Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Commanding The Sick To Be Healed Versus Praying For The Sick

By commanding, the lady was healed of her frozen shoulder

The most convincing evidence that ‘ordinary believers have been given power and authority to heal the sick in the context of evangelism’ is indeed biblically viable is the positive results. The stark contrast in the number of people healed before and after The Elijah Challenge training is like between heaven and earth. Personally, not more than ten people were healed in my twenty-plus years of using ‘prayer for the sick’ method as compared with thousands healed in the last eight years, using the ‘authority and power to command’ approach.  This experience is not exclusively mine alone. Every believer who exercises his or her God-given authority and power to command the infirm to be healed the infirm in the name of Jesus receives very positive result. 

For example, in a healing seminar where I was a participant, I saw two believers praying for this lady who had a painful shoulder because of bone spurs. When these spurs rubbed on her rotator cuff which is a group of muscles and tendons that manage the movements of the shoulder, she suffered tears, swelling and extreme pain. The two believers, with all good intention, were closing their eyes and crying out to the Lord for quite a long time. Nothing happened. The woman was apparently in pain throughout the whole process. 

I felt bad for this lady and interrupted their prayer session. I told them to stop praying and shared with them the biblical approach used by Jesus and the apostles - which is to command the infirmity to go in the name of Jesus. They paused and looked at me because they did not know me. I had to assure them that I am a pastor and am involved in the healing ministry. Then I asked them to keep their eyes open, place their hands over my hand as I laid hand on the painful shoulder. Instead of praying and asking Jesus to heal, they joined me in rebuking this infirmity with the power and authority given by the Lord (Luke 9:1-2). Immediately the lady felt relief. When asked from the scale of 0 (no more pain) to 10 (original pain), how was she feeling, she said it was a 'two'. 

The two believers were thrilled that this miracle was happening before their eyes. We joined effort and commanded the pain to go and the shoulder to be healed two more times. The lady was completely healed. She was able to reach her back with that formerly painful arm. She swung the arm, first cautiously and then vigorously. She lifted the arm up and put it down. She did that several times with disbelief in her expression. Smiling widely, she told us that she had no more pain. The two believers and I clapped and gave glory to God. Praise the Lord for giving all of us the 'power and authority' to heal the infirm in His name. 

Rev Albert Kang


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