Thursday, April 16, 2009

Healing @ Canaan AG Church on Easter Sunday

Easter Service

12 April 2009

Canaan Assembly of God, Kepong

25, Jalan 9/42, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Host Pastor: Rev Daniel Leong

Last July, we trained some members of Canaan AG to heal the infirm using the authority given by the Lord. This time, Pastor Daniel Leong, the Senior Pastor, has invited us back to minister on Resurrection Sunday. When we arrived, the worship leader, Brother Rowlance, had the congregation singing with great enthusiasm. The highlight of the day was a skit. It was unique because the skit was videoed ahead of time. The actors, who were the young people of the church, brought the house down with laughter.

My wife, Grace presented a special number and she sang a solo piece. With her song, ‘Knowing you, Jesus’, I launched my sermon. Praise God that the congregation responded to the call for each to become fearless in winning family members to Christ.

During the time for healing, 9 people came forth to be healed. Prior to that, I had already invited those Elijah Challengers to stand at the altar area, facing the congregation. They had also arranged chairs in the front. As the infirm filled those chairs, the trained believers interviewed them. Subsequently, they laid hands on the infirm and repeated what the commands that I shouted.

Among the infirm was a middle-aged gentleman who was not a believer. He suffered from shoulder and knee pain. I instructed the Elijah Challengers to lay hands on his knees and healed them first. However, God was very gracious - the man’s shoulder was also healed. A lady who had headache did not receive healing at the first command. However, during the second command, she felt a hot sensation on her head and then the headache was gone. There were two brothers who had neck pain. Another with pain on his shoulder and after we took authority, the pain moved to the upper arm. We continued to rebuke this pain and spirit of infirmity until the pain subsided. A young child was having coughs and came forth to be healed. Another young child who used to suffer from nose bleed believed God for healing. A sister had ‘weary’ eyes and sought the Lord to strengthen her eye. A brother heard voices in his head and trusted God for healing. We praise God that every infirmed person felt relief and marked improvement of their condition. They felt that the ‘mountain’ did move and they thanked God for their healing.

Praise God for a wonderful Easter Sunday.

Reported by:

Rev Albert Kang


Elijah Challenge Asia.


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