Monday, September 26, 2011

Distance Miracle Healing By Brazilian Medical Doctor

Londrina, Brazil
Location: Central Presbyterian Church of Londrina 
Friday, September 23, 2011

This morning I had breakfast with Rodolfo Montosa, my dear host pastor at the First Independent Presbyterian Church of Londrina who hosted me earlier this month when I here. He shared with me that many, many miracles have taken place through his trained leaders after I returned to the United States. In particular he told me about Dr. Oziel, a physician who is one of his elders. This is the doctor who passed out forty copies of our Training Manual after the Lord used him to heal a young girl of severe epilepsy. Dr. Oziel is now very bold in healing the sick in Jesus' name. Below are some testimonies from him.

There was a woman who used her hands extensively making chocolate in a chocolate factory, but had been struck down by a disease causing various physical symptoms in her body, including pain and immobility in her hands. She had been taking various drugs and medications for the condition, but there was no relief from her suffering. Dr. Oziel's mother urged him to go see the woman, but he said that it was not necessary---he would simply minister healing to her over the telephone.

Dr. Oziel called her on the telephone. He first shared Psalm 103 with her, telling her that the Lord could heal her disease and more importantly could forgive her sins. Then he prayed to the Lord for her. After prayer, he rebuked the condition and commanded her healing in Jesus' name. Immediately afterwards while still on the phone the woman was amazed to discover that the symptoms had vanished. She was overwhelmed and wept for joy. Calling on the name of the Lord who had healed her with Dr. Oziel on the line, her sins were forgiven. She became a follower of Jesus Christ.

There was also a man who had suffered from an aneurysm and for several months had been at home in a coma. Dr. Oziel and other trained leaders went to minister to him. Later that week, the man awoke and got up out of bed. His family was overjoyed. 

Pastor William Lau


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