Friday, July 1, 2011

Homeless Man Healed of Irreversible Gangrene and Spared From Amputation

This is a testimony sent to Pastor William Lau by a believer who has been trained in The Elijah Challenge Seminar in Florida.

As we were serving food today, a homeless man came to me and said "Thank you!"


"Thank you so much!"

"For what?"

"For what you did a couple weeks ago!"


"My foot!"


Ok... so let's refer to an email I wrote to you on Wednesday, June 8th: "Last Monday (June 6, 2011) I was asked to pray over a man's heel which he believed had gangrene. I placed my thumb over the wound and commanded the gangrene to leave in the name of Jesus. It's been a while since I exercised the training I received in the Elijah Challenge. I pray I'll see him tonight to see how his heel is."

I actually didn't see him that night or any other nights until tonight (June 27, 2011).

The homeless man came and told me what happened. It was gangrene and the doctor was preparing to remove his foot. The following day after I placed my thumb on his wound and commanded the gangrene to leave, he visited his doctor again. After examining his foot, the doctor was completely shocked!

The doctor said "What did you do?"

The gangrene had stopped spreading completely and it DID NOT made it to the bones. The doctor said this was impossible with the infected condition of that foot. He scraped off the outside layer, cleaned, medicated, packed it with gauze and let it heal.

Today, the homeless man is working diligently in the ministry with his church without problem with his foot! He has apparently been praising God and telling of this miracle to everybody he met. He couldn't stop testifying and praising Jesus for this miracle!


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