Friday, April 4, 2014

We Are The Waiters

Healing the infirm in the mighty Name of Jesus in Bangladesh
Grace and I have been healing the infirm and casting out demons, in the mighty name of Jesus, for the last eight years. We have witnessed thousands of miracles. 

Some believers misunderstood us when we say that we are "healing the sick". They say only Jesus can do the healing miracles and not us. They are absolutely correct. We can do nothing.... absolutely nothing without Christ. 

We are not the "Chef" who cooks the gourmet food. We are only the "waiters" who serve the customers. We do not take credit for the great food that satisfies the customers even though we may say that we "serve and feed" the customers.

The only problem with some believers is that they refuse to be "waiters". They want the "Chef" to do the serving too. They want Him to carry the dishes to the customers at the table.
When Jesus had given authority and power to His disciples to cast out demons and heal the sick, He did not go with them. (Luke 9:1-2. 10:1, 9). He instructed them to serve His miracles to the people in need. 

If we understood this concept, we should see countless people healed and delivered. Remember, we are not the "Chef" but the "waiters". We only serve the miracles that Jesus is doing! 
Albert Kang


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