Friday, December 12, 2008

Two Miracles and One Repentance

One of the highlights of our visit to Singapore from 26th to 30th November, 2008, was the healing of my mother. She was complaining about pain in one of her ankles. As usual, Grace and I offered to heal her in the name of Jesus. Mother was a little hesitant but we insisted. As we laid hands on the affected ankle and commanded firmly, the pain went off immediately. We then asked her to test her healed ankle. Mother walked around the living room and turned her ankle this way and that way. She smiled and said that she had no more pain. She then told us of her upcoming operation on one of her eyes. Apparently, something was wrong with her retinas or maculas. Both eyes were affected and only one could be surgically repaired. The nature of her vision problem was such that the objects seemed distorted. Straight lines appeared to be wavy or bent. It was something known as Metamorphopsia.

Once again, Grace and I offered, by the authority of Jesus Christ, to heal the eyes too. My mother was a little sceptical and wanted us to understand how complicating the problem was. This was not just a simple pain in the joint. It had to do with a long-termed damage of the eyes. However, we told her that if she would have faith, she would be healed. She relented and we tested her frail eye condition. I asked her to look at me and she confirmed that my image was wavy. She covered one eye and then the other. Both eye had the same problem – distorted vision. I had to stand very near, like about one foot from her face, for her to have a clear image. We wanted mother to remember clearly her condition before we took command for healing.

The reason we had to be so drastic was because mother had been delinquent. There were a number of occasions when the Lord had healed her but her faith was shaken by doubts. My unbelieving elder sister became the catalyst of such doubts. Richard, my younger brother revealed a more tragic offence that my mother had committed. She had followed my sister to a Chinese temple in Muar, Malaysia. There, she was encouraged to burn incense sticks to the idols. After my mother did that, some of her physical pains returned. In her heart, she knew that she had done wrong and felt very uneasy. However, she did not know how to repent and struggled with the guilt.

Grace and I did not confront mother about her sin but told her to trust Jesus as we laid hands on her eyes. We took turns to command the eyes to be healed. That was exactly what happened – instantly, my mother’s eyes could see objects without distortion. This time, we asked her to tell us whether the vision was still producing wavy images. She stared at me and then covered one eye. Then she did the same to the other. She said the wavy image had disappeared. To confirm the healing, I moved further to the end of the living room and asked her to look at me. Her vision held - my image was not wavy like that before the command of healing. Praise the Lord. In fact, during the four days that we were in Singapore, we continued to check on her vision. It had remained healed and she did not see any wavy images.

After she was thoroughly convinced that she had just experienced a miracle, we addressed the problem of her visit to the temple. She was repentant and showed great remorse. Fifteen minutes into the explanation why it was important to remain faithful to the Living God and for her to worship only one God, we asked her if she wanted to confess her sin. She was most willing and instead of leading her in prayer, we asked her to talk to God in her own way. Using our dialect which is Hainanese, my mother sought forgiveness from the Lord. She used the humblest expression in Hainanese when addressing herself before God. She called herself, “kia thun” which literally means “child and grandchild” and that implies “descendent”. In the past, she only used this term when she prayed to our deceased ancestors. As she closed her eyes and bowed her head, she told the Lord that “your descendent had done wrong because of her foolishness and ignorance”. She humbly begged ‘Tu Jay Tol’ (Lord Jesus) to forgive her for the transgression and promised that she would never do that again. She then asked the Lord to protect her from evil and also to bless her and all in our family. After that, Grace and I laid hands and prayed for her. We also gave her the assurance of God’s forgiveness from God’s Word: “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9).

It was a good visit – two miracles and one repentance. We thank God for making our trip to Singapore a fruitful and blessed one. Please keep my mother in prayer as she lives out her faith in Christ.

Reported by
Rev Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Did Jesus command us to drive out territorial spirits, powers and principalities?

An Article by Rev William Lau

John 14:15 "If you love me, you will obey what I command.

It is clear that Jesus requires his disciples to obey his commands. Inversely, it follows that we are not required to do what he has not commanded us to do. What are some examples of his commands to the Church? Among other things, we are commanded to:
* love God (Matthew 22:37)
* love one another (Matthew 22:39)
* love our enemies (Matthew 5:44)
* preach the gospel (Mark 16:15)
* heal the sick (Luke 9:1-2; 10:9)
* make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20)
* take care of the poor and needy (Matthew 25:31-40)
* take Holy Communion (1 Corinthians 11:24)
* repent and be baptized (Acts 2:38)
* pray (Luke 18:1, 1 Thessalonians 5:18)
* praise Him (Hebrew 13:15)
* do good and to share with others (Hebrew 13:16)
* assemble together (Hebrew 10:25)
* live a holy life (Hebrew 12:14)
* forgive others (Luke 17:3-4)

These explicit commands as well as others are generally accepted within the body of Christ and are not controversial. What about actions that we perform which are not specifically commanded by the Lord Jesus or his early apostles? Should we be careful before attempting to perform such actions, especially if they involve the supernatural?

What might happen to us if Jesus doesn't specifically command us to get out of the boat and walk on water?
Let us take the example of Peter who was seated in a boat on the Sea of Galilee when he saw Jesus walking on the water toward him. Peter was very impressed and wanted to walk on water just like Jesus. He wanted to perform a miracle just as he saw Jesus doing. But before he dared to step out of the boat, he waited for an appropriate command from Jesus.

Matthew 14:28 "Lord, if it's you," Peter replied, "tell me to come to you on the water." 29 "Come," he said.
Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. 30 But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, "Lord, save me!" 31 Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. "You of little faith," he said, "why did you doubt?"

When Jesus commanded Peter to "come," the Lord authorized Peter to perform the miracle of walking on water. He was given the authority to do it. It was clearly the will of the Lord for Peter to perform the miracle. But what would have happened if Peter had not waited for a specific command from Jesus to come? It is obvious that Peter would have immediately sunk into the water after stepping out of the boat. He would have acted without being given any authority by the Lord to do so. None of us in our right mind would even think about stepping out of a boat on the high seas without first receiving a direct and clear command from the Lord to do so. Such an act would be the height of presumption and foolishness.

