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428 Indians Accept Christ - 2 New Churches Planted In Unreached Indian Village

Elijah Challenge Evangelistic 
Healing & Feeding Events
Village Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
November 2010

428 Hindus accept Jesus Christ; 
two new churches planted in unreached village
The village of Saharanpur is in Uttar Pradesh

Reported by Joshua Gowda, TEC Training Centre Director in New Delhi
"The month of November Feeding Event was conducted at the village of Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh. Before the Feeding Event, The Elijah Challenge Training was conducted for 18 Pastors and 64 believers on November 15 and 16. All the trained servants of God went around the village healing the sick and telling them about the kingdom of God. They invited the villagers to come to the Feeding Event on the evening of the 17th at 7 pm. As a result, approximately 485 people came to the Feeding Event and 428 of them gave their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Our local Pastor, Brother Rockwell, told me on phone that they have planted two new churches in that area and that Elijah Challenge-trained believers are helping him in the ministry. Praise the Lord for this great harvest."

Indian residents gather to hear the gospel

428 Hindu villagers respond to the gospel and accept Christ as Simon Haqq preaches

The Elijah Challenge Training before the Feeding Event

The venue for the Basic Training

Elijah Challenge Training Centre Director Joshua Gowda teaches the disciples

Demonstration of healing the sick in Jesus' name

These trained disciples were then sent from house to house in the village to heal the sick and to proclaim the kingdom of God. They invited the people to come to the Feeding Event, where 428 of the villagers would put their faith in Christ Jesus as their Savior.

Luke 10:9 "Heal the sick who are there and tell them, 'The kingdom of God is near you.’"

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Elijah Challenge Basic Training & Evangelistic Rally Bethesda Bedok Tampines Church, Singapore | October 2010

An intentional disciple-making Brethren Church 

The Elijah Challenge Basic Training - English Section
We were impressed to see a total of about 800 disciples of the Lord gather at Bethesda Bedok Tampines Church (BBTC) for the Basic Training in separate English and Mandarin Chinese sessions. The great majority of them were members of the Church. Never in our ten years of teaching The Elijah Challenge have we seen so many from a single church come together for the Training. BBTC is indeed a radical disciple-making church which seeks to obey the commands of the Lord, especially the Great Commission.

"Hands-on" training: disciples come forward to lay hands on the infirm

We coach the disciples to heal infirmities in Jesus' name

The laying on of hands

Exercising authority in Jesus' name

Sister testifies she is healed as the disciples minister to her...

Healed in Jesus' name...

Restored in Jesus' name...

One of several testimonies of healing during the Training...

Senior Pastor Daniel Foo encourages the disciples

The Elijah Challenge Basic Training - Mandarin Chinese Section

The Climactic Evangelistic Healing Service

At the Evangelistic Healing Rally climaxing the Basic Training, the miracles were unusually many and powerful. The church was packed to the balcony. 

The trained disciples were ready to engage the enemy. The gospel was preached from Mark 2, where Jesus' authority to forgive sin and save from eternal punishment in the lake of fire were demonstrated by his power to heal a paralyzed man. We would ask the Lord to perform similar miracles right then and there to prove that He could forgive our sins and grant us eternal life through His death on the cross. Below are a few photos of the trained disciples ministering healing to the infirm.

Infirm people thronged to the front where the many trained disciples ministered to them in the name of Jesus Christ. Many people---we would estimate roughly 50---came up to the stage to testify that the Lord had healed them and thanked Him publicly. 

There were some who were healed but who did not testify. A spastic young boy unable to walk since birth had been carried by his mother to the meeting. We saw him walking on the platform on his tiptoes.

Above & below: many---about 50 in all---come up to the stage to testify that the Lord had healed them

Trained counselors minister and lead people to the Lord after they are healed

An elderly man came suffering from Parkinson's Disease so severe that he was in a wheelchair. The disciples spent much time ministering to him, but all he could do was shuffle forward inch by inch. After the meeting, two of the brothers drove him back to his apartment, still not healed. Upon arriving at his home, the brothers realized that it would take them half an hour just to get him up the stairs into his apartment from the car. And so by faith they took away the man's walker, and commanded him to walk in Jesus' name. The man promptly took off and walked briskly on ahead of the brothers up to his apartment!

