Friday, July 29, 2011

Brazilian Disciples Opened Blind Eyes and Deaf Ears

Barbalha, Ceara, Brazil - Thursday, July 28, 2011
Pastor William Lau asked the Brazilian disciples at Barbalha, whom the Lord had used to heal the sick the previous afternoon to raise their hands. Many hands shot up. 
Here is a photo of some of them. Rachel is in the front row wearing the white blouse. God used her to heal a deaf man. Another disciple opened the blind eye of a woman with the power and authority of Jesus Christ.
Rachel with white blouse, sitting in front, was used by God to heal a deaf man

Woman Healed of Severe Plantar's Disease in Her Feet

Below is a testimony we just received from Simone Garland-Johnson in the US who trained with The Elijah Challenge over the internet. The Lord had healed her from severe depression and bi-polar disorder from which she had suffered for five years.

"I just wanted to write a testimony about the recent healing my Mother received after taking the Elijah Challenge Training.  Last Sunday my Mom was having really bad pain in her feet. She was diagnosed with Planters Percitous (spelling?)  which caused really bad pain in her feet. She had to put special shoes at the side of her bed because when her feet touched the floor they would hurt really bad--the shoes relieved some of this pain. The problem with her feet had been going on for months and I was tired of seeing her in so much pain-- so I decided to do something about it.

Using what I learned from your teaching I began to command that the pain leave her feet and that her feet be restored, healed, and made new. The pain did not leave right away but though mountain-moving faith, I persisted that the pain leave and her feet to be restore and they were. She experienced a 100% healing. The same feet my Mother could not walk on without very bad pain she began to jump and run on. My brother who is not saved saw this miraculous healing and was amazed. 

My mother is a believer but much sickness has come on her body (lupus, fibromyalgia, and a problem with her knee). Before my Mother was not opened to getting healed--her hope had went down for believing for her healing because she had been prayed for many times before and had not received healing. Further, other Christians told her that the reason she was not healed is because of her [lack of] faith--so she had become very discouraged and thought that Jesus must not want to heal her."

Saturday, July 23, 2011

97 Healed and Over 120 Accepted Christ At Dinaget Islands Crusade

Dinaget Island Crusade in the Philippines
97 healed and more than 120 confess faith in Christ, 90 believers trained in The Elijah Challenge - July 20th 2011

by Pastor Carl Henderson on Friday, July 22, 2011 at 10:21am

We trained over 90 believers in The Elijah Challenge method of healing the sick using the power and authority of Jesus name. During the training 52 people were healed and during the crusade that followed another 45 people were healed giving us a total 97 people healed in one day. (In this crusade we had 34 more people healed than in any previous crusade). I preached a Way of the Master sermon about sin, judgment and righteousness through Christ. I finished the lesson by asking them “how do they know that what I told them about Christ Jesus was true?” I told them I could prove that it was true that very night. I used the story of the “Paralytic” man lowered through the roof in front of Jesus. From this story, I explained that Jesus can forgive sin and the proof was that he healed the crippled. This indicated that sins being forgiven and being healed both have the same sources of power and authority, the sources is Jesus.

I then told them if Jesus heals tonight that they should put their faith and trust in him and turn from sin in repentance. I explained that if Jesus heals people tonight they have no option but to believe in him and to follow him. I also told them that if Jesus did not heal people at the crusade they should not believe in him or follow him. I told them that if Jesus heals people they must follow him. I repeated over and over that “the God who heals is the God who is real!” If Jesus heals, that proves he is real and that he can forgive their sins and raise them from the dead and give them eternal life in him. If he does not heal then they should continue on in their sins and never think about God again. I asked the whole crowd is this a fair deal? They all agreed! Like the nation of Israel did with Elijah and the prophets of Baal.

Then we called for those who needed to be healed to come forward for healing. We took authority in Jesus name and people were being healed all over the place; vaginal bleeding, tumors, cist, back pain, blindness, poor vision, headaches, fevers, body pain and weakness, breast tumors, crippling knee pain, strokes, blurry vision and even children who had been injured while playing were healed. We had only three people who were not completely healed and even these three all stated they were 50% better.

I then reminded the group of our deal and my boast about Jesus that “The God who heals is the God who is real.” I had those who wanted to follow Jesus now raise their hands. Over a hundred hands went up. I had them put their hands down and I explained that following Jesus meant pain, trial, tribulation and persecution and that what was done to Jesus would be done to those who followed him. I then asked how many want to follow Jesus still? The same hands went up. I had them put their hands down and I explained how Jesus had been humiliated and suffered hanging on the cross for them and he requires us to die to ourselves and take up our cross and follow him. I asked again, who here wants to stand for the Christ who died for them. Everyone stood-up again. I told them if you’re serious and you intend to follow Christ all the rest of your life, turn from your sins and previous way of life, and you are willing to die for Christ if necessary, then come forward.

