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Healing Miracles at TEC Seminar, Bangladesh

Healing Miracles at TEC Seminar
The Elijah Challenge End-Time Model of Evangelism Seminar
15 -16 February 2011
10.00 AM to 1.00 PM (2 days)
2.30 PM to 5.00 PM (1 day)
Dharabasail Village, Gopalgonj District

The trip to Dharabasail took more than seven hours of car ride and ferry crossing. It was quite a harrowing experience travelling by road in Bangladesh. A two-way road became six-way traffic and for us foreigners, we expected an accident to happen at any time. Driving through the city and towns was a noisy affair. The drivers of all vehicles were very quick to use the horns. To add to our stress, the land cruiser that we were travelling in broke down several times. It took a couple of prayer and physically pushing to get this vehicle working. It was after two-third of the journey, at Pastor Proshanta’s house at Faridpur, that we were transferred to a regular van for the remaining three-hour journey. Finally, adding all the time that we spent waiting for the ferry and at Pastor Proshanta’s house, we reached Dharabasail Village after more than twelve hours.
Pastors and Leaders gather to learn to evangelize with power
The first Elijah Challenge Seminar session was held the following morning at 10 AM. There were more than 30 pastors and church leaders who attended the seminar. It was not a typical setting where there were chairs or tables. These believers sat on the floor with the ladies and men on separate sides. They worshipped with traditional musical instruments such as an accordion-like organ, drums and cymbals. The worship songs were of the traditional Bangladeshi composition. They seemed like chanting but Grace and I were able to enter into spiritual worship with their songs.
As expected, there was no LCD projector and so we showed them the photos of healing and testimonies through our laptop. With Pastor Proshanta interpreting, the message was getting across clearly to every participant. Later, some of the participants testified that they had never heard such teaching before. They expressed great delight to be able to learn the correct way to heal the infirm with their God-given power and authority.
It's the culture for men and women to sit separately to learn
The participants were taught how to lay hands and command in the name of Jesus. They learned that they were not to mix commands with prayers. The Priestly Authority should not be utilized when it comes to healing diseases and casting out demons. They learned that the most appropriate way was to utilize the Kingly Authority. In the seminar itself, it was easy to find participants who suffered from various infirmities. Before the practicum, since the participants were Christians, we asked them to seek God and get rid of all bitterness, unforgiveness, anger and sins in their lives. Pastor Proshanta led them in a prayer of confession and repentance.
Healing of Christians is conditional and so all  ask God to forgive before the healing miracles
The practicum began with interview – the participants who were doing the healing learned to ask the infirm the right questions about their health condition. We then showed them how to lay hands. They were not to massage, squeeze, shake or shove the infirm when they place their hands on the affected areas. They learned that the appropriate way was to place their hands gently without exerting a lot of weight or force on the infirm. To those who heal an infirm as a team of two or more, we asked them to appoint a leader to give the commands while the rest follow.
Showing the way to lay hands
I commanded in English and Pastor Proshanta interpreted the commands in Bengali. Everybody followed confidently and by the grace of God, the infirm received their healings. A sister with a pain in her right hand was healed of the infirmity. Another with almost similar pain but in the upper right arm also testified of being healed of the pain. To the delight of numerous participants, their neck, shoulder and back pain disappeared in the name of Jesus. A village pastor with chest pain testified that the pain had left him. A couple of participants had the pain in their legs healed. A sister was seen having hands laid on her abdomen and she was instantly healed. A pastor who suffered from pain in his left sole testified that after his colleagues commanded a couple of time, the pain had finally left him.
Getting ready to heal the infirm
Exercising faith to heal in the name of Jesus
Commanding in the name of Jesus
Bangladeshi pastors and leaders exercising their faith to heal in the name of Jesus
Be healed in the name of Jesus
Neck and back pain gone - healed in the name of Jesus
During the second day, I taught about Distance Healing. Sharing from Luke 7, I explained about how Jesus healed the Centurion’s servant through distance healing. I went to elaborate on the distinction between ‘power to heal’ and ‘authority to heal’. After that, the participants practised distance healing by healing their loved ones and friends who were situated far from our location. One of them even commanded a lady to be healed in Singapore. The results had yet to come in but we believe that miracles had happened in the name of Jesus.
Testing the healed eyes
A sister testifies about her miracle
Pastor Auron is also healed by the Lord
With real-life experience of healing, the participants were ready for the Revival Convention to which was to be held for three consecutive nights. As many of them were pastors, they expressed great confidence in using their God-given authority and power to heal the infirm while preaching the Gospel.
Many of the pastors and leaders are miraculously healed
Learning how to utilize their God-given authority in distance-healing
After more than 8 hours of training time, we covered most aspects of The Elijah Challenge End-Time Model of Evangelism Seminar. The results of the training became very evident during the Revival Convention because many of these trained pastors and leaders were up in the forefront healing many infirm in the name of Jesus.
Reported by Rev Albert Kang
Coordinator, Elijah Challenge Asia

