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Jesus Never Prayed For The Sick

In the Gospel, Jesus NEVER PRAYED FOR THE SICK. 

There is not recorded a single miraculous healing in which the miracle was a direct result of His prayer to the Father on behalf of the afflicted person. Rather, Jesus utilized His God-given authority and power to heal the sick.... 


In 20 plus years of my ministry, I prayed for the sick and most likely only 10 were miraculously healed. However, since 2005, thousands were healed through the execising of God's power and authority (Luke 9 and 10) to rebuke the diseases. 

Try not to ask Jesus to do your ministry. He has blessed you with power and authority and so utilize your faith and activate them and you will see better miraculous results. That's your ministry - to apply what Christ has given you to minister and share the Gospel.

Rev Albert Kang

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Miracles From Houston To Vietnam

Miracles in Vietnam

Diep Huynh, a Vietnamese lady, while living in Houston, Texas, discovered that her abdomen was bloated. It had swelled from size eight to size sixteen and was throbbing with pain. She visited a doctor at the Hong Kong City Mall in Houston. The doctor’s initial diagnosis was not good. He recommended Diep to have a colonoscopy for a more accurate diagnosis. The doctor suspected that she had a tumor because her abdomen felt as hard as rock. Diep was traumatized by the bad news. She had migrated to America so as to have a better future and now this. She had no money or insurance for any expensive medical treatment. As she left the doctor’s office, she did not know what to do. She was desperate for someone to tell her what to do.

Lost in her grief, she wandered aimlessly in the mall and suddenly a sign in English and Vietnamese caught her eyes. Someone had set up a booth with a sign that offered ‘Healing Prayer’ for shoppers. Diep approached the prayer booth and asked for prayer. The pastor whose name is Khanh and his ministry partner, Jordan, laid hands on Diep and commanded the tumor to leave in the name of Jesus. Diep felt something literally moved inside her abdomen. She felt a definite sensation of fluid coming out of her and wetting her pants. But as she touched the pants, they were dry. The poor lady then grabbed hold of her pants because they were dropping down. Something had happened to her abdomen as it had shrunk back to its normal size. Diep was completely healed and with gratitude, she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord.

Khanh and his team were trained by William Lau in one of The Elijah Challenge Training seminars. Today, they continue to operate the Prayer Booth at the Hong Kong Mall in Houston, Texas. Every Saturday, about 100 people accepted Christ as their Savior at this booth. The Vietnamese Baptist Church in Houston, Texas is now known as the fastest growing Vietnamese church in North America.
The story of Diep did not end there. God was getting her ready for another miraculous encounter thousands of miles from Houston. After the healing and salvation, Diep faithfully attended the Vietnamese Baptist Church. However, she became increasingly burdened for the salvation of her family members who were still in Vietnam. She regularly sent them letters that included her pastor’s sermon notes and torn pages of the Vietnamese bible. Through her distant witnessing, her family members in Vietnam accepted Christ as their Savior. These new Christians began to witness to others in their hometown. 

When Diep was given an opportunity to visit her motherland, she took it. When she arrived in Vietnam, she was eager to share with everyone about what the Lord had done for her. Hundreds of Vietnamese gave their lives to Jesus because they did not just listen to Diep’s testimony but also experienced actual miraculous healing in their bodies. God began to use Diep to minister mass healing to large crowds and many were healed and saved. The latest report is that out of her ministry, four new churches have been established in Vietnam.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Raising the Dead: Dr. Chauncey Crandall Recalls 2006 Miracle

Dr. Chauncey Crandall
Jeff Markin was a dead man. In fact, he was officially declared dead at 8:05 a.m. in a Florida hospital emergency room.

The date was Oct. 20, 2006.

Only 53 years old, Markin was a big, burly, ordinary guy, a mechanic by trade. And he wasn’t a religious man by any means.

Heart specialist Dr. Chauncey Crandall was attending to his patients when he was summoned to the emergency room. He knew his presence on the scene was not only a last resort, but also most likely a lost cause.

Markin’s heart rhythm had flat-lined with cardiac arrest from a massive heart attack. A full 40 minutes had come and gone since his heart beat last. His pupils were fixed and dilated—he’d been “down” too long.

By the time Crandall arrived at the emergency room, Markin’s heart had already been shocked six times with the defibrillator. Just to make sure, his non-beating heart received a seventh shock, also to no avail. Rounds of medication and other efforts had all failed to revive the patient.

Markin’s lips, fingers and toes had literally turned black with death from a lack of oxygen.

There was no doubt—he was dead.

After Markin died, nearly everyone left the room. Nobody wants to remain around the smells and specter of death.

While a nurse prepared Markin’s lifeless body for the morgue, Crandall remained in the room to write up his final report. Then, once he completed his paperwork, he headed toward the door to return to his patients.

Standing in the door’s threshold, however, he was overcome with a strong feeling—a deep-seated sense that God wanted him to turn around and pray for Markin.

At first, Crandall—a man of science—was somewhat reluctant, even embarrassed. He felt foolish. But the request from God came to Crandall again, even more compelling this time. So he felt called to heed the message. As Crandall put it, he felt like “God’s intercom.”

And even though the words Crandall said came through him, he had no sense of devising them—they poured from him of their own accord.

“Father God,” Crandall prayed, “I cry out for this man’s soul. If he does not know You as his Lord and Savior, raise him from the dead now, in Jesus’ name.”

Then another strange thing happened. Involuntarily, Crandall’s right arm shot up in a gesture of prayer and praise.

