Friday, October 16, 2009

Demonized Woman In Haiti Delivered


Last week, Pastor William Lau, our Director of The Elijah Challenge received a report from John Slionski, head of Army For God in New York. Earlier this year, John had viewed the online video of the Basic Training. He had recently returned from a mission trip to Haiti and sent us a report. Below is John's very exciting report!


My wife and I went down to Haiti with three others who are trained and we stayed in one of the worst areas down there for several days. We ministered to hundreds of people! A mute woman was healed and started speaking, people's backs and knees were healed. A little girl had a fever for over 2 1/2 weeks and they asked us to go to her house and minister to her. She was sleeping and she was 3 years old. We ministered in authority and as we were praying she started to sweat profusely, but she was sleeping the whole time.

After about 10 minutes we left. The next day her father showed up at one of our worship meetings we like to call "Atmosphere" and told us his daughter woke up with NO FEVER!!! We had him testify to everyone and he eventually brought her the next day and we got to play with was amazing!

The last brief story I wanted to tell you was this one girl was demon possessed. She had come to our meeting and she was worshipping and I really felt to go and pray for her (she was about 45 years old). So I went over and laid hands on her head and started to speak in tongues. She was communicating back to me in Creole arguing with the tongues. So I commanded in English and my friend Jeff started to come over to command also. She did a front flip followed by a back flip we tried to hold her down and she bit Jeff in the arm but I finally got her secured. We started to pray and black smoke started to come out of her eyes, nose and mouth! It was crazy! The smell was burning flesh.

After about ten minutes or so you the pastors from Haiti had gotten her up and sat her on the chair but Jeff knew she wasn't done and he began saying to her to open her eyes and claim the name of Jesus as your savior. She wouldn't do it for about ten minutes and when she finally did you could see the release. We have great reports since.

We originally went down there because we had a mission center that holds about 500 people there. Our first meeting had about 8 seven days we had over 150 people worshipping Jesus there...including the demon-possessed woman!!!

THANK YOU JESUS. his power is so real and so powerful!"
-John Slionski, Army For God


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