Even though Jesus commanded him, Peter still sank in the water and put himself in danger

Note that even though Peter did receive the command from Jesus to walk on water, after some initial success he failed because of his little faith. His life was endangered, and he cried out to Jesus to save him from drowning. Of course Jesus heard his cry and saved him from the surging sea. But what might happen if we attempt to perform some supernatural feat without any command from the Lord to do so? It would likely be a failure and a waste of time and effort. Not only that, it could be dangerous. Peter's life was put in danger. And in this case it is important to note that it was clearly the Lord's will for him to perform the miracle.
Therefore the Church should be very careful to know exactly what the Lord commands us to do, especially in the realm of the supernatural. Even if it is in the realm of the natural not involving the miraculous, there can be risk in taking action which the Lord has not authorized us to do. For example, if we attempt to do business which is apart from the Lord's will for us, there could be adverse consequences. How much more dangerous might it be for us if we dare to venture into the realm of the supernatural without a prior command and authorization from the Lord?

Jesus did not explicitly command us to drive out powers and principalities

Such is the case with directly rebuking and attempting to drive out what are known as powers, principalities, and territorial spirits. (We are not referring to intercessory prayer to God here.) The nature of such beings is not clearly understood from New Testament Scripture. In Daniel 10 we are perhaps given a glimpse with the references to the "prince of Persia" and the "prince of Greece." But nowhere in Scripture---whether Old Testament or New Testament---are we clearly commanded to engage such beings, let alone Satan himself, in direct frontal assault.

It is clear from verses like those found in Colossians that "for in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and you have been given fullness in Christ, who is the head over every power and authority (Chapter 2:9-10). Such verses, however, do not constitute a general and explicit command from the Lord for us to attack powers and authorities in a direct fashion by speaking to them and rebuking them in the name of Jesus Christ.
Even well-known verses from Ephesians cannot be used to support such actions.

Ephesians 6:10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

First of all, these verses speak of a defensive posture, not an offensive one in which we attempt to rebuke and drive out the rulers, authorities, powers and spiritual forces in the heavenly realms. Secondly, the foot soldiers of one army do not directly go after the generals of the enemy army. No, they will attack and kill the foot soldiers of the enemy army---only in that way will the battle be won. In the same way, the main business of the body of Christ on earth with regard to the Great Commission is to heal infirm people, to drive out demons from people, proclaim the kingdom of God to the lost (Luke 9:1-2), and to disciple all nations. Our time and energy should not be focused on fighting beings in the heavenly realms---something we have not been clearly authorized nor commanded to do. Rather we should take care of business on earth where we have been given the authority to "heal the sick, and tell them 'the kingdom of God is near you.'" (Luke 10:9)

What about the authority to trample on "snakes and scorpions"?

Luke 10:17 The seventy-two returned with joy and said, "Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name."
18 He replied, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. 19 I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.

According to the context, Jesus had sent them out to heal the sick and proclaim the kingdom of God to the lost (Luke 10:9). This would have included casting demons out of afflicted people as they preached the gospel. When they returned victoriously from their mission trip, Jesus confirmed to them that he indeed had given them authority to drive demons out of afflicted people, referring to these beings as "snakes and scorpions." These are demons whose activity, like the activity of non-flighted snakes and scorpions which symbolize them, is on the surface of the earth afflicting human beings. Their domain is not in the heavenly realms, and therefore they likely do not refer to "powers and principalities" whose activity is above. We have authority to overcome all the power of such snakes and scorpions, and they cannot harm us. But perhaps we cannot say the same of "powers and principalities." If we attempt to engage these beings directly, the outcome could be in doubt---even dangerous for us.

It can be dangerous to try to walk on water if we have not been commanded to do so

Not only is it likely ineffective and a waste of resources to engage heavenly beings in direct combat, it can be dangerous. There are enough testimonies of servants of God who without authorization have gone after what are called powers and principalities in a direct fashion and suffered what could be considered counterattack. Some have suffered from infirmities and even death. They and even their families have gone through unnecessary trials because they have gone "beyond what is written." They have gone beyond the realm of their authority and engaged an enemy in a battle they the Lord did not command them to fight. This happened to the Israelites in the Old Testament.

Numbers 14:44 Nevertheless, in their presumption they went up toward the high hill country, though neither Moses nor the ark of the LORD's covenant moved from the camp. 45 Then the Amalekites and Canaanites who lived in that hill country came down and attacked them and beat them down all the way to Hormah.

Under such circumstances the Lord allowed the Israelites to be defeated by their enemies. Similarly, the Lord is not obligated to save us from retaliation when we engage the enemy in a battle presumptuously. Even if there is no enemy counterattack, we might still face trials because we have made the mistake of acting in presumption before the Lord. In contrast, however, the Lord did save Peter from drowning in the water because he had in fact commanded him to step out of the boat. Nevertheless, the Lord was not pleased with Peter and afterwards rebuked him for failing to complete the miracle.

How can one know that such "spiritual warfare" is in fact effective?

Moreover, there is no way to measure the effectiveness of direct spiritual warfare against territorial spirits. There is no way of determining whether results on earth (if there are in fact any) are actually a result of such warfare. However, if we obey the clear commands of the Lord to heal the sick, cast out demons, and proclaim the kingdom of God, we will see visible results: people are actually healed and saved. Churches grow. The kingdom of God on earth increases.
A testimony from Kenya
If one is concerned about powers, principalities and "territorial spirits," one should pray to God about them. And if it is His will He may send properly-equipped and powerful angels to war against them as happened in the time of Daniel's 21-day fast in Daniel Chapter 10.

We can be both safe and productive for the kingdom of God
It would be safer and more productive for the Church to hold to a more literal and conservative interpretation of Scripture regarding what we are to be engaged in here on earth. Clearly we should obey his explicit commands. And teachings involving actions that are not explicitly commanded by him we should consider very carefully. Not only they may be optional, they may be a waste of our resources and some may even pose an unnecessary risk to our personal safety. Today more and more such peripheral teachings are circulating within the body of Christ.
Have we nothing better to do with our time and energy? Should we not rather "be about our Father's business"---saving the lost as Jesus did?

Acts 10:38 how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, and how he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with him.

Why has this come about?
Perhaps we have become so involved with "optional" teachings because as committed disciples of Christ we truly want to serve him. But since we have not been taught how to obey the frontline commands of the Lord to win the lost, we occupy ourselves with seondary concerns. At best they serve to distract us from the paramount issue of the Great Commission. At worse they may be hazardous to our well-being.


