Wednesday, March 7, 2012

No More Hearing Aid

B. T. Khoo - no more hearing aid
Brother B. T. Khoo was with a mission team from Singapore to the Philippines in January 2011. They were visiting Rev Yee, the president of APTS in Baguio and at that time, I happened to be the guest of the Yees. 

During that brief visitation, apart from casting out demons from a lady in the team, I laid hands on a couple of team members who claimed to have ailments. 

Brother Khoo was one of them. He was wearing hearing aids. After the healing commands, he returned to Singapore. I lost touch of him and then just two days ago, he wrote me on Facebook. 

This is what he wrote: "Hi Pastor, my name is Boo Tiong (Bt Khoo on FB). I am the one from Barker Road Methodist Church you met in Baguio last year at Rev Yee's residence. Very happy to tell you I have not worn my hearing aid since that evening of Jan 15th 2011. Praise God! God is good all the time!" With his permission, I am submitting this testimony. All glory to God! 

Pastor Albert Kang


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