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baptist Believers Issue An Elijah Challenge

Houston, Texas
Monday, March 14, 2011

Dear Fellow Disciples of Jesus Christ,

We would like to share with you the testimony of Kurt Simms, a master electrician who attended the recent Basic Training II held in Houston. The incident took place last Friday. Please take a moment to read it!

-William & Lucille

"Baptist Believers Issue an Elijah Challenge"

"I went to a fellowship I had been attending with people that I met from Baptist Sunday School. We were using a book for study called Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper. I had missed the fellowship the previous Friday because I was at The Elijah Challenge Basic Training II. I went this past Friday and they decided to drop the book. Tim is the person hosting this group and he is not comfortable with the status quo church. He was reading a new book called Radical and he definitely knows the church is sick. He said, “where is the power in the church?”

I told him that the power is still here just as it was over 2,000 years ago, but that 99% of believers aren’t walking in it. As I was finishing my meal I had three of them looking up scriptures as I quoted them. I had them read the verses aloud and I would explain the meaning to them. I shared some testimonies and directed them to the Elijah Challenge website to read some of the testimonies on my page
. His wife read about a little girl’s eye which had been damaged while riding a 4-wheeler and the doctors said she would probably never see again. I had taken authority over her eye in Jesus’ name at church one night, and her eyesight improved---but not 100%. But by the next day doctors examined her and she had 20/20 vision. 

Then Tim said he had had enough teaching and testimonies and he wanted proof---the Baptist brethren were putting me on the spot. I said OK, let’s pray. I gave the Lord thanks and asked Him to perform these great things to prove that I was His servant and that Jesus is the only way to the Father.

Tim’s wife had bad allergies, so I commanded them to leave and be healed in Jesus’ name. She was able to breathe perfectly. The next thing was her eye---she had been blind in one eye for several years because she had been poked in the eye by a broom stick. Her eye has no lens or iris. Using authority in Jesus’ name I ministered to her three times with no change at all. But I didn’t want to give up for I didn’t want my future students to lose faith. I went for the fourth

After that I asked her if there was any change and she said, “Oh my God!” and began to weep. She said she could see my face! Before she could only see a black blur and some colors. Everyone in the room started praising God! She can see now, but her eyesight is not totally restored. I instructed them to continue to take authority over it and minister to her. I haven’t talked to them since Friday so I don’t know if there has been any further improvement. But she didn’t even have a lens in her eye. Praise the Lord, for He is so good!"

-Kurt Simms 
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Testimonies of miracles from a Vietnamese servant of God after Basic Training II

Houston, Texas
Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dear Fellow Disciples of Jesus Christ,

We would like to share with you the recent blogs of Pastor Linh, a Vietnamese servant of God based in Houston who at one time ministered with the United Methodist Church. He attended sessions of The Elijah Challenge Basic Training II which was held last weekend here in Houston. Since then the Lord has used him to minister quite powerfully to those in need. Below are some of the testimonies. We hope you'll take a moment to read them.