At that moment, the ER doctor came back into the room, and Crandall ordered him to give Markin what seemed like one more useless shock from the defibrillator. At first reluctant, the doctor finally did as Crandall asked and applied the defibrillator.

Immediately, the machine registered a perfect heartbeat. Markin started breathing on his own. His black, cyanotic toes and fingers twitched. Soon, he began to mumble.

Jeff Markin had returned from the dead. And Dr. Chauncey Crandall would never be the same again.

Dr. Crandall prays for a woman

Life-Transforming Story

Crandall’s story doesn't end with Markin’s second chance at life. It’s actually what happened earlier that proves even more compelling.

Historically, Crandall kept his conventional Christian faith and his medical practice separate—until June 2000, when he was confronted with the worst nightmare a parent can face: his son Chad’s life-threatening illness.

Eleven-year-old Chad and his twin brother, Christian, were happy and athletic all-American boys born to Crandall and his gorgeous high-school-sweetheart wife, Deborah. Chad’s diagnosis of a deadly form of leukemia hit like a bombshell.

"Heal My Son"

After the diagnosis, Dr. Crandall cut down his medical duties so he could learn more about the treatment of leukemia—and research what the Bible says about healing.

He sought like-minded Christians in his area but was disappointed to find that most of them did not truly believe in the power of prayer to heal. So Crandall had to travel the world and take some unusual paths in his quest for supernatural healing through Christ.

Surely there were those who still believed in God’s power to heal through prayer.

A Quest for Christ

Of course, Crandall did not neglect modern medicine for Chad. He sought out the best doctors, the best medicine and the best facilities in the country. Yet it wasn’t enough.

So he became bold in his spiritual enthusiasm.

Crandall found that Chad’s illness taught him how to fight the spiritual battle every Christian faces and that there is a certain privilege in desperation. As Crandall will tell you, “The physical and the spiritual go together.”

Soul Healing, Body Healing

During his son’s illness, Crandall realized how important it is to stay in shape and take care of yourself. God has work for you to do—and illness will only present a roadblock to your spiritual growth.

As Crandall puts it, “It’s important as God’s servants to honor the body as God’s temple. Otherwise, we give the devil an easy opportunity to shorten our service to God.”

Additionally, Crandall came to realize just how much the physical and spiritual are intertwined. The Lord told him, “I’ve given you a platform as a physician to win the lost for Christ.”

Crandall knows he still has much work to do as the “Christian physician.”

Dr. Chauncey Crandall is the author of Raising the Dead, in which readers take a walk in his shoes to discover how the grace of God can help overcome disease; how prayer, praise and thanksgiving can do wonders for stress and even eliminate the need for medications; and the problems with and causes of “why me” thinking when something bad happens to you or a loved one.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Jesus Healed My Heart

Dear Brethren in Christ,

Here is the personal testimony of a woman in Alabama, Mrs. Birdie Carter, who was healed of her heart condition when her niece, Dr. Princella Johnson of Virginia, ministered to her over the telephone during The Elijah Challenge Virginia Training 10 days ago. It's actually a note written by Mrs. Carter to her niece.

The Lord is so good!

Rev William & Rev Lucille

From:  Mrs. Birdie Carter
To:      Dr. Princella Johnson

My dearest niece,
I want to take the time to testify how the Lord truly blessed and healed my heart through your ministry over the telephone, and the other pastors and ministers of healing. I couldn't wait any longer to let you and the others know that through the powerful ministry Jesus healed my heart as per your request to him on my behalf!
I just want to tell you the story how it began on the eleventh of February, I had a Nuclear Medicine Stress Test.
The next day, my doctor called me, and said that the test showed that my 30/40 blockage of 2007 had worsened, and that it showed that my heart was not getting enough blood on one side. He scheduled an appointment for the 26th of Feb. for a catheterization of my heart so he could decide what he would need to do for my heart. That's when I called my niece, Dr. Princella Johnson of Virginia, and told her what the doctor said.
I asked her to pray that when I had this test, that my heart wouldn't need any surgery. She said, “Auntee, I'm going to be in a conference this week, and this conference is for healing.” So, she said she was going to call me via speakerphone, and she and other believers were going to minister healing to me. She called Saturday, Feb. 23; and they ministered. While many ministered to me I could hear her voice also, she was holding the phone over speakerphone so I could hear them ministering and I prayed along with them. As they ministered to me, I felt the Holy Spirit going through my body like electricity, and it felt as if my hair was standing on ends!
And I know the Lord healed my heart!
So on the 26th of February, I reported to the hospital as ordered, along with my two daughters, Marie Carter of Birmingham, Alabama and Mrs. Brenda J. Law from Columbus, Georgia. They had both come to be with me during the catheterization of my heart. When they were putting me to sleep, I advised the nurses, and also my heart doctor, Dr. Steven George, who is a top cardiologist, that I'm not claiming anything, and they smiled and said, “OK, that's good.”
After the test, the doctors told my daughter that my heart is operating fine, and that I do not need any surgery on my heart.
I give Jesus, God and the Holy Ghost the praise and the honor! He healed my heart through the ministry and faith of the righteous saints and believers! Many people were praying for me to include my brother and sister in-law, Mr. Allen and Mrs. Beatrice Foster of Tacoma, Washington and their church family. I was also praying myself, along with many others. The Lord has also divinely healed me from cancer of my throat in 1963, and breast cancer through prayer and faith!
I love you, 
Your Auntee,
Birdie Carter!!!Montgomery, Alabama


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