Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mission Deep Into The Interior of West Borneo

Pastor William & Pastor Lucille Lau and their West Borneo congregation 1987
West Borneo, Indonesia
Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dear Brethren in Christ,

Last Thursday morning we landed in West Borneo, the area in Indonesia where we first began to serve the Lord 33 years ago. Putussibau, where we are now, is a town nestled deep in the interior of West Borneo near the border with East Malaysia.

Way back in 1980 we had settled in another region of West Borneo called
Batu Ampar---an area at that time unreached by the gospel. One of the first families to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ was a man and his wife who owned a few small stores. They had six young children, three boys and three girls. The six have now grown up with children of their own, and two of them serve the kingdom of God very actively. One girl, A Lan, now pastors a church alongside her husband. One boy, A Hwat, is now a successful businessman who enjoys an unusually close relationship the Lord. When we first saw him in 1980, A Hwat was an illiterate barefoot urchin who spent his time playing and running around the village with his little brother in tow. They came to Lucille's classes where every day she taught the village kids---many of whom could not read---the Word of God, and also how to read the Indonesian language.

A Hwat now lives in Putussibau and is our host here. The Lord has given him unusual grace and favor with the people. We thank the Lord that the seed we planted thirty years ago in a remote village is now bearing much good fruit for the kingdom of God in Indonesia. There are other similar testimonies as well from people who received the kingdom of God as children during those early days.

Yesterday we began the Basic Training in A Lan's church with various area servants of God in attendance. The Lord's grace was evident during the teaching, with people testifying of being healed during the time of demonstration during the session. We took turns teaching directly in the Indonesian language. At the evangelistic healing service in the evening, the gospel was preached from Mark 2. The Lord confirmed his Word by healing many people with infirmities as the trained servants of God ministered to them. It was wonderfully encouraging to us all.

Today we will complete the Basic Training. Tomorrow morning on Sunday we will split up and preach in different churches. On Monday we will head for Batu Ampar---where it all began over three decades ago. All of our beautiful daughters---Esther, Sarah, and Christina---were born there. 
The Lord was so gracious to us during the seven years we labored to introduce the gospel of Jesus Christ in that remote and unreached area. If you'd like to download and read our adventures of faith during those early years, just click on to download Dancing on the Edge of the Earth.

Access to the internet here in this remote area is quite uncertain, so please bear with us if you don't hear from us regularly.

Prayer requests
  • Please pray that the Lord will continue to keep us safe and in good health as we minister and travel here. May His wonderful grace continue to be revealed as we train God's people to minister in the spirit and power of Elijah.
  • Please pray for Pastor William's older sister Mayin. She has been diagnosed with Stage III cancer in some polyps recently removed from her colon. Please pray for her spirit & soul as well as for the healing of her body.

In Christ alone,

Pastor William & Pastor Lucille Lau


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