Thursday, April 7, 2011

Elijah Challenge Coordinators Are Unpaid Volunteers

Conducting Elijah Challenge Seminar in the Philippine
There have been some questions about the Elijah Challenge coordinators making money out of the Elijah Challenge seminars. As the Coordinator of Elijah Challenge Asia, I do not draw a salary or receive any financial remunerations. My church also does not give me money to do this ministry. This is strictly a personal and voluntary commitment.

I have just returned from conducting EC Seminars in the Philippines. I have to pay for my own airfares and hotel bills. There is no strict demand or requirement on the churches to give me any monetary offerings for me to do what I am doing. All of us who conduct such seminars do hope that churches will help us so that we can continue our ministry without additional stress on our own livelihood.

In short, all Elijah Challenge Coordinators of different countries are unpaid volunteers who sense the urgency of the Time. We just like every God-fearing church to win many souls by sharing the Gospel with power and authority. 

That is the primary reason why we are busy conducting seminars in different churches. All these seminars are NOT centrally coordinated. individual Coordinators or ministers receive invitations and we arrange our schedules to minister as best as we can. 

Those who suggest that Pastor William is no different from other ‘superstar’ evangelists are mistaken. Pastor William is not the only one conducting the EC seminars. Anyone who has gone through the second training can conduct his or her own EC seminar. And there are literally hundreds who have gone through this training.

Many have checked our website and found that everything is free for them to download. There are no costs or hidden charges. Can anyone learn directly from the website? Obviously! It’s just like anyone can learn from the Bible without learning from a pastor or a bible teacher. Yes, some churches need explanations and also actual demonstration of healing. That is why they invite us to conduct Elijah Challenge seminars at their churches. We encourage everybody to take a look at our website. In whatever ways, he or she can learn to evangelize with power, we encourage everybody to do so.

Let’s win as many souls as possible while it is still day for when the night comes, no man can work.
God bless!

Pastor Albert Kang

Coordinator, Elijah Challenge Asia


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