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Learning Elijah Challenge Basic Training From the Internet

Houston, Texas
January 26, 2009

Dear Partners in the Great Commission,

Seven months ago we made freely available on our website the video of The Elijah Challenge Basic Training. Our purpose was to give away the four sessions of the Basic Training to as many disciples as possible in order to train them to heal the sick and cast out demons as Jesus taught and commanded his disciples when he sent them out to preach the gospel. It appears increasingly likely that we are in the end times and the Church must be equipped to fulfill the Great Commission.

We are happy to report that as of today, the first session of the Training has been either viewed or downloaded a total of 2,316 times. A few of those who were trained in this way have written us to share how the Lord has used them since they received the Training. We'd like to share three of these reports with you. We hope that you will click on the links to read their reports and to rejoice with us!

Danish evangelist trained via internet video ministers to thousands at Crusade in the Phililppines

"New Christian UK" ministry teaches and ministers with power after internet video Training

Sister trained by internet video now ministering powerfully on the web

If you know of believers who might want to be trained in the same way, please direct them to the following webpage where they can download the Training videos for free:

Thank you for partnering with us, dear ones!

Next Tuesday William will be in Vicksburg, Mississippi to conduct the Basic Training for a group of churches. We are now working on preparing Basic Training II and uploading it to the internet for free downloading by the saints.

Sincerely in Christ,

William & Lucille


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