Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Son of high government official healed; $19,000 offering refused by disciple

Testimony from Elijah Challenge India Coordinator Hanok Masih - December 2011

An atheist who is a very high-ranking government official came to our fellowship with his son who had lost life in the lower part of his body. Doctors said that he would stay like that all his life. Hearing this the man cried and said to the doctors, “Please, I am willing to spend as much money as necessary, but get my son well.”

One of his relatives who is a believer and who had attended Brother Simon’s healing meetings said to him, “Jesus can heal your son. I know a servant of God who ministers and people get healed.” The arrogant atheist said, “Give him 10 lakhs [over US$19,000]. I want my son to be well.”

So the family arrived at Simon’s home for him to heal his child and also offered the money. Since there were many people in his living room, Simon took him to his personal room. When they came out, the boy was healed---walking and jumping for joy.

The atheist fell at Simon's feet. Simon said to him, “the grace of God cannot be bought but experienced.” He refused to take the money. I am not revealing his name since he is a very high government official.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Australian woman healed from irregular heartbeat & kidney cysts via text message

Don Parbery of Australia studied the Basic Training & Advanced Training via internet video
December 2011

Recently I studied the Elijah Challenge Basic and Advanced Training material over the internet. Just when I was about to finish the Advanced Training, an email came through about an unsaved daughter of a believer. The daughter had an irregular heartbeat, kidney cysts and a number of other things, seemingly out of nowhere and for no reason. God put it on my heart that I was to apply what I had learned to her situation.

I contacted her believing mother and asked whether her daughter would be open to meet for me to take authority over the sickness and/or demons and cast them out. The mother contacted the daughter who agreed to meet. Prior to the meeting, as an act of new found boldness, I sent her a text telling her that she was going to be completely healed by the only God that can heal, save and deliver.

For whatever reason, we were unable to meet (probably enemy intervention). So, I sent her a text with the command that I was going to say over her. She responded and thanked me for caring.

Her mum has just sent through an email saying that she is completely healed. She will not require a pace maker to regulate her heart and she will not require an operation to remove cysts of anything else.

Thank you for helping me get out of the boat and do what the master said I could!  I just sent the daughter another text and told her to thank God for her healing and to do business with the Lord.

I am in a very conservative church that does not believe in healing but I think that God has plans to change that mindset!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Woman Healed From HPV Virus After Studying Training Manual

Woman healed from HPV virus after studying Training Manual
We just received a testimony which we'd like to share with you. The sister's name is Tammie G.

"I would like to share my testimony with you. I'll try to make it short. I am a 50 year old married woman & I'm in menopause. In August of 2011 I had a monthly cycle which is abnormal given I'm in menopause. I called my doctor & scheduled an appointment. She took a biopsy and pap smear. The pap smear result came back showing slightly abnormal cells. The biopsy was normal. Since the pap smear was abnormal my doctor performed one more test per her protocol. She tested me for the HPV virus and the test came back positive. My doctor shared the results with me which was devastating to hear. She said I now need to have a cervical biopsy to determine if the cells show signs of early cervical cancer. Especially since the HPV virus can lead to cervical cancer.

I started praying about this immediately and decided I was going to believe God for complete healing from whatever was trying to take root in me. Prior to all of this I had become dissatisfied with the results from my prayer group. We were praying about many things especially healing from cancer but weren't seeing any results. I decided to do an internet search on healings as a way to encourage myself as I waited on God to bring my healing to fruition. I ran across your site and started reading the training manual. I read up to the point where you said to go and heal somebody in the name of Jesus.

Since I didn't have anyone immediately that I could heal I said to myself "Since I need healing I'll have to start with me." I followed the instructions and with authority commanded healing to myself in Jesus' name. I did this for a few days. The peace of God came on me and I believed that my healing was complete. I went to my doctor's appointment to have my cervical biopsy done. I asked the doctor for another pap smear test and another HPV test. A week later she called me and told me all of my tests came back normal. Praise God!

I also have a leaky aortic valve. I was born with a heart murmur (leaky valve). I had a big episode (heart failure) 11 years ago after the birth of my son. I was close to heart surgery but God healed & delivered me from it. But earlier this year my cardiologist said my heart valve showed some leakage again. I believe God healed my heart valve too. I'll report back in a few months after I have another test.

Thank you so much for the teaching. It has cleared up my misunderstandings. I'm not done reading the training manual but so far it's been excellent."

Praise the Lord for His wonderful grace!

Clay mixed with spittle restores eyesight as in John 9:6

Brother Jim Hathaway of British Columbia, Canada attended The Elijah Challenge Advanced Training in Houston in February 2008. Since then, the Lord has used him to minister healing to many people. This is one of the many testimonies of healing that happened when Brother Jim ministered in July 2011 in Juarez, Mexico.

This mom was wearing glasses and had cataracts. I was asked to minister to her. After two efforts there seemed to be little improvement. She shared how the day before she had been reading how Jesus had made mud out of clay with his spit and wanted me to do the same. I admit I was a little out of my comfort zone but complied. 

There is not much clay in the desert but after 10 minutes of searching one of the pastors found some. I asked for some water to make the paste but she insisted that I use my spit. Again I complied and made a paste and applied it to her eye lids and commanded healing. Immediately she went into a very powerful, dramatic worship time that lasted a few minutes. 