Monday, November 24, 2008

4 -9 Nov 2008 - Healing at Full Gospel Assembly, Main Church

Elijah Challenge @ FGA
The Elijah Challenge Basic Training Seminar
'Elijah Challenge End-Time Model of Evangelism'
4th to 9th November 2008

Lot 689, Taman Goodwood, Jalan Kuchai Lama, Off Jalan Klang Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03-7981 4755
Organizer: Pastor Jessica Leong

After the first report on 4th November, I was too tired to write anything. Every night, after the training and healing sessions, I was just too exhausted. However, now the training and rallies are over, it’s time to give thanks to God. Like all the people, during the last five days, who were healed and later testified, I want to testify to the glory of God too.
At the end of the whole event, my impression of Full Gospel Assembly has become very positive. After spending time to fellowship with Elder Wong Ah Chiew, Pastor Tan Eing Lock and Pastor Jessica Leong, I learned that this church is a very evangelistic and magnanimous one. The reason why this church is among the fastest growing in Malaysia is because the leadership emphasizes much on soul winning. The members are regularly encouraged to invite unsaved friends and loved ones to come to church. This has become an expectation and culture of the church. When the mother church becomes too crowded, the leadership sends out ministers to set up preaching points and subsequently these become satellite churches.
Apart from establishing satellite churches in Malaysia, the leadership also allows former leaders, who come from FGA, to establish their independent churches, using the ‘FGA’ name. Therefore, FGA churches, especially in Australia and New Zealand, may not be officially linked with the mother church but they are so proud of FGA that they choose to affiliate with the mother church by association.
The Chinese Church in FGA mother church is one of fast growing Chinese congregations in Malaysia with 700 to 800 adherents. Among this congregation are many young people. That, in itself, is a unique aspect because not many Chinese churches could attract younger people.
Every night, after the training session, the trained believers showed great enthusiasm in healing the infirm. Night after night, the number of people healed became more and more. This was the result of the increased faith of the trainees. During the breaks, I overheard many participants discussed excitedly about the ‘new’ teaching that they had received. They did not know that they could exercise the ‘kingly authority’ to heal the infirm - especially healing those who are unbelievers so as to prove that Jesus is the living God.
On Friday, the large auditorium on the 5th floor was packed with participants and the guests they invited. Quite a few of these came in wheelchairs. My team, which consisted of my wife, Grace and my father-in-law, Brother Ong, was impressed by the attendance. The atmosphere in the sanctuary was that of great expectancy. God was gracious to allow my Mandarin to flow with exceptional ease. Being an English-educated person, I had often feared that my Chinese language would fail me, especially during preaching.
During the altar call for salvation, more than fifty people came forth to accept Christ. This was to be repeated at the next two healing rallies. The number of people healed during the healing sessions was also remarkable. We were overjoyed when we saw many elderly people, with arthritic pain in their joints, received their healings. To prove that they had been healed, some kicked their legs, swung their arms and even danced vigorously.
The healing rally, on Saturday, was a combined service with the regular FGA Chinese Youth Church’s service. This younger generation of worshippers, with their rowdier and fast songs, created a different worship atmosphere. The young people did not remain at their seats but gathered up front and worshipped with much action. Some jumped, some danced, some waved, some whooped, and some simply knelt and praised God. The welcome was also different because there was not just the usual applause but screaming too.
As in the first rally, about fifty people came forth to shake my hands as I welcomed them to accept Christ. The healing session was as expected – the faith of the trained believers was extended and the infirm received their miracles. The trainees then quickly ushered them up the stage for testimonies. Everybody applauded and cheered as one by one, the healed people gave glory to God for their miracles.
There were some of the more exceptional miracles, apart from those healed of headache, neck pain, back pain, stomach ache and pain in the joints. An elderly man took out his hearing aid because he had no need for it any more. He proclaimed loudly that he could hear clearly and had been healed. An elderly lady also had her impaired ear opened and could hear clearly. Another man, who suffered from stroke, got up from his wheel chair and began to walk. He then pushed his own wheel chair to the amusement of the crowd. An elderly woman with pain in her eyes was healed. The tearing also stopped immediately. A young lady testified in tears, that her broken leg was healed and she put her crutches away.
There were too many miracles to report here. All we can say is “Praise the Lord for all these healings”. Apart from many who were healed, we are more excited with the 200 newly trained Mandarin-speaking Elijah Challengers who are able to share the Gospel by showing the power of God to heal. My earnest desire is for some of these trained participants to go to mainland China and conduct their own Elijah Challenge training and healing rallies. May this become a reality soon! Praise the Lord and all glory to His name!

Reported by Reverend Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia
11 November 2008

4 Nov 2008 - Healing at Full Gospel Assembly, Main Church

Elijah Challenge @ FGA
The Elijah Challenge Basic Training Seminar
'Elijah Challenge End-Time Model of Evangelism'

Lot 689, Taman Goodwood, Jalan Kuchai Lama, Off Jalan Klang Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03-7981 4755
Organizer: Pastor Jessica Leong

The first evening of Elijah Challenge training at Full Gospel Assembly was an enthusiastic one. With the sanctuary packed with more than 200 Chinese- speaking participants, the air was filled with excitement. Somehow, the message was out there that these few nights would be nights of miracles. I saw many young people in the midst and Pastor Tan Eing Lock told me that they came mostly from the main church. I also learned from him that there were a total of five FGA branch churches represented there.
While waiting for the worship to begin, I prayed and felt intensely in my heart that God would want to use these precious brothers and sisters from FGA to do tremendous works in the last days. As the worship progressed, God’s sovereignty and presence reached out and touched all of us. Pastor Jessica Leong, who was the organizer of these training sessions, gave a brief introduction about me and my ministry. After that, it was easy for me to begin the first lesson as the participants were not only friendly but hungry. They were drinking in every cup of information offered to them. From the familiar story of Elijah who challenged the prophets of Baal to King David and his conquest over Goliath, the participants drank with eagerness. The topic on the ‘Priestly Authority, Prophetic Authority and Kingly Authority’ was received with gladness. I could sense their faith rising by the minutes.
They clapped and gave glory to God when they saw the slides of previous healings in other churches. They were literally thrilled by all the miracles presented in the slide show. However, time ran out and it was 10.30 PM and time to close the session. I offered to show them the healing demonstration in the next session but the crowd refused. They wanted to see the healing evidences right there and then. So, with the approval of the pastors, I conducted the healing demonstration. Since I expected many to come forward to be healed, I limited to only 15 infirm to occupy the seats prepared for them at the front. Then Pastor Tan appointed 30 volunteers to come forth and exercise their faith to heal the infirm. He led all in a prayer of repentance and the healing session began.
The trained believers first interviewed their ‘patients’ and then proceeded to lay hands on them. I praised God that they were extremely cooperative and the healings started to happen. Those who were healed fulfilled their promise to testify publicly. Everyone clapped after every healing testimony. A sister was healed of back and shoulder pain. A brother healed of painful stomach ailment. A young man, who hurt and dislocated his shoulder joint when he was a young child, was healed. He said that every time he tried to swing or throw his arm, it would dislocate and he would feel pain. However, after being prayed for, he threw and swung his arm many times and there was no dislocation. Praise the Lord.
Another young man was healed of back pain. A couple of elderly sisters were healed of painful arthritic knees. A man who apparently suffered from a stroke had his frozen shoulder healed and he raised it high for all to see. Many were relieved and showed marked improvement in their health condition. The mountain had moved but the participants needed to exercise more faith to make sure that the mountain is thrown into the sea.
The tremendous enthusiasm and faith had been very helpful in securing the exsiting miracles that God had for these participants. The night ended with a glorious note – with everybody giving thanks to God with an exuberant applause. My team which consisted of my wife, Sister Grace and her father, Brother Ong, returned home with much joy in our hearts.