Over 120 people came forward and raised their hand again as they publicly confessed their acceptance of Jesus,.. some wept and many were full of joy. Even the three who were only partially healed came forward to foamce llow Jesus. I explained how they need to be disciples and read their Bibles, pray, worship Jesus daily, and fellowship together with God’s people.

We tried to release the crowd three times but they would not disperse they just wanted to stay and bask in the beauty of the power of Jesus name, his presence and the experience the joy of being God’s people. It was another amazing night! We serve an awesome God. The local pastors who were present began to network with the throng of new believers. We were exhausted but it was a good exhaustion. The feeling of being used powerfully to advance the Kingdom of God! This was the largest number of miracles (97 people healed) and the largest number of people who have confessed faith in Christ at one of our crusades (more than 120 people-we could not count them all-both both of the people counting lost track at over 120 people).

Praise God and thank you to all those who prayed and gave to make this crusade happen. Deliverance starts tomorrow morning.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Miraculous Healings On A Cruise Ship

Houston, Texas
Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dear Partners in the Great Commission,

Tomorrow. Pastor William Lau leaves for three weeks of training the Lord's disciples in various venues in Brazil. Once again, he will be ministering with the Visitation of God ministry which has been so fruitful. A year ago in July when William was with Visitation of God in Brazil, 1,920 people were healed and 1,440 accepted Jesus in a week as 620 Brazilian disciples trained by Pastor William went door-to-door healing the sick and preaching the gospel in the second most idolatrous area in Brazil. (Click on the link if you'd like to read the report.)

Please remember us in prayer, dear ones! Pastor William will go by himself and Lucille will stay back in Houston.

Miraculous healings on a Carnival cruise ship

Last month we received an unusual report from John Slionski who heads a street ministry on Long Island, New York. In April 2009 John and his people were trained in The Elijah Challenge by Joseph White who had attended the Advanced Training earlier that year. 
This is what John witnessed on a Carnival cruise ship last month:
"William, I just got back from a mission trip to Jamaica on a major Carnival cruise ship with the "celebrity Christians." They let us minister twice and we had TREMENDOUS SIGNS and wonders and miracles.

A woman's tumor watered out before our eyes. We saw legs healed, water left a swollen foot caused by high blood pressure. A blind woman's eyesight restored plus MANY MANY MORE INCLUDING A MAN DELIVERED FROM WITCHCRAFT SPIRITS!

All these videos are under the afgtv link on our website at

We just signed a lease to open up our own church called "The Sound of Heaven" which opens July 10th. We will have regular services but also a full time training boot camp during the week in all areas!"

Praise the Lord for His wonderful grace in fulfilling His promise in John 14:12. "Those who believe in Me will do the works that I did."

Pastor William & Pastor Lucille

Friday, July 1, 2011

Homeless Man Healed of Irreversible Gangrene and Spared From Amputation

This is a testimony sent to Pastor William Lau by a believer who has been trained in The Elijah Challenge Seminar in Florida.

As we were serving food today, a homeless man came to me and said "Thank you!"


"Thank you so much!"

"For what?"

"For what you did a couple weeks ago!"


"My foot!"


Ok... so let's refer to an email I wrote to you on Wednesday, June 8th: "Last Monday (June 6, 2011) I was asked to pray over a man's heel which he believed had gangrene. I placed my thumb over the wound and commanded the gangrene to leave in the name of Jesus. It's been a while since I exercised the training I received in the Elijah Challenge. I pray I'll see him tonight to see how his heel is."

I actually didn't see him that night or any other nights until tonight (June 27, 2011).

The homeless man came and told me what happened. It was gangrene and the doctor was preparing to remove his foot. The following day after I placed my thumb on his wound and commanded the gangrene to leave, he visited his doctor again. After examining his foot, the doctor was completely shocked!

The doctor said "What did you do?"

The gangrene had stopped spreading completely and it DID NOT made it to the bones. The doctor said this was impossible with the infected condition of that foot. He scraped off the outside layer, cleaned, medicated, packed it with gauze and let it heal.

Today, the homeless man is working diligently in the ministry with his church without problem with his foot! He has apparently been praising God and telling of this miracle to everybody he met. He couldn't stop testifying and praising Jesus for this miracle!


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