Saturday, October 2, 2010

Healing Miracles at NOGAP - Nook of God’s Awesome Presence. Buenvista, Mindanao

16 and 17 September 2010 Healing Miracles at NOGAP
Nook of God’s Awesome Presence
Buenvista, Mindanao

In the evening of 14 September, the five of us namely, Pastor Butch, Pastor Deo, Brother Ong, Grace and I had taken a 12-hour ship journey to Mindanao from Cebu. It was almost 8.00 AM when we arrived at Nasipit International Seaport situated in Agusan del Norte. The Church - Nook of God’s Awesome Presence, better known as NOGAP, is situated about half an hour away from the seaport. We rested on the day of arrival and the following day, we were ready to conduct the Elijah Challenge seminar.

The pastors of NOGAP are Pastor Conchito E. Quimzon and his wife, Pastora Jasmine B. Quimzon. Conducting the seminar in their Church was the primary reason why we came to Mindanao. In March, we had visited this Church for only two hours and conducted a brief healing session there. Since then, the pastors had requested that we come back to provide further training. There was much anticipation and according to their faith, many were healed by the Lord honoured.

Once again, the common ailments were back pain. Life in the barrios is hard and many have injured themselves doing very hard works. An epidemic of sore eyes was in progress and quite a few were suffering from conjunctivitis. The trained believers did exactly what they were told – they commanded with lots of faith. The spirit and power of Elijah had come upon these precious people in Buenavista, Mindanao.

The two-day seminar did not only produce many healing miracles but also many Elijah Challengers. Many participants said that they will use what they had been taught to share the Gospel. They will not be afraid to heal the sick and cast out demons just as Jesus had taught and commanded His disciples when He sent them into their nation to proclaim about the Kingdom of God.


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