As a result, fourteen people accepted Christ for the first time and thirteen rededicated themselves to the Lord. Seven people wanted to know more about Jesus Christ.

It was unusual to see such miracles taking place in a beautiful sanctuary in modern and prosperous Singapore. How can we explain it? We believe it is because of the emphasis of the Bethesda church on making disciples for the Lord and not simply drawing crowds with ear-tickling messages as is done in not a few churches today. BBTC is intent on obeying the Lord's command to fulfill the Great Commission with the mobilization of the entire body. We believe that the Lord is pleased with this church and showed it.

Luke 10:9 "Heal the sick who are there and tell them, 'The kingdom of God is near you.’" 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Baptist Pastor Reports New Testament Miracles

Baptist Pastor Oneias Cezar Fulho reports New Testament miracles after attending Elijah Challenge Basic Training held at Juiz de Fora, Brazil in August 2010.

Here is the report that this pastor emailed to Pastor William Lau.
Juiz de Fora, Brazil

I am Pastor Oneias Cezar Filho, who met you at the airport in Rio on your way to Juiz de Fora in Brazil [in August 2010]. My son Pastor Daniel and I were with you at The Elijah Challenge Basic Training in Juiz de Fora.

On Wednesday night there I had my ears healed from a disability which had been getting worse. Returning to Rio de Janeiro, I felt that God would apply in our ministry the vision which was given to you regarding the “Jesus method of healing the sick.” I taught what I received in Juiz de Fora to our people, and miracles began to happen.

Rectal cancer miraculously disappears
One Sunday I went to one of our daughter churches to minister. There I met a dear brother who had cancer of the rectum. He was to undergo surgery on Tuesday for the removal of his rectum. He was forbidden to eat solid food by the doctors. I laid my hands on him and rebuked the disease. 

That same day he went home and asked his wife to prepare him some good solid food, and he ate everything. On Monday the day after, it would normally be time in the bathroom for him. But on Monday he ate normally and the next day, before going in for surgery at the hospital, he went to the bathroom and defecated normally. 

When the brother arrived at the hospital, the doctor was very embarrassed because he had forgotten to schedule the surgery. The brother smiled, knowing that God was at work. He asked to be examined again and the doctor found no more cancer. Thanks to God Almighty!

Blind woman sees at Sunday service
But at that same worship service on Sunday there was a woman blind in both eyes. She was not a member of the church, but the mother of one of the members. I confess that I trembled inside, under such pressure, having to begin by facing someone who was blind. But I laid my hands directly on the eyes of the woman and rebuked the disease. When I removed my hands, she said that she was seeing. I did three tests to prove the miracle before the people who had crowded the church. It went perfectly with the three tests. She even accurately described how I looked and how I was dressed. 

There was a Dutch girl at church who was going to the United States for a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences. She was a scientist along with her Brazilian husband. He translated into Dutch everything I said and she was delighted. After the service, she came to me wanting to talk to me. But I had already gone. I went away soon after the miracle, passing the word to the local pastor, our assistant pastor at that church who is my daughter. Before the women’s eyes were opened I was so perplexed. I could feel the tension in the church as they looked to me for the final element of the miracle.

Blind man screams he can see
But God would do more. In those days, a brother from my church who had heard what I forwarded to people about the power to heal the sick was making a business visit to a family in the neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca. Arriving in Rio, he found an elderly gentleman who was blind in one eye and who had experienced loss of vision in his other eye as well. He suffered from a degenerative disease and the doctors had done surgery on the second eye trying to save it. But they failed, and so he was also blind in this eye. Andrea then told him what he had learned in church with me and asked if he believed that the Lord Jesus could restore his vision and heal him. He said yes. Andrea then put his hands over his eyes and rebuked the blindness. When Andrea removed his hands, the man opened his eyes and started screaming that he was seeing. His family ran and started calling other family members on the phone, tell them about the miracle. That's when the man's sister turned to Andrea, and asked: "Son, in addition to selling health insurance, who are you?" And Andrea was then able to share the gospel to the whole family.

