Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Elijah Challenge Trainers Are Not Superstars

The purpose of Elijah Challenge Training is to train every believer to utilize his or her God-given authority to heal the infirm as they share the Gospel.

1. This approach means that we do not get invited back (Unlike Superstar healing preachers). After training, the believers in the church can organize their own evangelistic healing rallies. They have no need for us to come at all. Thus this means that we the trainers actually work ourselves out of a job… and that is our purpose.

2. If you were to check our websites, you will notice that we train believers from all types of churches. Big or small is not important. As long as the believers learn how to share the Gospel without fear of exercising their faith to show the pre-Christians the power of God and share the Gospel.

3. Like all preachers, we receive a love offering after we train or preach. In third world countries, we seldom receive love offerings and we have to pay our own fares and expenses. We live simply so that others might simply live.

4. To be fair to us, please do not include us with all the other ’superstar’ preachers who have the gift of healing. You will notice that during any Elijah Challenge rallies, the local Christians are the ones doing the healing. Benny Hinn never does that. He is the superstar and we are definitely not ’superstars’.

5. We only train the local believers and they are the ones who do the healing in the name of Jesus. We do not believe in a so-called “special anointing” on some individuals. We believe that the anointing is on the Body of Christ – all the believers in the Church of Jesus Christ.

6. We do not claim to have the gift of healing. We only know that Jesus has given His Church the authority and power to heal and preach the Gospel. When we point this out, believers who exercise their faith, would actually heal the sick in the name of Jesus.

7. Do all people get saved when you share the Gospel? No, not all. By expecting people to be saved, do you violate the sovereignty of God? No! In the same way, not all people get healed or saved when the trained believers minister. The key word is ‘obedience’. 

We have to share the Gospel and people from other faiths will challenge our faith. However, when we heal the person in the name of Jesus, we actually earn the rights to share the Gospel with the healed person.

When the disciples of Christ could not heal the demon-possesed boy, Jesus said, “Because of your little faith. For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.”(Matthew 17:19-20)

We trust that as we learn to exercise our faith, we will be able to move ‘mountains. 

8. Having said that, please understand that the purpose of the miracles is to share the Gospel. That is the reason why in the Book of Acts, the Church continues to heal and share the Gospel. 

9. In the New Testament, after every miracle, the glory is given to Jesus our Lord and the end-result is salvation of souls.


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