Trainer: Reverend Albert Kang
Language Used: Mandarin

4/11/08: Tuesday - Seminar - 8.00 PM - 10 PM
5/11/08: Wednesday - Seminar - 8.00 PM - 10 PM
6/11/08: Thursday - Seminar - 8.00 PM - 10 PM
7/11/08: Friday - Healing Rally - 8.00 - 10 PM
8/11/08: Saturday - Final Seminar - 9.00 AM - 12.30 PM
9/11/08: Sunday - Healing Service - 2.00 PM

18-21 Sep 2008 - Healing at Full Gospel Assembly, Setapak

18-21 September 2008
Elijah Challenge School of Basic Ministry Training (SBMT)
Elijah Challenge End-Time Model of Evangelism
Organized by Full Gospel Assembly Setapak
24-3 & 24-4 Jalan 9/23A, Medan Makmur, off Jalan Usahawan, Setapak, 53000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Host Pastor: Rev Richard Pong

This is the second report on what God had done at FGA Setapak. On 19 September, we began our second session in the evening at 8 o’clock. The participants had increased in number because some church members from FGA Cheras had come to join the training. After reinforcing the importance of building up one’s faith to trust God for the healing, it was time for the healing demonstration. The participants from FGA Setapak were taking the lead in showing those from FGA Cheras the proper way of healing the infirm. As all the infirm were Christians, I requested Pastor Pong to lead them in a prayer of confession and repentance. The reason is that the healing of Christians is conditional whereas healing of non-Christians is not.
The trained believers then interviewed the infirm. This interview process was important because it helped the trained believers in determining whether the infirmities were due to natural or supernatural causes. In most instances, symptoms were the results of natural infirmities or accidents. In our experience, when symptoms seem to baffle medical practitioners or whenever we rebuke the pain, it ‘runs’ to another part of the body, we would consider these as ‘beyond natural’. We would then focus on rebuking the spirit of infirmity instead of the diseases.
Session after session, the faith of the participants increased. They encountered the infirmities, laid hands and took authority over them. They then witnessed the healing miracles and listened to the triumphant testimonies. All these left an indelible impression in their hearts. In the future, if the devil seeks to test their faith, these Elijah Challengers should be able to withstand the onslaught by recalling all the miracles that God had done in these training sessions and healing rallies. As long as their faith is strong and growing, these trained believers should continue to fulfil the Great Commission by healing the sick and sharing the Gospel.
Quite a number of people were healed during these few days. One of the more significant healings was upon a man who suffered from Parkinson Disease. During the full duration of our ministry there, he was healed progressively. In his own testimony, he said that since the first day of healing ministry, his condition had improved tremendously. When we first met him, we noticed that he was not able to walk without help and his speech was slurred. However, by the final day, he was able to walk by himself and his speech was clear.
A lady, whose one leg was shorter than the other, was also miraculously healed. Her legs returned to the same length and the pain in her hips disappeared. A man, who had a frozen right shoulder, literally gave up the idea of being healed and walked off so as to be alone at the back of the sanctuary. I noticed that and called him back. After a few trained believers took authority and commanded the pain to go, his shoulder was healed and he was able to raise his hand high.
People, with back pain, joint pain, shoulder pain, arthritic pain, knee pain, leg pain, ankle pain received miraculous healings from the Lord. One by one, they walked up the stage and testified to the glory of God. A most interesting testimony was from a man, who after returning home from the first session, was swarmed by mosquitoes. Remembering the story of Jesus having authority to calm the turbulent sea, he exercised his faith over nature and commanded the mosquitoes to go away. He rejoiced that the whole night, he slept peacefully without any harassment from those terrible insects.
The third and final training session on Saturday was a long one – beginning at 9.30 AM and it did not conclude until past one in the afternoon. The participants learned about distant healing and mass healing. They actually practiced distant healing by taking authority over the diseases and pains of their loved ones who were living in different locations.
The concluding lesson was important because it was about obedience, sanctification and holiness. The participants learned how to take authority over their own sinful thoughts and actions. Using the Ten Commandments as principles and guidelines, I explained why it was important to abide and do what they stated. I also led the participants in memorizing the Ten Commandments and they had a hilarious time. To emphasize, I told them that it was not unusual to find an increase in healing miracles when the Elijah Challengers learned to submit to God in all their ways.
The night healing rallies, though conducted in a very modest scale, were worthwhile. We thank God for all the miraculous healings but most importantly, we thank God for energizing the trained participants to become powerful witnesses for Christ. Pastor Pong said that this was the first time his two-year old church ever conducted such event. He and his church members no longer need to depend on visiting ministers with the gift of healing to conduct such rallies. They can organize such healing rallies at their own convenience.
Pastor Pong had requested that we return to conduct ‘Train-The-Trainers’ seminar, so that he and some of his leaders can become Elijah Challenge trainers themselves. Their church regularly goes on mission trips to China and would like to conduct the Elijah Challenge End-Time Model of Evangelism there. They are also interested in training Chinese churches in different parts of the world.