Thank you for partnering with us so effectually. Praise the Lord for His wonderful grace!

-William & Lucille

PS  Pastor Linh mentions "faith of God" in his blogs below. This is simply another term for "mountain-moving faith."

FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2011

Shoulder Pain Gone

Talking to a man on the corner street of life, I discovered that he has a drinking problem, 2 knee surgeries, joint problem, Hep C, Cirrhosis of the liver and shoulder pain.

The shoulder pain is hurting him right now he said. I asked for permission to pray over it. Laying my hand on his right shoulder I commanded the pain to go. The pain subsided a lot he said. Testing his shoulder he moved around, rotated it. He noticed a little pain left deep inside. Praying again I commanded the pain to go and the spirit of infirmities to leave him now in Jesus' name. He rotated it around and around and the pain was gone.

I saw him again today, and he is happy to have no pain in the shoulder. Praise be to God.

Pastor Linh


A Spirit of Confusion Left in the Name of Jesus

A woman with so many cares and concerns came to talk to me. As we sat down and talked, her mind is confused; she seems to lose the control of her life. She didn't know what to do, where to go, she asked me to pray for her. Life seems harsh to her. She came to Jesus hoping God will help ease her mind.

I prayed a simple prayer over her; "In the name of Jesus, spirit of confusion go. Leave her now. Pain leave her heart in the Name of Jesus." After the prayer, her face lit up beaming with joy. She exclaimed that the spirit of confusion left her. Praise the Lord. Thanks be to God.

Pastor Linh

Fractured Ankle Healed

Today on the street of life, God led me to talk to a woman who just lost her son in a tragic car accident. The grief is too much to bear right now. No tear seems to be able to flow. Her life suddenly came to a halt. Nothing is going for her. No job. No home. No loved ones to care for. No one seems to care about her she said. "Jesus does." I said.

As we talked, she shared with me about the fractured right ankle which happened about 2 years ago. It is painful. It needs surgery, the doctor said, but she has been postponing it until now. A simple cast wrapping around the ankle to support it loosely. She felt the pain there as we talked.

I found out that she does have faith in God. I shared with her the Scriptures about the faith of God that moves mountain. Jesus does heal today, I said. "Would you like me to pray over the fractured ankle?" I anointed her and commanded the fractured bones to be made whole. All ligaments and nerve endings around it be made well. Pain leave her now in Jesus' name.

Then I asked her to walk to test it. The pain subsided, and the swelling went down a lot. Because of the cast, she walked awkwardly. As she came back, I asked her to remove the cast and prayed and commanded the ankle to be healed in Jesus' name. She is able to walk, tiptoeing, squatting down, putting some pressure on it as she was able. Yes, her ankle is made strong and it is healed in Jesus' Name.

I can't help but notice the smile on her face walking away thanking God for her healing. Amen.

Pastor Linh


Pain in Left Ear Be Gone. Backache Healed.

An elderly woman said that her left ear was hurting because someone hit her ear with a fist. The hit knocked her down and her back was also hurt. Just imagine laying in bed sick with pain and Jesus walked right in and healed her of her pains. Indeed, Jesus came by the bedside and lifted her spirit up. She is a believer and has faith of God when I shared with her a little bit about mountain-moving faith. Yes, Faith of God. No doubt.

I asked her for permission to pray over her and laid my hand over her ears. I commanded, "In the Name of Jesus, pain in the left ear go. Leave her now. Back pain leave her now and never to return to her again in Jesus' name. Jesus heals you. Amen."

When I took my hands off her ears, the pain in the ear was gone. Her back is still a little bit sore. I asked her friend to lay her hand on the back where the pain was. She prayed for her. Then I prayed again commanding the pain in the back to go in Jesus' name. Spirit of infirmity go and leave her now in Jesus' name.

I then asked her to stand up and checked again and again. The back pain was gone. To God be the glory. He is good to His children. God is good to us all.