Spinal Columns Healed
God is healing many people in our church since then. There have been many cures for spinal columns. On Wednesday, when I prayed for people with problems in their spine, a sister who was from another church was present. She believed she would receive her healing right there sitting in the pew. She said the pain was totally gone in hours. She came home and felt nothing. The next day to prove the miracle was real she jumped rope one hundred times, and felt nothing. That same day, in the afternoon, she again took the rope and jumped more than 100 times, and felt nothing. She was healed!

Dying cancer victim gets up healed in hospital room after life support removed and takes shower

She received a urgent telephone call from her relatives in another state of Brazil, in Minas Gerais. There in the city of Juiz de Fora, her mother, a terminally ill cancer patient, was dying. The doctors had reported that they would pull the plug on her so that she would die.

The daughter traveled there and went to the hospital. The doctor had disconnected the life support which had kept her mother alive. But she laid hands on her mother and rebuked the spirit of death. She spent time rebuking the spirit of death forbidding it to touch her mother, and commanding her healing in Jesus' name. That was when her mother opened her eyes and started talking to her normally. She had been in a coma but now she was completely healed. She sat up in bed and said he wanted to take a bath. She went alone to the bathroom to take a shower. 

At this time the nurse came in and seeing the scene, she was amazed. She took away the bed sheets and replaced them. That was when the doctor came in and did not see the patient. He told the nurse, "She's dead? You already took the body to the morgue?" The nurse then told the doctor: "Doctor, go into the bathroom and look." When the doctor went to the bathroom, he saw the woman who had been dying now bathing alone. He hugged the daughter who had been ministering healing to her mother. Moved, he said something like, "Yeah ... You are a woman of faith!" They then did some tests to confirm the healing. The next day she was discharged and went home. 

When she was still in the hospital her daughter had bought roast chicken for her to eat. When the mother saw it, she ate almost the whole chicken. Sentenced to death, she ate almost the entire chicken. But now the old lady is a blessing, completely healed. 

There are many healings in our midst. Often people feel great heat at the site of the disease as they are healed.

Many healed as Pastor Oneias conducts Basic Training
We conducted a seminar here at our church based on your seminar on the Internet. It was a great blessing. We had about 600 people, and they are already asking for the second phase. Again we saw many people healed. A lady who suffered from pulmonary emphysema, a lung disease caused by having smoked a lot for many years, was fully healed. She said that she had been unable to lie on the left side of her back. But she is now completely cured. 

Brother, I am communicating these testimonies to you for joy, knowing that the vision that God gave you is [for] another large city in the world: Rio de Janeiro. I have a great desire that you come soon to Rio and to our church. We will welcome you warmly as we do with all the servants of God that come from Him to bless us. But know, dear brother, that something good is happening between us. May God bless you for it. 

There are many other healings---many---and they will be increasing. 

To God be all the glory, forever and ever!

A fraternal greeting in Christ Jesus,
Pastor Oneias Cezar Filho
Zion Baptist Church in Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Elijah Challenge Basic Training & Evangelistic Rally Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB) in Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia | November 2010

REVIVAL: saving indigenous Christians 
from the authorities

The event was held in Ranau resting in the shadow of Mount Kinabalu
in East Malaysia on the island of Borneo (Peninsular Malaysia not shown)

13,435-foot high Mt. Kinabalu

The first day of the Basic Training
This Elijah Challenge event was held in the town of Ranau, situated in the valley at the foot of mighty Mt. Kinabalu in the state of Sabah. Our host was Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB) of the state of Sabah, consisting of 100,000 indigenous Christians in over 500 churches in the state. Sidang Injil Borneo means "Gospel Assembly Borneo" in the Malaysian language. Malaysia officially espouses the "M" religion, and actively attempts to convert indigenous believers in Sabah away from Christianity to the official religion.
At the Evangelistic Healing Service on the first day following the morning and afternoon Basic Training, we witnessed more miraculous healings than we have in recent memory. The Lord used His trained disciples amazingly to heal the infirm. So many people came up to testify that even at the end of the meeting we had between 15 and 20 people still on the stage waiting their turn to testify, but we could not get their testimonies because we had simply run out of time. As far as I can recall, this has never happened before in our meetings.