Reported by
Rev Albert Kang
Coordinator, Elijah Challenge Asia

18 Sep 2008 - Healing at Full Gospel Assembly. Setapak

18 September 2008
Elijah Challenge School of Basic Ministry Training (SBMT)
Elijah Challenge End-Time Model of Evangelism
Organized by Full Gospel Assembly Setapak
24-3 & 24-4 Jalan 9/23A, Medan Makmur, off Jalan Usahawan, Setapak, 53000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Host Pastor: Rev Richard Pong

The Full Gospel Assembly Setapak is situated on the 3rd and 4th level of a row of shop houses. It is a Chinese-speaking church that is among other five churches situated in the same block. In Malaysia, most churches are not given lands to build and so they have to make do with shop houses, warehouses and factory lots. Some congregations even rent hotel convention halls.
Pastor Richard Pong, the senior pastor of FGA Setapak is also the Chinese pastor of FGA Cheras. He was trained in June 2008, by Pastor Lucille, at The Elijah Challenge training, organized by the Cheras Pastors Fellowship. He was so blessed by it that he wanted his two churches to receive similar type of training.
My team consisted of my wife, Grace and her dad, Brother Ong Siau Hwa. This was the second time that I conducted the Elijah Challenge training in Mandarin. As an English-educated pastor, this has always served as a challenge but one that is definitely worth taking on. The training began with two Mandarin worship songs. It was so refreshing just to worship God in Mandarin.
Thirty-plus participants, who were quite enthusiastic about the training, filled the sanctuary. Thankfully, my Mandarin was flowing quite smoothly. I led the participants through the lessons about the purpose of The Elijah Challenge and how this ministry is meant for the churches in the End-time. Then they learned about the three anointings – Priestly, Prophetic and Kingly Anointing. From the encounters of David, I illustrated what boldness and kingly authority was all about.

Time flew by fast and soon it was time for the healing demonstration. The infirm quickly occupied the “healing” seats specially placed for them in the front of the sanctuary. Then those Christians who did not have infirmities were encouraged to heal these people in the name of Jesus. As all these who sought healing were also Christians, their healing would be conditional. They had to clear their hearts of all malice and sins. To do that, I invited Pastor Pong to lead his congregation in a prayer of confession and repentance.
As this first-time healing team laid their hands on the infirm, I gave the commands for the diseases and infirmities to leave these people. I had told the infirm to get ready to testify once they were healed. After the first command, a church member came forth to testify that the long-time pain in her back was gone. Since Pastor Pong was very well-versed with Mandarin, I invited him to give the second and third commands. He did it perfectly in Mandarin and the people followed word for word. As the faith of the people increased, more people were healed.
Soon people lined up on the stage to testify. A young lady beamed brightly as she testified of her shoulder being healed. Another lady had pain on her back and leg. She had come to be healed but due to the lack of healing crew, I had asked her to heal another lady who had intense pain in the knees. The Lord was merciful and even before the person with the knee pain was healed, this lady’s pain was gone completely. A young lady with sciatic nerve pain testified that she was completely healed. A lady, who had probed up one of her feet to be healed, testified that apart from the big toe being healed, the pain at her side was gone too. More and more people testified of divine healing. Some bent over and touched their feet to test the healing. Elderly ladies squatted to test their healed knees. Those with back pain could twist their waist without their backs reacting in pain. Everybody was smiling with joy because of all the healing results. Finally, the training concluded with a loud applause given to the Lord.
It was a wonderful night of training and miraculous healing. I believe that there will be more healing in the next few training sessions. God is very good to us indeed!
Reported by
Pastor Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia

7 Sep 2008 - Healing at Botanic Family Church

Healing at Botanic Family Church Klang
September 7, 2008 Sunday’s Celebration Service
Botanic Family Church (Assemblies of God Malaysia)
2-2, Jalan Jasmin 8KS6, Bandar Botanic
41200, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Host Pastor: Rev. John Lim

The sweet sound of worship greeted us as Grace and I arrived at the parking lot of the quiet neighbourhood of Botanic, Klang. After scaling two flights of steps, we entered the nicely decorated sanctuary. It was a joy to meet Pastor John Lim and his wife, Sister Sharon, again… after a hiatus of some 16 years. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, Pastor John was a lay leader helping in one of our branch churches in Johor Bahru. Today, he is an accomplished minister and Senior Pastor of a thriving church situated in the growing township of Botanic in Klang.
A couple of years ago, this church began in Pastor John’s home at Bayu Perdana. With less than ten people, the Church worked hard in winning souls and God gave much increase. People were saved and baptized. As the membership grew, the Church moved to a larger premises, which is a three-storey corner shop, that includes a worship sanctuary, class rooms, canteen and a Youth Centre.
Grace and I ministered in two services. In the first service, which was in English, Grace sang a solo. I preached about the authority and power to heal in the light of preaching the Gospel. After the sermon, I invited those who were not feeling well and had pain in their bodies to the front of the sanctuary. About 8 people with various ailments came forth to be healed. I then invited the rest of the believers to minister healing by giving them quick instruction on how to heal in the name of Jesus. The faith levels of these believers were initially subdued but most of the ailments were quite ordinary such as pain in various parts of the body. One of the more serious ailments was in the form of a cyst in a lady’s breast.
As expected, God was gracious to these believers who were ministering healing for the very first time. Pastor John helped by leading the congregation in a prayer of repentance. He did that in both services. The reason was because God would heal believers on the condition that they did not harbour sins in their lives. However, for non-believers, the healing would be unconditional. As Grace and I took turn to lead the believers in taking authority over the diseases, the healing process was activated. After the first command, everybody reported a marked improvement in his or her condition. A few testified that while hands were being laid upon the affected parts of their bodies, they felt a strange warmth like an electrical current that saturated them. The lady with the cyst said that she felt the tenderness of that area left her. She also said that the cyst had reduced in size but she would go for a medical check-up to confirm it. A man with back pain testified that he was totally healed. He kept turning his body to test the authenticity of the healing.
In the Chinese service, six people came forth for healing. Apparently the faith-levels among these Chinese-speaking believers were much higher – miracles happened much faster than in the previous service. A lady testified that the arthritic pain in her knees was totally healed. Another lady, who had a painful sciatic nerve-pull, mounted the stage and walked back and forth to show that her pain had faded away. Even Pastor John’s mother received divine healing. She testified that her nagging headache was gone and she had been healed by the power of God. A few more others testified of the healing of shoulder pain, back pain and other afflictions.
We thank God that once again, the God-given authority to heal was activated and the members at Botanic Family Church are now convinced that they also have the authority to heal, while preaching the Gospel. After the services, Pastor John said that in the near future, he would like us to return to provide a more thorough training of the Elijah Challenge to his members. Praise the Lord!
Reported by:
Rev Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia

31 Aug 2008 - Healing at Good Tidings Assembly

Healing at Good Tidings Assembly

31st August 2008
Sunday’s Celebration Service
Good Tidings Assembly
(Assembly of God of Malaysia )
No. 1B, 3A & 3B, Jalan Sepadu A 25/A
Taman Perindustrian Axis Seksyen 25,
40400, Shah Alam, Malaysia
Host Pastor: Rev. Sean Prasad

Good Tidings Assembly has 200 plus members who attend the English and Chinese services. In about ten years, Rev. Sean Prasad, the Senior Pastor, led the church to establish preaching points, branch churches and ministries to the poor and disadvantaged. I was glad to meet him again as we had met some 18 years ago.
The service began with a time of joyous spiritual worship led by Pastor Anthony. The sanctuary, which was on the third level of a shop house, was soon saturated by the presence of God. This service was a very prayerful one – before the sermon, there were different church leaders, including the Senior Pastor, offering various prayers to God. My wife, Grace, presented a solo number to the Lord. After that I preached from John 14:12, on how all Born-again believers should use their faith and do greater things for the kingdom of God.

