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Healing Miracles in the Jungle of Sabah

In October 2009, Pastor William and Pastor Lucille, the founders of The Elijah Challenge conducted the Basic Training in the state of Sabah, which is located in Malaysian Borneo. The Lord was gracious to move very powerfully through the trained believers at the climactic Evangelistic Healing Rally. Please view the report at The Elijah Challenge Report - Malaysia

After Pastor William and Pastor Lucille left, doors began to open for these disciples as God began to use them miraculously. Here is the latest news. Recently, twenty of the trained disciples loaded up in off-road vehicles for a trip into the interior of Sabah. They traveled to a village where 77 people were waiting for them; these villagers had heard a testimony about the God who heals. Many of them who came had physical infirmities and wanted to be healed. According to their report, here's what happened next....

Twenty strong Full Gospel Tabernacle Church members led by Pastor Delvin Yong left the city of Kota Kinabalu at 7 a.m. and headed for Kiau village. After leaving the main highway, the off-road journey into Kiau Nuluh village was tough and eventually we reached Sadib Miki’s house at 9:30 am.

We prayed to God asking Him to release His power and authority through us as we would carry out the Great Commission for Him---to heal the sick [as part of proclaiming the kingdom of God]. Kiau village has about 800 people who are from the Dusun Hill tribe. The majority of them are Christians but most seldom go to their churches to worship God.

After Sadib Miki was healed in the Elijah Challenge Healing Rally in the city of Kota Kinabalu on October 11, 2009, he testified about the power of God in his Sidang Injil Borneo Church in Kiau village. Many of the villagers wanted to be healed just like Sadib Miki.

Today there were about 77 villagers, mostly elderly people, who turned up at Sadib Miki's house to hear the good news of "God's Healing Power." They believed and trusted that God would heal them. They confessed their wrongdoings and would testify if God healed them. Twenty-five requested healing and twenty-three of them were healed. Twenty-two of them testified that the power of God had healed them and gave Him the glory. One old lady [who was healed] did not testify. A man who had suffered from a stroke and a disabled child needed more ministry.

We thank God for revealing His power and authority. The twenty strong FGT church members ministered with mountain-moving faith, and twenty-three Kiau villagers were healed. Sadib Miki said it was the first time the villagers saw that the power of God was so great. They will all go back to their churches to worship God.

We will keep on carrying out more Elijah Challenge Healing missions. Praise the Lord!

You can look forward to hearing more of their reports when they go into an unreached animistic village to heal the sick, proclaim the kingdom of God (Luke 10:9), and plant a new church! Praise the Lord!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Medical Doctors Confirm God's Miracles with Medical Data

International Christian Medical Conference under the Theme "Spirituality and Medicines" Brought 400 Doctors from 30 Nations 

Contact: Kimberly Shin,
KIEV, Ukraine, Nov. 12 /Christian Newswire/ -- The 6th International Christian Medical Conference was held at President Hotel on October 30 and 31, 2009 under the auspices of Ukraine Organizing Committee of WCDN (World Christian Doctors Network), whose founder and board chairman is Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, an evangelical pastor and the author of many Christian titles including "The Power of God"(978-1554522576).

This 6th Conference was attended by 400 doctors and medical professionals from 30 nations including USA and Italy, and was featured by many medical doctors from Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and many other Russian-speaking nations.

On October 30, the Conference was kicked off with the opening remarks by Dr. Mikhail Morgulis, President of Spiritual Diplomacy Movement Foundations and welcoming address by Dr. Gilbert Chae, President of World Christian Doctors Network, and it was followed by a special message by Dr. Jaerock Lee, Founder and Board Chairman of WCDN, presented in Video saying that "Now if you become a true disciple of Jesus Christ, you will not only heal many people's physical diseases but also heal and save their souls as well."

