Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Servant of God Instantly Healed From Painful Heart Disease

By Pastor William Lau

In Australia we were invited to dinner with a dear couple who have committed their strength, time, resources, and lives to serving the Lord Jesus Christ by ministering to the poor. “Robert” is eighty years old and had a heart condition for which doctors could do little. (In fact, they had been partly responsible for it.) For months every day he suffered from pain which would make him cry. He also suffered from painful arthritis in his leg and so limped around with the help of a cane.

After dinner---on the sidewalk just outside the restaurant---we laid hands on “Robert” in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, rebuking the infirmities and commanding him to be healed. At that moment he literally felt the Lord’s power surging through his heart. Shedding his cane he took off, walking briskly down the street for about a city block and then returning. There was no shortness of breath or weakness, and no more pain and limping from the arthritis.

Within a couple of days, “Robert” and his dear wife left for Asia on a scheduled mission trip. His wife reported to us that he has been walking miles every day with no problem in his heart, even in the dreadful heat. 

A few weeks later she wrote us:
“Robert’s heart felt something happen when you laid hands on him. And he is not one to say things like that, believe me. He has had a strong heart and no problems at all since you ministered to him. …what God has done for an 80-year-old ‘modern missionary.’ You should have seen him buzzing around…the slum areas in the poorest of the poor areas of the world. God has indeed blessed us by calling us to minister to the Burmese people…such treasures…and we were God’s ‘superheroes’ for that whole three weeks with superstrength that only God could have given.”

Praise the Lord for the wonderful grace He showed to His faithful servants!

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