At the end of the sermon, I led the people in a prayer of repentance. Then I invited those who had pain and infirmities in their bodies to come forth and be healed. Eleven church members responded and occupied the seats prepared for them at the altar area. Pastor Sean helped to select the leaders and matured believers to assist in laying hands on the infirm. After a brief instruction, these believers were ready to exercise their faith in healing. They began by interviewing the infirm and then laid hands on the affected areas. I had told the congregation that I would not lay hands and so they were on their own. They were not to look for a superstar healer but to exercise their own mountain-moving faith. As they repeated the commands forcefully, miracles began to take place.

What a joy to welcome those who were miraculously healed by the Lord to testify. The first brother testified that the cracked skin on his palms was healed. The cracks were gone and his skin had become smooth. The second to testify was a sister whose knees were giving her problem and then at that instance of taking authority over them, the pain was totally gone. A sister came up and testified that the pain in her abdomen area had left her. The rest reported marked improvement in the condition of their ailments. Instead of leaving at that, I decided that we should command again so that the infirmities would go entirely. Twice, Grace helped me to give the commands for the believers to follow. Brother Charlie Teo, an elder in the church, was the next to be healed. His painful knees were healed before but the pain had returned. This time, after taking authority, the pain left him immediately and he happily testified to the glory of God. An Indian brother had pain in his ankles for about one and a half years. I observed how some church leaders bend down and placed their hands on this man’s ankles. After the fourth command, the Indian brother was completely healed. A sister stepped up to testify that the Lord had just healed her of shoulder pain. A young man rejoiced that even his minor infirmity – a sore throat – was healed. A young girl also testified that her sore throat was healed. Later, while Grace and I were leaving the sanctuary, she ran to us and triumphantly declared that the pain in her throat was really gone. Most of those who had hands being laid on them testified that they felt much better than before the commands to heal. We thanked God that once again He was faithful to empower His people to heal the sick according to His promises made in the Bible.

27 Aug 2008 - Elderly Lady Healed Instantly of Pain

27 August 2009
Elderly Lady Healed Instantly of Pain

It was raining dogs and cats when my wife, Grace and I picked Grace’s colleague, Malathy, before arriving at the home of an elderly couple, living in Petaling Jaya. Two weeks ago, the 82 year-old woman had taken a tough fall and hurt her left leg. Since then, she was in pain and had become bed-ridden. Her 84 year-old husband was too weak to help her. Malathy had bought the house next door and upon learning about this couple’s situation, had been coming over to help. The pitiable sight of these two elderly people, struggling to care and comfort each other, with their limited physical capacity, is most heart-rending. The elderly lady whom we addressed as “Auntie” was full of gratitude and kept thanking us for visiting. She had not been cleaned or bathed for a couple of days and so Grace and Malathy carried her to the shower. Meanwhile, I shared the Gospel with “Uncle” who conversed well in perfect English. He was also weak and needed help. I laid hands on him and took authority over his weakness. After that, he said that he felt a difference in his body and apparently strength had returned.
After bathing Auntie, Grace and Malathy had placed the elderly lady on the potty and for almost half-an-hour, we waited for her finish her toilet function. Auntie was very apologetic and kept saying that her bowel movement was very “naughty” because it refused to function accordingly. Finally, Auntie was ready to rest in bed. As her leg was in pain, the Grace and Malathy took great care in dressing and carrying Auntie to the bed. With those sad eyes but a sweet smile, Auntie repeatedly thanked them. We were beginning to feel embarrassed by such kind and appreciative words. I then asked if her leg was still hurting badly and she answered in affirmation. My heart ached within. The next best thing to do was to heal her pain in the name of Jesus. Grace and I laid hands on her left leg and began to take authority over the pain. Three times, we did that and her pain left her completely. Our friend, Malathy, who is from another religion, was amazed at Auntie’s ability to move her “painful” leg. She said that the few times that she came to help Auntie, she was not able to lift Auntie’s leg… but now, we were bending her knee and moving her left leg. Auntie, on the other hand, was elated. She said that she had no more pain except for some muscular discomfort. In her own inimitable style, she thanked us profusely. We then directed her to thank Jesus and with uplifted hands, she gave thanks to the Lord! Even as we left the house, Auntie was thanking the Lord and telling us to drive carefully home. What a night of divine intervention! It was not just the miracle of the physical body that thrilled us but witnessing how the love of Jesus Christ, touched the lives of this long-journeyed couple and all of us.
Reported by Pastor Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia

15-18 Aug - Healing at SOS Church Camp

15-18 August 2008
Healing at SOS Assembly’s Church Camp
Host Pastors: Rev Samuel & Pastor Betty Wong
Location: Eagle Range Resort, Port Dickson, Malaysia

SOS Assembly is a two year-old church and its very exceptional name stands for “Streak Or Speck”. That is of course based on Genesis 30, where it tells of how Jacob, in spite of the scheming of his father-in-law, Laban, was blessed with flocks that had specks and spots. The founding pastors are Rev Samuel and Pastor Betty Wong. This couple is more dynamic than most young adults even though one is in his fifties and the other in her late forties. This church camp was the first for SOS Assembly and well attended by more than 100 campers. It was held at Eagle Range Resort at Port Dickson.

At the gate of Eagle Range Resort, Grace and I were greeted by resort staffs in cowboy uniforms. There were all types of buildings that resembled those from the American Wild West. These were modern air-conditioned buildings built like tepees, band wagons, log cabins and paddock chalets. For the first time, we got to stay in a “tepee” with roofless bathroom. Apart from the unique lodging and lovely environment, Pastor Sam and Pastor Betty even assigned two members to serve as our personal “butlers”.

During the first two sessions, I taught from Isaiah 51 in accordance with the camp’s theme which was “The Cup of Trembling”. These sessions ended with the campers repenting of their sins and also memorising the Ten Commandments. On the third and fourth sessions, I was able to present a shorter version of The Elijah Challenge Model of End-time Evangelism. In the last session, Grace sang a solo special, much to the delight of the campers.

