Saturday, February 7, 2009

Man with Cerebral Palsy received Divine Healing

By Rev Carl Henderson

Mike came over to the house today at 12:30 noon. I was just completing our weekly training for our Filipino missionary-evangelist. He came with his wife, a Filipino Pastor friend of his (along with the Pastor's wife and cute little daughter), and another woman.

Mike, as you know, was born with cerebral palsy after being surgically removed from his deceased mother’s womb in the eighth month of her pregnancy. He did not receive enough oxygen during the rescue and he suffered substantial brain damage during his birth.

Mike was not optimistic about his healing, but he wanted to believe it was possible for him to be healed. I read through the scriptural commands and showed him our authority in Jesus name. "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God."

His Filipino pastor friend seemed to be pessimistic about the healing but he had shoulder pain so we offered to heal him first. I told him, “Shoulder pain is easy to heal.” We laid hands on him and took authority over his shoulder pain. He was quickly healed. He was startled and amazed when the pain left. This opened everyone’s eyes. I don’t think the pastor thought Mike could be healed until he was. Quietly, at first, and then louder and louder he started praising God with a look of astonishment on his face. Mike asked him, “Is it really healed... is it better? The pastor said, “It is gone, it feels good!”

Now, they believed there was a definite possibility that Mike could be healed. We decided to start with Mike's severe cerebral palsy. We worked with him for over three hours total (Me, my wife, and our four Filipino missionary-evangelist alternated). As we attempted to heal Mike, he began to manifest many demons. He would double over in severe pain, which would leave him in tears and sometimes unable to talk or speak. At times he was growling, crying, choking, and coughing as the demons came out. The demonic pain traveled from his stomach (after doubling him over in severe pain), then it traveled to his chest, later to the right shoulder and into his right arm, etc,… He fell out of his chair and made many aggressive jesters. We restrained him, took authority over the demons, and eventually he ended up writhing in pain and exhaustion on the floor. After we bound the spirits he was finally able to get up again and catch his breath. We gave him several short rests and started again... it was exhausting for all of us.

On one of the breaks, he told us, “This stuff is real!” He said, “I didn’t really believe it but now I do!” He said he figured he would not be healed and that he would then show me I was wrong from the Bible before he left, but he had completely changed his tune now. He told me, “God is really using you!”

We bound the spirits but could not seem to get them to all come out. We alternated between taking authority for healing and casting out the demons. Mike suffered much as a child and has been very vulnerable to demonic oppression from the time of his traumatic birth.

As he was being healed, his speech cleared up considerably and he could be understood much easier. He was now speaking whole sentences, not just two word sentences. He was walking around easily, and his wrists were no longer curling inward toward his twisted hands. His hands were now opening and closing normally. He was able to get in and out of chairs without help and could walk around much better. He said “I feel tingling in my hands and feet like they are waking up.”

We took a break, ate lunch, and he carried his own plate, served himself, and even licked his fingers after lunch. He was obviously already happy with his improvement. He was able to do things he could not do an hour before. His motor skills and coordination had greatly improved. He was talking very understandably but still not normally. He tested his eyes reading a book and he said, “I wasted 100 dollars on glasses now I can see without them ha-ha-ha!" We went back and worked some more and he seemed too keep getting better. I would say he was about 40% better overall.

We then healed Mike's wife of an ovarian cyst and the pastor’s wife of heart disease, fatigue (from her hearts in ability to move blood), and a thyroid cyst / goiter / enlargement. Those two were healed fairly easily. Both of them felt an immediate change in how they felt and the thyroid cyst had visibly disappeared.

We had to quit near 4:30PM because I was late for a 4PM appointment.

Mike, his wife, and his friends left in good spirits. Mike had good circulation and color in his face and he has a much lighter heart and disposition now. He was smiling from ear to ear. He was walking well and talking much more clearly. Everyone was amazed and very excited and happy when they left.

My only concern is that some of the demons did not seem to come out. Perhaps they will keep coming out and the healing will continue to progress now that he has left us.

God is good! We did not get everything we hoped for but he is substantially better than when he arrived. As I said, I would estimate he was approximately 40 percent better. Three and a half people were healed, we wanted Mike to be fully healed but God is both merciful, gracious, and sovereign.

To God be the glory!

Your friend and fellow soldier,

Pastor Carl Henderson

Missionary and Evangelist to the Philippines.

MOR – Mission of Reconciliation

Senior Pastor



Elijah Challenge Philippines

Mike’s Testimony

I spent 4 hours at Carl's House. My wife ant my mother-in-law and my pastor and his wife went with me.

First Pastor Beir was healed from his chronic back pain. To show us this is for REAL. Then it was me. My eye sight returned to 20/20, about 25% improved speech, about 20-30 % improved mobility in my legs and arms. Carl said it will take a few more days to find out the extent of the healing in my legs and arms, because the nerves have come alive for the first time in my life, but I was walking straight for the first time.

Carl said I had some demons in me that caused my angry outbursts from time to time. that is gone. My wife Becky had a large lump in her uterus it is gone. Beir's wife had a lump on her thyroid and heart trouble and it is gone. I am physically exhausted from this and I need to sleep now.

In Christ.



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