Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Trinidarian Believer Testified of Greater Success In Ministering Healing

Trinidad and Tobago
Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dear Brethren in Christ,

Last night we arrived in this island nation which consists primarily of the two islands of Trinidad and Tobago. (Please see the map way down below.) We were met by our hosts Dave and Rohan. Dave is a Trinidadian of Indian descent who some time ago received The Elijah Challenge Training materials from a disciple in Kansas named Pete Cabrera. Dave studied and digested the material and began to apply it. Last night he shared with us that whereas before only 1 out of 10 people were healed when he ministered to them, after studying the materials 10 out of 10 infirm people he ministered to were healed by the Lord.

Dave then handed the materials to Brother Rohan, who has the ministry of a prophet. Likewise, Rohan also began to heal the sick effectively after going through the training materials---often with amazing results. Rohan is a high school mathematics teacher, and Trinidadian law and culture give him the freedom to preach the gospel and heal the sick in his classroom. Students are now healed regularly in his classes, and he estimates over the years he has led 15,000 students to Jesus Christ. 

Seeing the effectiveness of the Training, Dave and Rohan have invited full-time pastors and servants of God from all over Trinidad to attend the free event this week. They estimate about 200 or more will be joining us. By faith they will be providing meals for their guests over the four days of Training. Hearing what Dave and Rohan shared last night, we sense that the Lord wants to do something special here. He is pleased by the freedom accorded by the government to preach the gospel in the public schools---something forbidden in the USA. Trinidadian believers, moreover, generally fear the Lord (unlike Christians in quite a few other countries we have visited) and understand the importance of living holy lives in obedience to Him. Even the name "Trinidad" refers to the Holy Trinity in Spanish. We believe the Lord has something powerful in store for this week.

Please pray that the Elijah Challenge Training this week will have great impact on the gospel in Trinidad. May He enable us to be extremely effective in training His servants to heal the sick and cast out demons as confirmation of the gospel. May powerful miraculous healings take place during the morning Training sessions and in the afternoons when the trained disciples go door to door to heal the sick and proclaim the kingdom of God.

Our schedule has us conducting the Training Wednesday morning through Saturday morning from 9 AM to 1 PM. In the afternoons the trained servants of God will go from door to door to apply what they have been taught from the Scriptures.

Thank you for supporting us in intercessory prayer, dear ones!

Rev Bill

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Trinidad and Tobago is at the lower right in this map of the Caribbean
South America is the large land mass just underneath Trinidad


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