Pastor Linh

A Heart Opened to Welcome Jesus

I visited a young lady this morning and led her to Christ. Her heart is ready to receive Christ Jesus. I read John 3:16; John 1:12 and Romans 10:9-10 and explained to her what it means to receive Christ. She realizes that Jesus loves her and died for her sin. Gladly she prayed to accept Christ right on the spot. She is born again. Hallelujah.

The Heavenly choir and angels must rejoice in heaven this morning when a sinner opened her heart to welcome Jesus Christ into her life.

God is good all the time. He is still saving souls today. As you go declare that the Kingdom of God is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons and raise the dead...

Pastor Linh


Back Pain Be Gone. It is Gone.

I recently talked to a man who was raised up as a Jehovah Witness. Until 11 years of age he stopped going to church due to many circumstances.

His heart was cold to the Lord. After sharing the Gospel to him and leading him back to the Lord, he gave his heart to Jesus.

I asked him if there was any pain in his body that he would like me to pray over him. God will heal you of your pain. I will pray and heal you according to the Word of God in Jesus' name.

Yeah, I had back surgery some time ago, and the pain is still here in my lower back. He showed me the back surgery. There was a big scar in the back. The pain bothers him a lot and constantly.

I asked permission to place my hand on where the pain was. In the Name of Jesus, spirit of infirmity I bind you and cast you out of this man. Pain go now. Leave him now in Jesus' name and never to come back.

God heard simple prayers and answered the man and his back pain was gone. He checked it again and again, and the pain was gone. Praise the Lord. He is able to move without pain. I felt so glad to see him relieved of his pain. God does heal and is still healing today.

Pastor Linh

The Harassing Voice of 43 Years Stopped!

I visited a middle aged man about 57 years of age in his home. We met before. This time he looks older. His beard grows out a lot. He asks for a Bible which I gave him.

After talking to him I discovered that there was a female voice that kept talking in his ears ever since he was 14 years of age. The voice told him to cut himself, hurt himself. He did have anger issue with his stepfather.

"What do you want the Lord to do for you?" I asked him. "I want the voice to stop. I tried to stop it with medicine but it keeps on persisting."

I asked him some other questions to see where the source of the issue was. Forgiveness is needed. I invited him to place his trust in the Lord. "In the Name of Jesus, unclean spirit, female voice and spirit of unforgiveness I bind you and cast you out of his body. Come out in the Name of Jesus." Be made whole. Be still right now in Jesus' name.

Amazingly, he said, "The voice stopped." It indeed stopped. I checked with him again and again today, It does stop. The man was so thankful and grateful to God for his healing. I encouraged him to read the Word, especially the book of James. James 4:6-7. Jesus confirms His Word with miracles and signs and wonders. Thank you Lord.

Pastor Linh
These blogs can be viewed at

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Jailer and Deportees See Miracles and Accept Christ

We have just received a testimony from our dear brother Emmanuel Abdullahi in Nigeria which parallels the apostle Paul's miraculous experience in the Philippian jail as recorded in Acts 16. After casting a demon out of a servant girl, Paul and Silas were thrown into prison. While there they led the jailer to the Lord after God shook the prison with a violent earthquake. Emmanuel has a similar story.

As you might recall, Emmanuel had been invited to go to Brazil. After incredibly trying experiences obtaining his visas from the Brazilian and Spanish embassies in Lagos, he finally departed from Nigeria last week on Turkish Airlines with a valid visa and passport. But upon arrival in Sao Paulo, Brazil he was denied entry and promptly deported by the immigration authorities. They sent him back on the next flight back to Nigeria via Turkey. Below is Emmanuel's riveting testimony along with accompanying photos.

Please remember Emmanuel in prayer, dear ones. He is The Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Africa.

Muslim Jailer & deportees in Turkey see miracles and accept Christ

"The journey to Brazil was stressful and drained my strength. On arrival I was asked if I am a Nigerian I told them yes. I was told to step aside, after much waiting I gave them my passport which they confirmed was good. I was asked several questions which I answered. I was asked about my occupation and I told them I am a pastor. They requested my Brazilian hosts’ phone number, and I gave them three numbers. They went to their office to make the call to confirm if I was truly invited, with five policemen surrounding me.

