Thursday, December 17, 2009

Church explodes from 30 to 300 in 8 months after Basic Training!

We have received two exciting reports from Pastor Joshua Gowda, our Training Centre Director in India, and would like to share them with you ~

  • "Pastor Sukvinder has been serving the Lord for ten years at Bitanda Punjab. Eight months ago he trained at The Elijah Challenge Training Center. Eight months later he called me on the phone and shared how he had been blessed by the Elijah Challenge Training. His congregation had remained at 30 people for ten years. But it multiplied to 300 people after receiving the Elijah Challenge Training. He calls the church “Voice of Jesus Church.” For the entire report along with photos, click on
  • "The November 2009 Elijah Challenge Feeding Event was conducted at the village Sonia Vihar in Uttar Pradesh. The population of this entirely Hindu village is 6,800. This is the first Evangelistic Feeding Event ever to be held in this village. We had very successful event. Close to 380 people came to the Feeding Event and close to 335 Hindus received Jesus Christ has their Lord and Saviour. The first new Elijah Challenge Church was planted at the village Sonia Vihar. I received a phone call from our TEC-trained Pastor Mohan Mashi on Sunday, November 22. Close to 85 people came to worship the Lord Jesus Christ [at that very first service]. Praise God!" For the entire report with pictures, please click on

Praise the Lord for what He is doing through His servants during these last days. Thank you for interceding for us and partnering with us so fruitfully, dear brethren.

A most blessed Christmas season be to you and your loved ones! 
William & Lucille

PS William's most recent article can be viewed at: Christ calls the Church to repent---but from what? Please take a moment to read it...



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