  Many students from a deaf and dumb school were brought to the crusade for healing and many deaf ears were opened and children who had never spoken before had their tongues freed and spoke for the first time.  We also had, two uncontrollably demonized people, who were brought in chains to the conference, and were set free from their demons.
By the grace of God, I was used to personally heal over 23 people, and about 100 people were healed all total.  We lost track of how many were healed, because of the crush of the crowd and the large number of people being healed at the same time.  Some of those I ministered to, included, four deaf female students, who had their ears opened and were healed and a 5-year old boy who had never spoken before. 
This boy’s healing was one of the most joyous events for me, as his parents wept great tears of joy as the boy spoke for the first time.  His first words were “Jesus” and his second words were “Jesus is Lord” (all in Indonesian).  We were able to take him to the podium and with many people watching he spoke and called out Jesus name again and again. 
At least 15 deaf and dumb children from the School for the deaf were healed.  I also had several people brought to me with “slow minds” sort of a mild retardation and I could not tell if they were healed or not because of the language difficulties and the use of interpreters, and the noise of the crowd, etc,..  However, one father of a boy we had taken authority over, came running back about 15 minutes after we had tried to heal his son and he was crying and laughing and he grabbed my hand and shook it hard, for a long time and explained that his son “was normal” and that his mind was healed now.  He described it as his son being made well “in his mind.”
One old woman could not stand but she was soon jumping, dancing and stomping the ground when her leg and hip were healed.  One boy with a leg injury that left one leg crippled was soon running and squatting with his bad leg and his heart pain had stopped.  Others with heart angina (pain) were healed, and some with nasal polyps, sinus infections, asthma and lung pain, were healed.  Many back, shoulder, neck, headaches, blurry vision and hips were healed.  

Monday, March 12, 2012

An Evening of Miraculous Healing for Evangelicals according to the Gospels

An Evening of Miraculous Healing for Evangelicals according to the Gospels
918 Huntington Cove, Houston, Texas  77063
Hosted by Elijah Challenge Houston
Friday, March 16 at 7 PM

All are welcome.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

No More Hearing Aid

B. T. Khoo - no more hearing aid
Brother B. T. Khoo was with a mission team from Singapore to the Philippines in January 2011. They were visiting Rev Yee, the president of APTS in Baguio and at that time, I happened to be the guest of the Yees. 

During that brief visitation, apart from casting out demons from a lady in the team, I laid hands on a couple of team members who claimed to have ailments. 

Brother Khoo was one of them. He was wearing hearing aids. After the healing commands, he returned to Singapore. I lost touch of him and then just two days ago, he wrote me on Facebook. 

This is what he wrote: "Hi Pastor, my name is Boo Tiong (Bt Khoo on FB). I am the one from Barker Road Methodist Church you met in Baguio last year at Rev Yee's residence. Very happy to tell you I have not worn my hearing aid since that evening of Jan 15th 2011. Praise God! God is good all the time!" With his permission, I am submitting this testimony. All glory to God! 

Pastor Albert Kang


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