During the Conference, an Australian Doctor Irene Jacovou presented a healing case of a 68-year-old man, and this was the most outstanding case of healing presented. In 2003, he was diagnosed to have severe emphysema, asthma and alpha 1 anti-trypsin deficiency, and had a bilateral lung transplant and received immunosuppressive therapy. In 2008, he noticed a skin lesion on the top of the right shoulder, which was later found to be a malignant tumor. He was diagnosed with skin cancer and was surgically treated, but it recurred. In October, 2008, cancer cells metastasized to chest and lungs, and he was sentenced to live just a few months longer because of this cancer. In winter of that same year he attended a Christian healing prayer meeting and tumor regression started. All the tumors in his skin were gone through fervent prayers, and the CT scan showed that lung metastases disappeared.

A Ukrainian Doctor Larisa from Ukraine presented the case of healing on hepatitis C by prayer, and this was really confirmed as the person of the same case firsthand showed up and testified to his healing. Another Australian doctor Mieke Kuiper presented the case of healing of eclampsia and subarachnoid hemorrhage by prayer. Two Korean doctors presented the cases of healing of the infected cystic mass in the submandibular area and the retroperitoneal necrotizing fascitis due to perforated acute appendicitis, with scientific and medical data confirming the healing cases. In addition, the many cases of the healing of various diseases including schizophrenia, pancreonecrosis, and AIDS that cannot be cured with medicine but only by the power of God.

Whenever the healing cases were presented, the audience submitted various questions and the speakers gave sincere and effective answers, which made the conference exciting to the doctors and many other people in attendance.
Dr. Jenis av Rana from Faroe Islands commented, "I am running a radio station and our station broadcasts various works of God's healing every Thursday. When I am back home, I will let my staff introduce the healing cases presented during this conference and share them with as many listeners. Then, they will send their prayer requests for their problems to us."

And Dan Wooding, Founder and International Director of Assist News Ministry said, "At the same time that Ukrainian candidates are battling each other for votes in the upcoming Presidential election, Christian doctors gathering in Kiev, the country's capital for a 'Spirituality and Medicine' conference, have already cast their vote--for 'miracles.'"

WCDN (World Christian Doctors Network) was organized to medically analyze divine healing cases performed by God, clarify the data before and after the healing and testify with that data that God is alive and the Bible is authentic, and thereby to awaken not only unbelievers but intellectual people including medical doctors and scientists as well and has been holding annual international Christian medical conferences in Seoul of Korea, Chennai of India, Cebu City of the Philippines, Miami of USA, Trondheim of Norway and Kiev of Ukraine, and the 7th Conference will be held in Rome, Italy.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Healing and Miracles @ All the Gospel Church, San Fernando, Philippines


Healing and Miracles @ All the Gospel Church
8 November 2009
9.30 AM – 11.30 AM
2.00 PM – 6.30 PM
All the Gospel Church
Pagdaraoan, San Fernando City
La Union, Philippines

Pastor Conrado Lumahan is the Founder and Senior Pastor of All the Gospel Church, a church affiliated with the Assemblies of God of the Philippines.  From this church, many other barrio churches sprung forth to minister in different parts of Luzon. Apart from being a church pioneer, Pastor Conrado is also well respected as a Christian leader in his region. Thus he also serves as the District Superintendent of the Northern Luzon District Council of his denomination. Before the district under his supervision was divided, he was the overseer of more than 400 churches. Now he takes care of half that size but has plan to multiply them rapidly.

From a humble beginning, 15 years ago, with only a few members, Pastor Conrado pioneered All the Gospel Church which has grown to become a vibrant evangelizing church today. All the Gospel Church is situated by the seashore overlooking South China -  an unsurpassed location in Northern Luzon with a billion-dollar view. In this region, 66 percent of the Filipinos speak Ilocano. The rest of them speak Pangasinan and Tagalog. 

On 8 November 2009, the sanctuary by the seashore was filled with joyful worship songs. The congregation was enthusiastic and apparently energized by the anticipated miracles. In the morning, I shared the message from Mark 10. The objective of the sermon was to encourage the congregation to use the ‘laws of God to convict’ and the ‘grace of God to save’.  Another aspect of the message was to show them how they could take authority over their flesh. Everyone in the church had fun memorizing the Ten Commandments. After that, the congregation collectively confessed and repented of their sins before the Lord.

