Monday, December 13, 2010

Hundreds Miraculously Healed and Saved in ORISSA, India

Orissa is the place where many Indian Christians had suffered brutal persecutions from 2007 to 2008. Two years after the bloody pogrom Christians in Orissa still live in a state of insecurity and danger. But God is moving mightily among the people there. Read about the report that we have received recently.

We have just received a report from Orissa, India where Christians had been brutally persecuted by fundamentalists Hindus beginning about two years ago. In the area of Tandrang, the Lord brought people from about 25 different villages to witness the sick being healed as the gospel was preached by our dear brother and co-laborer Subodh Jena Kumar of Shalom Ministries.

The results were historic, not just for Orissa but for Subodh himself in the ministry the Lord has graciously entrusted to him. (He is only in his mid-thirties.) He wrote us:

“I am excited to send the report as our journey to Tandrang was very difficult, but God performed mighty miracles by healing hundreds of people such as-- two blind men whose eyesight was restored, three deaf people’s ears were opened, people were healed of fits [epilepsy?], back pain, chest pain, etc.

Moreover, hundreds of lost [Hindu] souls came to the saving knowledge of Christ. “

As soon as I receive from Subodh his formal report along with photos, I will post them on our website and send you the link so you can see what the Lord did in Orissa---where Christians suffered so terribly not long ago.

During the persecution of Christians in Orissa beginning in 2007-2008, it had occurred to me that following the suffering of His people the Lord might grant a harvest of souls there. It appears to be coming to pass. “The seed of the Church is the blood of the martyrs.”

Pastor William Lau


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