Friday, June 24, 2011

Healing Miracles After Listening To Elijah Challenge on Radio

Reported by Shannon Davis of Omegaman Radio
Jay Molnar June 23 at 7:40pm Report

Just a quick update for you and the Omegaman listeners. I listened to the Program when William Lau was on teaching on healing and deliverance. As you know, his focus was on healing in the kingly authority that every christian has if we have faith of God. Anyway, so I applied this in faith and commanded the pain on my Dad's back that he has had for the last 16 months and it left. 

I also layed hands on my uncle that had major surgery on his bowels for a cancer he had. After the surgery he still had cancer in his system. However, I layed hands on him and commanded the cancer to leave in the Name of Jesus Christ about four days before his next test. I came home and discovered him at my house with the good news that the test came back without any trace of cancer in his system. He told the doctors and his family that God healed him. 

Praise God! I have uploaded the Omegaman Radio program featuring WIlliam Lau on my YouTube channel: Jaymark Radio. I encourage others to download the mp3 of the program on itunes or listen on my channel and learn about the authority we have in Jesus Christ and use it to evangelize towards the lost that are sick. Mark 16:17 is for today! Thank you. 

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