Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Healing Miracles at Word International, City of Naga, Cebu

13 September 2010 – Healing Miracles at Word International, City of Naga, Cebu

Showing the believers how to lay hands on the infirm
The Word International Ministries is shepherded by Pastor Poly Calonia, an amiable brother who has a real desire to learn. Pastor Butch Nacua was instrumental in making this even happened. There were quite a number of pastors and church elders from the surrounding regions who attended this Elijah Challenge seminar. The weather was very hot but the people arrived for the training. They stayed from 10 AM right through to 3.30 PM. 

The infirm waiting to be healed
The infirm came by faith. After Pastor Nestor Paculba, who joined us on that day, had led the infirm in a prayer of confession and repentance, the commands began. Once again, the Lord confirmed His Word by signs and wonders. Every time there was a healing, our hearts leapt with joy. We would be surprised if nobody was healed. A good number of people had backaches and shoulder pain because they had injured themselves by lifting heavy burdens and carrying water from distanced well or government-sponsored water faucets.  Stomach ailments were common too but the Lord healed them all. 

Healed - no more pain
The believers who were helping in healing were encouraged by the miraculous results and positive testimonies. After the healing, different pastors approached us to comment that this was the first time they had ever learned about commanding and healing the infirm.


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