Sunday, January 16, 2011

Powerful healing-at-a-distance in Jesus' name in CHINA

We just received a powerful testimony from China. A pastor in Malaysia named Timothy Lam had trained under Elijah Challenge Asia Coordinator Albert Kang. At this very moment Timothy is on a mission trip in the city of Guilin in China teaching Leadership using John Maxwell's materials. While there he has been given an opportunity to teach The Elijah Challenge to the Chinese believers as he himself was taught by Albert Kang.

Below is Timothy's report on what the Lord did yesterday on Friday.

"We touched on healing-at-a-distance [as Jesus did in Luke 7] yesterday...a case presented to us involved a comatose elderly woman in Szechuan [another province in China]. The students stretched their hands in that direction and commanded healing and restoration for her in the name of Jesus.

Last night a text message was received by one of the leaders and said that the elderly woman had gotten up from bed and started eating almost immediately and gulped down everything from the plate!

This evening two students went to command weariness and tiredness in the name of Jesus from a woman kitchen helper. She was almost instantly rejoicing and beaming with joy. During dinner she was edgy and complaining!"

God is so good!


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