During the healing demonstrations, the born-again believers came forth and with whatever faith that they possessed, they tried their hands in healing the infirm. Just as Jesus had promised, the healing power began to flow. People were healed albeit after several times of commanding the disease and pain to leave. A new convert was healed of her frozen shoulder. She was to be baptized during the camp and this healing was like a double blessing. A brother received his healing in a nonchalant way. When asked about his ailment, he said that one of his ears was deaf. Later, when asked again, he simply smiled and said, “I can hear now! He apparently had no doubt that he would be healed. A grandmother had pain in her arthritic knee for a couple of years. After some of the campers laid hands on her, she said that she felt better. She was happy that her pain had been greatly reduced and wanted her fellow campers to stop taking authority over her “slight pain”. However, after some encouragement, she allowed them to continue. To her great relief, even the shadow of pain disappeared. She stepped up and down the platform to test her healed knee. Then she walked about and promptly declared that she was healed. Another lady, who had yet to accept Christ as her Saviour, was watching afar off at the back of the hall. When she saw the positive healing results, she also came forth to be healed. The Lord healed her of an annoying back pain and she testified with tears in her eyes. Then to our amazement, she bent down and touched her knees with her face.
From young to old, campers were getting healed. One by one, they testified to the glory of God. We thank God that even with such limited training, the campers were able to exercise their faith and heal the infirm. Grace and I enjoyed the other exciting programmes of this camp but this is not the place to write about them. We were glad that the pastors had requested that we come back to conduct a full training course on Elijah Challenge Model of End-time Evangelism in the near future.

Reported by
Rev Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia

23 July - 3 August - Healing at Canaan Church

23, 25, 30 July 2008
1- 3 August 2008
Elijah Challenge School of Basic Ministry Training (SBMT)
Elijah Challenge End-Time Model of Evangelism
Organized by Canaan Assembly of God, Kepong
25, Jalan 9/42, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Host Pastor: Rev Daniel Leong

Canaan AG has been in existence for 39 years and consists of some 120 members. Pastor Daniel Leong who took over as the pastor some four years ago, had attended the Elijah Challenge training organized by Full Gospel Assembly (Old Klang) which was taught by Pastor William Lau, the founder and director of The Elijah Challenge. Pastor Daniel then decided that it was time for his church members to learn this method of Power Evangelism.

Apart from me, the team from Elijah Challenge Asia consisted of my wife, Grace, Brother and Sister Ong, who are my parent-in-laws and Brother David Tong. On the Saturday’s Rally night, two more Elijah Challengers, Brother Aaron Loh and Sister Pamela Ong, my sister-in-law also joined us in ministry. The first night’s session was a slow-paced process as the 29 participants were not sure what to expect. Pastor Jonathan was my Chinese interpreter and together, he and I tried to excite and motivate the participants to be more responsive. At the end of the first session, for an actual demonstration of the authority to heal, I invited the sick and infirm to come forward. Eight people responded to be healed. Subsequently, I challenged the participants to try their hands in healing their friends. They responded slowly and almost reluctantly. I told them to open their eyes as they lay hands to heal the sick. As I shouted out the command to heal, the participants followed obediently. Then the healing began – pain left and people were healed.

With that positive experience, the attendance on the second night increased and during the demonstration, about 14 people came out to be healed. The Lord was gracious and most of them healed. Elderly ladies with arthritic pain in their limbs were healed. People with back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and headache received the divine touch and were healed. To train the pastors, I asked Pastor Daniel and Pastor Jonathan to take turns in giving the commands. The participants began to realize that they also have to authority to heal the sick in the name of Jesus. Their faith level rose remarkably as one by one, those who were healed came forward to testify. The third night, there were new participants and it seemed that the news had spread.

On the fourth night, my wife came under spiritual attack – she suddenly had a very high fever. After rebuking the fever, she was strong enough to attend the training but later during the session, she had to take a rest in the car. More participants had turned up for the final night and the important lessons that I taught them were distant healing and mass healing. Explaining that mass healing was a form of distant healing, I showed the participants how it was done. Then the participants exercised their faith in distant healing and took authority over the infirmities of their loved ones who were not present in the training. The final session ended with the emphasis on every trainee learning how to take authority over their flesh. They had a great time memorizing the Ten Commandments with the aid of hand signing.

The Saturday’s healing rally was on 2nd August. However, that morning, I learned that my own mother was afflicted by a terrible sciatic-nerve attack on her right side. She was in extreme pain and could hardly stand, sit or walk. I thought that I would have to rush to Singapore and take care of her. It was to the glory of God that she was instantly healed when I commanded healing over the phone. Her pain was to return later because of her doubt. Someone told her that she was only psychologically healed. Subsequently, for six days, she suffered terrible pain. It was only two days before this report that she repented of her doubt and asked God to forgive her. My brother had asked me to call her again. Once again, over the phone, I exercised the authority to heal and my mother was healed again. This time, she learned her lesson well – never to doubt God’s healing anymore.

When Saturday evening arrived, God was already working in the midst of the healing rally and the healing was exceptionally easier than the previous sessions. The faith levels of the trained believers were high enough for miracles to happen rapidly. An elderly lady, who was among those healed, testified about being healed from pain all over her body. She had lost weight because of the lack of appetite but after the healing session on the first training night, she felt hungry and ate heartily. She also realized that her pain was completely gone. Another elderly lady was healed from arthritic pain in her joints. Many others took turns to testify how God’s miracles happened in their bodies.

On Sunday morning, the crowd returned and the sanctuary was packed to full capacity. After the sermon, it was time for healing. The trained believers were confident and when called upon, came forth readily. As command after command rang out, they exercised their faith by laying hands on all the infirm. As expected, healing began! Soon the stage was filled with those healed and ready to testify. What a joy to listen to all the wonderful healing testimonies. People with long-term ailments and pains were testifying about instant relief from them. A brother with only one leg, testified that the pain around his hip and joints were there for over 25 years. But that evening, the Lord healed him through the trained believers and he was totally pain-free.