After they came out, I was told that the number did not go through. I was told that I will be going back to Nigeria that night after having arrived in Brazil for about 20 minutes. This was after an 18-hour flight from Nigeria. I would have to go back to Istanbul on an 11-hour flight, and then back to Nigeria on a 7-hour flight.

They took me and an Indian man who had a fake passport to where we boarded a flight to Istanbul that night. On reaching Istanbul after checking my documents, they felt for me but unfortunately the flight to Nigeria would be in two days time. So we were locked up in the lodge for deportees. When you are locked up, you don’t come out again until you are leaving the country. But some people are not allowed to leave, especially people with fake documents. Some have been there for over three months. But some of them were released the day I left because I pleaded with the authorities on their behalf. This was on account of the impact God had in the lodge through me his unworthy servant.

What happened in the “lodge”

The lodge is like a cell---you don’t have access to the outside. There are four cameras in the parlour, and two more in the bathroom and toilet. You are constantly monitored, anything you say is recorded. There was an Iraqi man who was saying all kinds of nonsense in the lodge. Ten policemen came in and beat him up. Then they put him in a wheelchair and rolled him outside the lodge to an unknown destination. We never saw him again until I left. New people kept coming in while others were sent back to their country. They fed us twice a day with bread and juice.

The second day I decided to approach the deportees. I gathered them together---the Muslim, the nominal Christian and the atheist. I preached a simple message of salvation, they were all touched. I asked if there was anyone with an infirmity. I would minister healing to them before leading them to the Lord.

A Palestinian Muslim man said he needed healing from God concerning one of his ears which was totally deaf for over twenty years. A man from Norway was also deaf in one ear. I put my fingers into their ears at the same time and commanded the ears to be opened in the name of Jesus Christ. They could not believe what happened then. Within a second their ears popped open. The Palestinian Muslim was just chanting “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.” (God is great, God is great.) He was amazed.

The Norwegian man was shedding tears. For seventeen years he had spent so much on that ear in vain. But now God had healed him. A man from Pakistan had one leg shorter than the other. I told him to stretch out his leg. Everyone could see that the left leg was shorter. I told them to keep watching as I commanded the shorter leg to grow out in Jesus’ name. Within a second the legs became equal in length. God was mesmerizing us in the lodge.

Then I gave an altar call for salvation. Everybody in the lodge was converted to Christ. From then on, the Muslims could no longer embark in their prayers in the lodge. Two hours later I told them I wanted to teach them how to heal the sick [as Jesus taught and commanded his disciples in Luke 10:9]. You could see their joy. We had the Elijah Challenge Training in the lodge. I taught them for two hours, and they were greatly moved.

I told them to go back to their country and do likewise: to heal the sick, to lead people to Christ, and also to teach them what I had taught them. I gave them the Elijah Challenge website to download the teachings, and CDs for further studies. They all believed that God did not send me to Brazil, but to them "for such a time as this." When some of the policemen saw how I was able to organize the inmates, how they were always by my side asking questions, they perceived that I was a pastor. They asked me if I was a pastor and I answered yes.

One of the security officers was watching me on camera as I was healing the sick in the name of Jesus. He came in later and just looked at me. But when I was leaving he escorted us and requested that I keep praying for him. He had seen everything I had done on camera. He told me that although he was a Muslim, he would give his life to Jesus. (But he was afraid of his people the Turks.) But he is convinced that Jesus is the way.

He told the two policemen who escorted me to Nigeria to take good care of me. I took a picture with him and one of the policemen."