The healing session was crowded with more than 25 people. As the space at the front was limited, I invited the last two rows of believers to heal those on the front row before they receive their own healing. Pastor Conrado led the infirm in another prayer of repentance because all those who needed healing were Christians. He had learned that healing for these Christians was conditional. If the believers were to condone serious sins such as bitterness and unforgiveness, then they may not receive the healing.

Pastor Conrado commanded the diseases and ailments to leave in his own Illocano language. Many of the believers who exercised their faith to heal were those who needed to be healed themselves. Miracles did not only happen to those they helped but some of them also received the miraculous touch of God themselves.  A sister with chest pain testified that the pain had left her.  A couple of the participants who had back pain testified complete healing.  A few of them with pain in the knees and other parts of their limbs rejoiced at their healing. Soon those who were in the second and third row were allowed to receive their healings. Those who were already healed laid their hands on their fellow members and healed them in the name of Jesus. More people walked up the stage to testify. A few of the elderly were suffering from stomach ailments. After the laying of hands, they were miraculously healed. The morning service concluded with Pastor Lumahan encouraging the congregation to return at two in the afternoon for the Elijah Challenge training.

In the afternoon, there were more participants who came from the neighboring churches. Many were pastors and church leaders. Expounding from Luke 9 and 10, I shared with more details about our God-given authority and power to heal within the context of evangelization. During the healing demonstration, Pastor Lumahan once again led the infirm in a prayer of confession of sins and repentance. There were 16 participants who needed the healing touch. The participants, who were learning how to heal, laid hands on the infirm as Pastor Lumahan shouted out the commands to heal in Ilocano. My team members, Brother and Sister Ong moved among these believers and made sure that they did the healing correctly. For example, the trainees needed to gently lay hands upon the affected areas but they were not allowed to massage or squeeze the infirm. They had to open their eyes because what they were doing was not praying but taking authority over the diseases. In the past, some of the infirm manifested demonic activities and had to be subdued. Without opening our eyes, we would never be able to observe such demonic activities. Therefore, during the training, I emphasized that commanding must be made with eyes wide opened.

After Pastor Lumahan had commanded twice, I requested that the participants to command by themselves. They appointed a leader in their commanding team and went to work. Miracles continued to happen thus proving that every Born-again believer has the authority and power to heal in the name of Jesus.

The testimonies of those who were healed were most encouraging. Those who suffered from pain in the eyes testified that they were completely healed. Pastor Lumahan asked whether the pain was 100 percent gone. All of them confirmed that their pain had gone… 100 percent. Quite a few were healed of back pain. A brother testified that his shoulder pain had left him. An elder said that he was healed 101 percent. Those who had frozen shoulders were able to lift up their arms. A sister who claimed that she had breast cancer felt the pain left her chest and arms. She was asked to go for a medical check-up to confirm healing. A small boy also came up to testify of healing. One sister, who was struggling to be healed of her shoulder and back pain, rejoiced when her pain suddenly vanished. A young lady was partially deaf in her right ear. After a few rounds of rebuking, she could hear. She said that her hearing was 90 percent healed.

We thank God for the doors of opportunity opened to us from Elijah Challenge Asia to minister to the people at All the Gospel Church. We have been blessed because this Church is going to become a healing center. We know that by doing so, this Church will create a great impact for the Gospel in San Fernando and beyond.

Reported by
Rev Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia

Friday, November 13, 2009

Healing Miracles @ NLDC Prayer Conference 2009

NLDC Prayer Conference 2009

3rd to 5th November 2009


Assemblies of God Philippines

Northern Luzon District Council (NLDC)
Rev. Conrado P. Lumahan – District Superintendent
Rev. Alfredo G. Torres- Assistant District Superintendent
Rev. Evangeline Garcia - Secretary
Rev. Jeremias F. Tadina – Treasurer
Location: Luzon Bible College, Sta. Maria Norte, Binalonan, 2436 Pangasinan, Philippines

Upon the invitation of Rev Conrado Lumahan, the AG District Superintendant of Northern Luzon District Council and his committee, Grace, her parents and I arrived in the Philippines on 2nd November 2009. At the LCCT airport in Kuala Lumpur, we met Dr. Paul Ai, who was the other speaker. We got acquainted with this Vietnamese veteran minister who had gone through so many hardships just to share Christ with his fellow Vietnamese around the world. He was persecuted and imprisoned by the Communist regime in Vietnam for more than 15 years. We were so happy that we could minister along with this mighty warrior of the Lord.

