Saturday, October 16, 2010

An Ordinary Believer Heals Deaf and Mute in the Name of Jesus

The Elijah Challenge Seminar, conducted by Pastor William Lau, is held at The Latter Rain Conference in May 2010. The venue was Thien An Vietnamese Baptist Church, Seattle, Washington.

Christine (left) trying vainly to open up Ilona's deaf ear in Christ's name
There was also a 63-year-old Vietnamese sister at the Training named Christine. The Lord had called this fiery woman to heal the sick and preach the gospel, but she had not been trained how to do it. On Saturday during the Training, Christine ministered to Sister Ilona who suffered from complete deafness in her right ear as a result of a needle being inserted into the ear when she was a young girl. Christine ministered to her three times, but there was no improvement at all in Ilona's hearing. But read on to find out what happened later in the evening.

A woman feels God's healing power over her as Christine lays hands on her.
Later that Saturday evening after the Training, Christine was ready for war at the evangelistic healing meeting. She ministered to Ilona again, and this time the Lord opened up her ear and she could hear Christine whispering into her right ear. Another woman testified of experiencing God's healing power come upon her as Christine laid hands on her. See the photos below.

Christine was persistent and continued to command the ear to be healed
Amazing miracles: two deaf & mute women healed
On Sunday evening the following day, Christine ministered to two women who were both deaf and mute, the older woman completely so since birth. The Lord healed them both. It was amazing for me and the crowd to hear someone deaf and mute since birth repeating words after Christine. She could not contain herself and was screaming and dancing around after the Lord used her so powerfully. 

The deaf ear was opened and could hear a whisper
Christine is now making plans to heal the sick and preach the gospel openly at a shopping mall, and even to make announcements on the radio offering "free healing." Christine was just one of many of the Lord's disciples who was trained during that weekend to heal the sick and preach the gospel as Jesus commanded his disciples two thousand years ago.


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