Above & below: the Evangelistic Healing Service

Trained disciples prepare to heal the infirm to confirm the truth of the gospel: Jesus Christ has authority to forgive sin and to save from hell

Man mute since birth begins to repeat words

As trained disciples minister to the infirm in the foreground, those people already healed gather on the stage (top of photo) to testify one by one

By the end of the evening many who had been healed and were waiting on the stage (background) could not testify because time had run out

Sinners came forward to accept Christ as a result of the word of God and the miracles.

The second and final day of the Basic Training
The President of SIB for the state of Sabah came all the way from the city of Kota Kinabalu to attend the evangelistic service on the second evening and to see for himself. We presented the gospel and the word of God clearly in the Indonesian language which was understandable to the people. The trained disciples then came forward to heal the sick as proof that the message was true. Just as the evening before, many people came up to the stage to testify that the Lord had healed them. Among the testimonies was recovery of sight. We could not understand some of the testimonies because they were given in a local dialect. There was much excitement in the air. After the testimonies, people repented of their fruitlessness and complacency and returned to the Lord to serve Him wholeheartedly.

The significance of the Training event
The next evening we had dinner with the SIB Sabah President where he shared what he felt was the true impact of the meeting. In the states of Sabah and Sarawak in East Malaysia which are home to the indigenous people of Malaysia, the authorities are actively pursuing a program to lure Christians away from the faith and to convert them to the dominant religion of Malaysia. According to statistics the indigenous people groups constitute 80% of the entire Christian population of the country of Malaysia. The remaining 20% consists mostly of ethnic Chinese and Indian Christians.

The President of SIB Sabah

Many of not most of the indigenous Christians are found in the SIB Church of Sabah and Sarawak in East Malaysia. In its attempt to minimize Christianity, the authorities are now targeting these indigenous Christians. Generations ago, SIB experienced revival and growth. But the last two generations have not met God in that way with the result that many indigenous Christians are either nominal or weak in their faith. Because of that they have become relatively easy targets for the authorities. The result is that the Christian population of Sabah has been steadily shrinking as a percentage of the total population of the state. It is now down to 28%. The authorities typically use very tempting material incentives to lure weak and complacent Christians away from the Lord Jesus Christ.

This dire threat to the faith was made clear to us over dinner with the President of SIB Sabah on the next day. However, he had just witnessed something at the Evangelistic Healing Service which gave him great hope. He had heard many testimonies from people who had been healed when the trained local leaders and believers laid hands on them---and not through the ministry of a superstar, one-man-show evangelist imported from the outside. He had seen the excitement in the crowd of about six hundred Christians as the people testified. And the amazingly large offering received that evening for the work of the gospel---over 4,000 Malaysian Ringgits---was itself unheard of for Ranau and offered further evidence that the Lord had revived his people.
One of the leaders present from SIB Headquarters in Kota Kinabalu---who had been trained under Morris Cerullo---called it "revival."