On the plane, Grace and I sat next to a Malaysian Indian who was on the way to the Philippines to get married. We struck a conversation with this gentleman and before Air Asia landed at Clark Airport, he had confessed his sins and accepted Jesus as his Savior. Grace and I were happy that this mission trip had a very fruitful beginning.

Before the day of the Prayer Conference, Pastor Lumahan took us to Baguio City, near to the place where a landslide had killed 400 people. Some 45 of these were Christians from an Assembly of God church. We saw collapsed buildings and eroded hills that showed evidence of recent landslides. Big boulders had rolled down the slopes and crushed people, houses and vehicles. All these happened during the recent typhoons. We were told that Luzon Bible College was also under 5 to 7 feet (1.52 to 2.13 meters) of flood water. In fact, more than 70 percent of the towns in Pangasinan were underwater at that time. Thankfully, all these flood waters had subsided and there was no typhoon during the duration of the Prayer Conference.

Dr. Paul Ai was the speaker on the first night of the NLDC Prayer Conference 2009. More than 300 participants turned up at the gym ground of Luzon Bible College. Like us, all the participants were so blessed by the testimony of Dr. Paul. At the conclusion of the service, the participants responded positively to the altar call given by Pastor Lumahan. They gathered and knelt at the altar before God.

On the second day of the Prayer Conference, it was my turn to share about The Elijah Challenge. During both the morning and night sessions, I shared the principles of our God-given authority to heal. Even though the participants were mostly Pentecostal pastors and leaders of the Assemblies of God in Northern Luzon, they were a little cautious as to what I was sharing. Many were veteran pastors and they had been used to applying the praying method to heal the sick. When told that they should not pray for the sick but simply just heal by commanding in the name of Jesus, they were a little uneasy. I knew this feeling because when I first heard the commanding approach from Pastor William Lau, I was also quite skeptical.

Among those who readily accepted the Elijah Challenge’s message were the female participants. These sisters who served as ‘pastoras’ (the Filipino term for female pastors) and church leaders were full of faith when the time to heal arrived. I shared about the distinctions in the Priestly, Prophetic and Kingly Authority. During the break, a couple of pastors told me that they had never heard about the authority to heal before. They were well-versed with the gift of healing. They also admitted that they had often used the Priestly and Prophetic authority but hardly touched the Kingly Authority. During the demonstration, the Lord confirmed his promises by healing in a miraculous way.

There were 13 participants who needed healing in the morning session and another 10 in the evening session. Before the healing demonstrations, Pastor Lumahan led the infirm in a prayer of confession and repentance. That was necessary because for the Christians to receive healing, it was conditional upon their obedience and repentance. After that, Pastor Lumahan and I took turns to command the diseases and pain to go in the name of Jesus. As expected, one by one, the infirmed participants were healed. The miracles included the healing of back pain, leg pain, shoulder and neck pain, abdomen pain and even eye pain. Those who were healed stepped up boldly to the platform and testified to the glory of God. Some of them did that with tears in their eyes. Others could not help smiling because they had experienced miracles in the name of Jesus.

We did not have any healing demonstration on the final day which was an afternoon session. The time was limited and so I rushed to share as much information about how to use the authority and power to heal.

After the final session, we were invited to minister to a former high-ranking police officer who had a stroke. By the grace of God, we were able to get the pain in his limbs greatly reduced. Then, we got him to stand up and walk. His pastor, Rev Jamie, was also asked to lay hands and command this disease to be healed. After a few times, Pastor Jamie was doing great job in exercising his faith in healing the sick.

We thank God for this wonderful opportunity in serving Him at the NLDC Prayer Conference and imparting Elijah Challenge to the pastors and church leaders.

Reported by Reverend Albert Kang
Ministry Director
Elijah Challenge Asia


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