Wednesday, December 26, 2012

When I heal your heart, I will heal My Church's heart

"When I heal your heart, I will heal My Church's heart" 
Little nine-year-old Jaedyn, the granddaughter of Baptist Pastor Rickie Bradshaw in Houston, heard these words spoken audibly to her by the Lord Jesus. She had been born with an incurable heart disease in which her heart did not contract or beat normally. When listened to through a stethoscope, it would sound like the galloping of a horse and raise her blood pressure abnormally high. She had little energy at school, and often her grandparents would have pick her up and drive her home from school because she was too tired to walk.

On Sunday afternoon, December 2, 2012 Pastor Rickie hosted a Tent Meeting in Houston's Fifth Ward. He brought Jaedyn to receive her healing from the Lord. Then we led the disciples in laying hands on her heart, commanding it to be healed in the name of Jesus. Then we told her to run to a fence which was forty or fifty yards in the distance behind us. At first Jaedyn hesitated, remembering what her doctor had told her. But a brother took her by the hand and encouraged her to start running. The two of them took off at a quick jog, reaching the fence in several seconds. They turned around and ran all the way back to us. We could see that Jaedyn was not out of breath, exhausted, or in any distress. In front of the people we asked her how she felt, and she said she felt fine. Jaedyn spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying the event, feeling absolutely fine.

On the Saturday following Jaedyn's appointment with her doctors, he wrote us again: Pastor Rickie wrote: "I have great news. Jaedyn went to visit the transplant team of physicians at Texas Children's Hospital on Thursday. They checked her heart for any sign of health problems. After two physicians looked for what they called the galloping sound of her heartbeat, which is common with this disease, they checked multiple times and they could not find the galloping sound. They were amazed and very surprised. The galloping sound in her heart is always supposed to be present until she has a new heart. Her blood pleasure was a surprise as well. They were expecting a three-digit read up and down but her pressure was normal. They are going to do an ultra sound to see what may be going on before we can declare a miracle. Of course we have no doubts that she has healed.

..Since that day she has been as healthy as she has ever been. Prior to this, Jaedyn would become very tired after walking to class at school. Many times we would have to pick her up from school because she would be too exhausted. She went to school this week with no problems. This is amazing.

Two Wednesdays ago [before her miraculous healing], Jaedyn had an encounter with the Lord during Bible Study. He called her name audibly three times. She asked Him who was speaking to her. He told her that He was Jesus. He told her that He was going to heal her heart and He wanted to use her to speak on His behalf. She preached to the church for 90 minutes nonstop. Her message was about His church having a sick heart. She said that the church has fake worship. The Lord told her to tell us that His church worshipped Him to get a blessing from Him instead of worshipping Him because He is the blessing. He even told her to worship Him not because she needs a new heart but because He is her heart and when He heals her heart He will heal His Church's heart. She shared with us at the Bible Study that her heart was a symbol of the condition of His church's heart. She spoke to us as He had spoken to her. It was truly an amazing experience."

A few days later on December 20, Pastor Rickie wrote us again about Jaedyn: "Today was a great day for her at school. One of the administrators at school commented that it's becoming difficult to keep up with Jaedyn. She is so energetic."


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