Sunday, October 2, 2011

Elderly couple with heart condition now runs down the stairs

Quatro Barras, Curitiba, Brazil
Friday, September 30, 2011

Quatro Barras is likely one of many similar hamlets spreading out on both sides of the expressway which takes you the big capital city of Curitiba maybe 20 km away. 

My host here is Pastor Manoel of the Christian Community Church of Quatro Barras, a relatively new congregation of mostly younger couples, young adults and children. Last night we began the Basic Training. At the demonstration of healing near the end of the session, an elderly couple hobbled very slowly to the front. Both had heart conditions. Two brothers and two sisters came forward to minister healing to them as Jesus might have done as recorded in the gospels. They laid hands on them and exercised authority over the heart disease in Jesus' name.

By the time the dust settled, the wife was able to jog (slowly) to the back of the church and then back to the front---feeling fine. She testified that earlier she was dizzy and could barely walk. Her husband also testified that he felt fine as he walked back and forth at the front. After the meeting they refused a ride home by car but instead walked home on foot.

Today I was told by Pastor Manoel that the two are now running down the stairs in their home. The Lord is good!

Pastor William Lau


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