Emmanuel with the Palestinian man whose ear was opened.jpg
Emmanuel & Palestinian Muslim gentleman whose deaf ear opened up

Emmanuel and the new believers.jpg
Emmanuel (second from left) & the fellow deportees he led to the Lord

Emmanuel and new believers resting in background.jpg
Emmanuel & new believers resting in background

Emmanuel and Turkish police.jpg
Emmanuel with Turkish Security Officer & Policeman

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Healing Miracles at Bethel Assembly of God, Dhaka

Healing Miracles at Bethel Assembly of God, Dhaka
13 February 2011
5.00 PM to 7.00 PM
Bethel Assembly of God Church
401/1, New Eskaton Road
P. O. Box 277, Dhaka – 1000
Senior Pastor: Rev Nathanael S. Munshi

Rev Nathanael Munshi, the Senior Pastor, interpreting my message

Grace and I were invited by the Bangladeshi AG churches of the Southern Division and lay leaders of other denominations to minister 'Elijah Challenge' at Dhaka and a Revival Convention to be held in Dharabarsail, one of the remote villages in Bangladesh. It was Brother Paul Sujit Barikdar, who first initiated this revival convention in 2010. This year, Grace and I were privileged to be the first foreign ministers to minister at this convention. This second convention was a little different because the Assemblies of God churches in the Southern Division were active partners with Brother Paul. Before the village convention, we were housed for a day at the guest house that belonged to the Bible Society of Bangladesh.
Before we journeyed to the countryside, we were scheduled to minister on Sunday at a church near to the Bible Society. It was Brother Paul who introduced us to Rev Nathanael S. Munshi, the Senior Pastor of Bethel Assembly of God Church, one of the older churches in Bangladesh. This pastor had parts of his theological education in Malaysia and he and we had much to talk about. He seemed to like the many common foods that we love.  
Pastor Nathaneal’s congregation meets on Sunday at 5.00 PM which in itself is uniquely different from other churches.. Most churches meet on Friday as that is the official weekly holiday of this Muslim-majority country.
With Pastor Nathanael interpreting in Bengali, I shared from Mark 16:15 to 20 about the Great Commission and how the Lord confirmed the Word with signs and wonders. Then I showed them Luke 9:1 and Luke 10:1 and 10:9 about how evangelism has two aspects to it – first is to share the Gospel and second is to confirm the Word with miracles. The congregation was told that this is a package.
This congregation was not very expressive and so for a brief moment, I could not figure whether they had really received the message. After the preaching, I asked for those who were in pain to come forward. Surprisingly, quite a number flocked to the front of the church. It was more difficult to get the leaders and believers to lay hands on their friends. With only a few helpers in this area, I had to ask those without anyone to lay hands on them to lay hands on themselves.
I commanded in English and Pastor Nathanael interpreted the commands in Bengali. It was awkward at first as the people tried to follow the Bengali commands. Soon we caught the momentum and the commands rang out smoothly. The Lord was definitely present and was there to heal! Among the first of the 14 people who were healed was Brother Paul Sujit. He was the healed of back pain that he had suffered for years. Another person who was healed was Rev. Proshanta Kumar Roy who was the previous chairman of the Southern Division of the Assemblies of God in Bangladesh. These were the two brothers responsible for the Dharabarsail convention and it was only appropriate for them to be among the first to receive God’s healing power.
During the time of testimony, Pastor Nathanael was busying interviewing the healed people. Without the pastor interpreting, Grace and I could still figure out, by their none-verbal and gestures, that miraculous healings had occurred upon various parts of their bodies. The recipients testified with excited voices and we could see how thankful they were to Jesus. A lady with chronic headache rejoiced in her miraculous healing. Many men and women were also healed of back pain. People with pain in the limbs also received their healing.
I pray that this church will catch the vision and begin healing the sick and cast out demons whenever they share the Gospel.
Reported by Rev Albert Kang
Coordinator, Elijah Challenge Asia
The infirm responded to the altar call
The infirm laid hands on the affected areas of their bodies

Commands in English and Bengali

Many learned to heal the sick for the very first time
People responded by faith
Bro Paul Sujit and Rev Proshanta Roy were among the first to be healed
Different testimonies of the healing power of Jesus
Grace command the kidneys of this lady to be healed in the name of Jesus
More people testified to the glory of God

This young girl received the healing power of Jesus


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