The Elijah Challenge training - officially known as “Elijah Challenge End-Time Model of Evangelism” is a faith-building course. It is definitely not for the purpose of sharing healing formula because there is none. Faith means learning to doubt our doubts and trust God absolutely. In every training seminar, we observe how miraculous healings are linked to the faith levels of the participants. As much as possible, we the trainers avoid doing the healing during the training sessions and rallies. The era of the healing superstars is slowly fading away. In its place is the era of the ordinary believers who have been given authority and power to heal in light of preaching the Gospel. Once again, the ordinary believers, who form the Church of Jesus Christ, are able to go forth and “do greater things” in the name of Jesus Christ (John 14:12).
Reported by Rev Albert Kang
Coordinator, Elijah Challenge Asia

20-22 June 2008 - Healing at All Souls Church, Cameron Highlands

20th – 22nd June 2008
Friday - Sunday
Elijah Challenge School of Basic Ministry Training (SBMT)
End-Time Model of Evangelism
Organized by All Souls Church
Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

The second night of Elijah Challenge training drew more people. They came because the word had spread that people were getting healed in the previous-day training. The brothers and sisters from the Orang Asli church led the worship. It was most refreshing to listen to the worship songs in the Malay language. My sermon was simultaneously interpreted into Mandarin and Malay. I had to do it in both English and Mandarin. After their faith had built up, it was time for the healing demonstration. The participants placed chairs at the altar area and these were quickly filled by the infirm. Then some of the participants, who had a little more faith than others, quickly came and stood in front of all the seated infirm. God honoured the faith of these people and healed almost everybody there. From complete healing of migraine headache to miraculous disappearance of painful heel spurs.
The healing rally on the following night was well attended but there were very few non-believers. Feeling a little disappointed, I challenged the Christians to fulfil the call of God to evangelize. During the healing session, an Orang Asli’s baby was healed of high fever. An elderly man received his sense of hearing in his right ear. Subsequently, his hearing was greatly improved the following night. He was able to repeat the words that I said to his previously deaf ear. A man grimaced in pain because his whole body, from the neck down, was painful. After being ministered to a few times, he broke into a smile and testified that God had healed him of all his pain. An Orang Asli sister was miraculously healed of the pain in her chest. A Chinese teenager testified that she and her brother were not feeling well - she with shoulder pain and her brother with leg pain. They called the clinic but it was not opened. They came to healing rally because it was the only option left to heal their pain. She and her brother were completely healed and both wept in joy.
As part of the training, various church leaders took turn in giving the healing commands. Miracles continued to happen as these leaders took authority over these infirmities and diseases.
On the final night, the sanctuary was packed to standing-room space only Most of the attendees were Orang Asli. Many of these came from animistic background and tend to go back and forth from Christianity to Animism even after their apparent conversion. With one of their pastors interpreting, I emphasized that God is only please if they worship and remain faithful to only one God. Going back and forth will incur the wrath of God. After the sermon, more than half the congregation raised their hands for salvation or rededication. Then it was time for healing. All the trained believers came forth to exercise their faith. As one of the lady leaders of the Orang Asli took authority, people started to receive their healings. I was thrilled to see how God answered the desire of their hearts. Many Orang Asli were healed of shoulder pain, back pain, hip pain and pain in the limbs. All these pains were due to the hard laborious works that they did for a living. Some of the Orang Asli’s pastors, who are actually Sabahans, were very quick to learn the Elijah Challenge’s method of healing. They were full of faith and those whom they laid hands were quickly healed. A Chinese elderly man was in tears when he testified that for years, his back was in pain and how God had healed him completely. A young lady was also crying when her arm was healed. A group of trained believers was taking authority over the back pain of a middle-aged Chinese man but to no avail. However, in spite of their initial failures, due to their persistency and faith, the man was miraculously healed. A Chinese lady, who had given her life to Christ that morning, was healed of the two lumps that were on the sides of her neck. She testified with joy that the lumps were gone. Some ladies with hand pain and chest pain were also instantly healed. The most elating result of these few days of training and healing rally was that all the trained believers had learned to use their kingly authority effectively. Brother George Lee, who is instrumental in organizing this event, believes that revival will soon come to Cameron Highlands because the Christians are now able to exercise their faith and share the Gospel by healing the sick.

19 June 2008 - Healing at All Souls Church, Cameron Highlands

19th June 2008


Elijah Challenge School of Basic Ministry Training (SBMT)

End-Time Model of Evangelism

Organized by All Souls Church

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

All Souls Church is situated at the little town of Brinchang, Cameron Highlands. It was built in 1956 to serve the British military personnel and therefore has the distinct look of an army barrack. Today, the church is run by the Anglican diocese and it is well attended by the locals.

At about 7.30 PM, some 40 participants turned up for the Elijah Challenge Training on 19th June at All Souls Church. They came from different churches and majority of them came from a Methodist church.

After two worship songs led by Brother George Lee, the training began. It was a little tough for me because I had to conduct the lesson in both English and Mandarin. At the back of the sanctuary, there were seven participants who had to receive the teaching in Malays. Pastor Jeremiah Lee was doing the interpretation for them.

The participants were very receptive to the words and soon they were fully involved with the training. I took them through the story of Elijah, Elisha and the testimony of David. All of them agreed that they were afraid of a different type of religious Goliath that is now dominating their country. The boldness and courage of David serves as an inspiration for them to stand firm against their own Goliath.

They learned about the Priestly Authority, Prophetic Authority and also the Kingly Authority. They understood the importance of not mixing the three anointings together when healing the infirm. After showing them some file pictures of Elijah Challenge healing rallies, I proceeded to the demonstration.

Twelve people with various types of infirmity came forward to be healed. Then I requested the “Born-Again” participants to heal these people by faith. As they laid their hands upon the infirm, I gave the commands for the diseases and pains to leave these infirm. The Lord’s presence was right in the midst and miracles began to happen.

The first to testify was a brother who healed of his back pain, followed quickly by a sister whose painful left shoulder was healed. Then more came forth to testify of instant miraculous healing of various pains and discomforts. A five-year old girl was healed and requested to testify. It was such joy to watch her giving glory to Jesus. A man who healed of his back pain and chest pain wanted me to pray for his wife who was very shy. She had sat at the back and refused to come forward to be healed. With a couple of sisters, I took authority over her infirmities. She had suffered from pain in abdomen, painful spur in her foot and also breathing problem. Praise the Lord, once again, His power came and the lady was healed completely of all pains. I thank our precious Lord and Saviour that the first night at Cameron Highlands was a victorious one.

Report filed by

Pastor Albert Kang


Elijah Challenge Asia

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Getting Ready for Training at Cameron Highlands

This Thursday, (19 June 2008), my dad-in-law and I will be conducting the Elijah Challenge Training on Cameron Highlands. A couple of churches up there are coming together for this training. There will be about 50 to 60 participants. Please pray that God will use us to train these disciples of Christ with Power Evangelism so as to reach out the people living on Cameron Highlands.
Pastor Albert


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