Saturday, May 14, 2011

Four churches planted in unreached Philippine areas after Basic Training in Nov 2010

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dear Partners in the Great Commission,

We'd like to share with you a wonderful report from Jim Hathaway, a Canadian disciple who attended Basic Training II with us in February 2008.

Late last year (2010) in November Jim went on his third mission trip to the Philippines, where he taught The Elijah Challenge Basic Training to pastors in a Bible School and held evangelistic outreaches. His host was Pastor Tito Cagang, Sr. of Christ Ministries Samaritan of Sarangani Province.

With regard to that mission trip Jim wrote, “I challenged each pastor to hold a crusade/outreach within three months of my leaving the Philippines and then to think about and plant a church in an area where there are no churches within the next two years. Most of the pastors had traveled many days for the training. Seems they are more aggressive than what I had planned! [Read the report below.] I am hoping to continue to train more as the word is spread about The Elijah Challenge Training.”

Here is the report which Pastor Tito just sent to Jim:

“Greetings in Jesus name!! This is good news for you because our ministry here has grown successfully. There have been four churches added to the CHRIST MINISTRIES SAMARITAN OF SARANGANI PROVINCE, INC. (The first one is in Brgy. Lamblete, the second one is in Brgy. Basag T'boli, the third one is in Brgy. Lago, and the last one is in Brgy. Poblacion Glan in Sarangani Province.) These are the results of the teaching you gave to the pastors last year here in the Bible School. This is very wonderful. And you will see it personally when you come here next year.”

Praise the Lord for using the Basic Training to produce this kind of fruit for the kingdom of God. We are so thankful to the Lord to be entrusted with this kind of teaching to give away to the body of Christ---we are simply unworthy servants who are doing what He told us to do.

Dear prayer partners, please pray that the Lord will open more doors for us to train His disciples and Church around the world. 

In nine days we will be leaving on a six-week mission trip which will take us to Qatar (in the Middle East), Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

Pastor William and Pastor Lucille


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