What this means in the long run

The SIB President sees that by repeating Elijah Challenge Events in his other districts in the state of Sabah, the Christians will be revived and no longer lured away by the authorities to the other faith. When lukewarm believers witness miracles of healing done in the name of Jesus, they will have no more doubt that He is the only way to God (John 14:6 & 11). Their faith will be encouraged and strengthened.
Initially, we had thought that the Elijah Challenge Training would be used to equip SIB to win animistic villages in the interior to Christ. But the SIB Sabah President told us that these villages comprise only about 2% - 3% of the population of Sabah. The far greater priority is to prepare the believers for the great and terrible Day of the Lord---the Second Coming of Jesus Christ---by bringing them back to the Lord. This can be done by preaching repentance to them in the power of miraculous signs as did Elijah on Mt. Carmel to bring the Israelites back to the Lord.
Thus the primary purpose of the Elijah Challenge Training in SIB Sabah will be to equip SIB leaders to proclaim repentance to God's people in the spirit and power of Elijah---in order to prepare them for the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And moreover...
But neither will the trained SIB leaders in Ranau neglect the unreached animistic villages. They are planning to reach them for the gospel by obeying the Lord's commands: "Heal the sick and tell them, 'the kingdom of God is near you.'" (Luke 10:9)


Friday, November 19, 2010

The Elijah Challenge Basic Training & Evangelistic Rally Hinghwa Methodist Church, Singapore | October 2010

An Historic Methodist Church in Singapore

Cosmopolitan Singapore: the "jewel of Southeast Asia"

Singapore is sandwiched between Indonesia & Malaysia

About Singapore and Hinghwa Methodist
Hinghwa Methodist Church is an historic church founded 100 years ago for immigrants from the Hinghwa region of Mainland China.

Dedication of present-day Hinghwa Methodist building in 1986

According to official statistics, only about 10% of Singaporeans adhere to Protestant Christianity. The majority are ethnic Chinese, constituting about 75% of the population of over 4.5 million people. There are an estimated one half million Chinese from Mainland China now in Singapore. Wikipedia informs us that "the most followed religion is Buddhism, with 42.5% of the resident population declaring themselves as adherents at the most recent census. The majority of Malays in Singapore are adherents of Islam with a substantial community of Indian Muslims."
For the gospel to penetrate Singapore effectively, it must be presented consistently with miraculous signs---especially miraculous healings. During these last days, the Lord is restoring the spirit and power of Elijah to the Church for that purpose.

The Basic Training
During the Training we challenged the Singaporean disciples---most of whom are ethnic Chinese---to use the powerful weapon they have been given to reach the Chinese from Mainland China found everywhere in Singapore. We told them that after years of dry atheism, the people in China with over 1.3 billion souls are thirsty and can be very receptive to the gospel. We challenged them to use their talents to reach what we feel is the final and greatest mission field already ripe for the harvest during these last days---Mainland China.

The Evangelistic Healing Service
After we preached the gospel at the climactic Evangelistic Healing Service, we asked the trained disciples to come forward to heal those with infirmities as confirmation of the gospel. They rolled up their sleeves and went to work. Several people were healed as they ministered. One by one those who were healed came forward to testify of what the Lord had done for them. After the testimonies, William led the crowd in a prayer of repentance. People turned to the Lord after hearing the gospel and hearing the testimonies.
Could this be a sign of the Lord's desire to use these Singaporean disciples to reach the Chinese and China---the final frontier---for the gospel during these last days?

Sunday Morning
At the Sunday morning service, following a message of repentance from lukewarmness and loving the world, infirm people were healed as the trained believers ministered to them. The testimonies of healing from them confirmed the message of repentance, and the people responded to the message in kind. We received several comments from the people who told us that the hard word we had delivered to them was right-on.

Above & below: Healing the infirm to confirm the word of God

Man testifies that his completely severed shoulder tendon is instantly healed
Above & below: many other testimonies of miraculous healing

Afterwards the leaders came to us and expressed unusual appreciation for the teaching. Their heart is to equip every disciple for works of service according to Ephesians 4:13, and that is exactly the focus of The Elijah Challenge Basic Training. Therefore they will be applying what has been taught. They want all of their people to obey the Lord and to be used by the Lord for the fulfillment of the Great Commission in Singapore and Asia.
May God grant them the grace to use and apply fruitfully what they have been taught. May they eventually teach and train other Singaporean churches how to heal the sick as Jesus taught and commanded his disciples when he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God. Please pray for this church which we sense is after God's own heart. May the Lord send forth laborers from this church into the vast harvest fields of Asia.


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