Friday, October 30, 2009

Healing and Miracles In A Houston Neighborhood

Pastor William just received a testimony from a college-age brother-in-Christ named Ossy. This young man had attended The Elijah Challenge Basic Training in Houston last August. After the Training, he decided to "step out of the boat and walk on water." He and his team went to a Houston neighborhood and went from door to door obeying the Lord's command to "heal the sick, and tell them, ' the Kingdom of God is near you.'"

Please read Ossy's exciting account of what happened. Keep in mind that this happened in HOUSTON, TEXAS in AMERICA, not on the foreign mission field. This can be a "new" model of evangelism in some US communities in obedience to the Lord's command to His disciples in Luke 10:9.

Please pray about doing this in your own community in obedience to the Great Commission.

"Hey Brother William,

So good to hear from you! Well as I said, we went out to a "not so poor, but not so rich" lower middle class neighborhood to preach the gospel. The people were very receptive. We split up into two groups of four (there were eight of us). And we went ahead. 

With my group, the very first person who we spoke with was RIPE and ready for the harvest! We barely even had to do anything. We just told him we were in the neighborhood sharing the love of God and praying for people's needs, and he opened up. We prayed for his mother who was on drugs and then he said he didnt have a serious relationship with the Lord, neither had he repented from his sins. So we all counseled him and prayed with him, and he was saved! Hallelujah! 

The next house we went to, there was an elderly woman who could barely speak English. My sister and another friend who spoke a little bit of Spanish told her why we were there and asked if she needed prayer for anything. She then exclaimed that a nerve in her leg, from her hip all the way down to her ankles, had been bothering her. 

We, immediately with excitement, began to rebuke the sickness and pain and had her test it out. She said it was a little better... so we prayed again. After the second time she was completely healed! 

We were able to pray for a number of people and share the gospel with them... there was one more person who received salvation, and then I believe one more miracle was performed (with the other group). Another leg problem. 

It was a great experience!! Thank you so much for your teachings AGAIN! I can't stop thanking God for your life!

We will do this again very soon. Hopefully in a poorer and disease-infested neighborhood.

God bless!
Ossy Ebadan

From 13 to 15 August, 2009, over 60 believers from 21 different churches, 
both evangelical as well as charismatic, filled the meeting room of 
Eddie & Alice Smith's US Prayer Center for the Basic Training.



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