When she opened her eyes not only were her cataracts gone but her sight was restored too. She told her husband “Now that I can see you, you are more handsome than I remembered.” I cried when I heard this.

Mixing the clay paste to minister healing for eyesight as Jesus did in John 9:6
Commanding healing in Jesus' name

To read the rest of his testimony and healing miracles please go to

Thursday, December 8, 2011

From Pain to Gain

Pastor Albert in wheelchair with walking stick in hand
Within the period of 10 years, my health condition worsened and slid rapidly down the steep slope of pain. The little known genetic disorder, ankylosing spondylitis, was taking over my life. This is a chronic inflammatory arthritis of the spine, also known as ‘bamboo spine’. It is an inherited autoimmune disease that causes the joints in the spine to fuse up and there is no cure. 

I did not realise the seriousness of this disabling disease even though it had caused a hairline crack in my spine when I was only 18 years old. As I grew older, I began to experience regular bouts of back pain and numbness of the limbs. 

After passing 40, the pain had increased to a point where it affected the movements of my limbs. My spine had fused up, causing my back to hunch. My health deteriorated further and pain became my regular companion. To manage the pain, I popped ibuprofen, a powerful painkiller. On bad days, I had to take up to eight pills – the maximum dosage permitted in a day.

Standing, walking or sitting, for a prolonged period, became a problem. Before too long, I sought the help of walking aids such a walking stick or cane. I had to use a wheelchair for long distance travels.

My Merciful God
There were nights when my back was so painful that sleeping became impossible. I had to lie face down like a turtle over a few stacked layers of pillows.

During every chronic pain attack, I cried to God for help. I had no strength of my own; I could only cling to Him. On many occasions, I had prayed and asked God to either heal or take me home to heaven. He didn’t. Instead, He brought the peace of heaven into my struggling soul. The throbbing pain did not stop but His presence helped me overcome many a tough night. 

Later I learned that God was not silent about my pain but set the motion of healing in process. How this happened could only be described as the mercy and grace of God in operation.

God’s Special Plan
It was our dentist, Dr. Thiagan Sinnadurai, a dedicated servant of God who challenged my wife Grace and me to attend a healing seminar organised by his house church. I was not keen to attend because I knew that I did not have the gift of healing. For over 20 years of my ministry, I did not see many successful healing miracles after my prayers. In fact, a few people died after I prayed.

On that hot day of 8 December 2005, Grace drove me to the healing seminar. I was not in the most amiable mood. I had work to do and my nerve was also not accommodating. When we could not find a parking space, I was elated. Now, I could miss the seminar and give a great excuse to Dr. Thiagan. However, God had other plan and He opened up a nice parking space for us. Still mumbling under my breath, with Grace helping me, I walked slowly to the training location at Bangsar.

God’s Healing Approach
That day was to become a defining moment of my life and ministry. Pastor William Lau, an American-Chinese, with a gentle Christ-like spirit, was systematic in his teaching. In his Elijah Challenge teaching, there were no strange doctrines or scary testimonies of being caught to heaven. This founder of the Elijah Challenge was not there to impress us with his theology but simply allowing the scriptural verses to speak for themselves. 

Verse upon verse, precept upon precept, line upon line, my eyes were opened. Suddenly everything made sense. Why didn’t they teach me this in the bible seminary? Even after earning a Master in Divinity, this truth in the Bible had completely eluded me. 

Why was I not told that there is a difference between the gift of healing and the authority to heal? Why didn’t the professors teach us how to use the kingly authority to do spiritual warfare and heal the sick in the context of preaching the Gospel? 

The most fascinating part was when Pastor Lau said that he would demonstrate this God-given power and authority by healing some of the participants in the name of Jesus. He did exactly that. A few participants were healed of the back pain, leg pain and other infirmities. 

Then he invited some of us to try. I remember feeling the pain in my own back and facing an Indian pastor who claimed to have three numb toes. With a fellow participant, I laid my hand on the toes and commanded the feeling to return in the name of Jesus. To my great surprise, the pastor claimed that feeling had returned to his toes and he quickly testified to the other participants. That was my first experience in having immediate healing result after ministering.

The Elijah Challenge
I was to attend the same seminar another three more times and then to take an advance training with Pastor Lau. Since then, my ministry has been completely transformed. It is filled with power and miracles which is line with what the bible says about the kingdom of God as not being a matter of talk but of power (1 Corinthians 4:20). 

Grace and I had personally healed many in the name of Jesus with the God-given authority and power. In the last five years, we have trained Christians from both the mainline and Pentecostal/Charismatic churches in seminars and training sessions. We have the joy of seeing our trainees healing the infirm in the name of Jesus and literally thousands are being miraculously healed.

Many Healing Miracles
This testimony from one of our many healing mission trips to the Philippines is among the more interesting ones: 

The elderly lady sat transfixed as after many years, for the first time, she could clearly hear the voice of her daughter. I had just placed my fingers into the elderly lady’s impaired ears and commanded them to be opened in the name of Jesus. Then to test whether she was really healed, the daughter went to about one metre behind her and began calling out words and phrases in a normal voice. The elderly lady repeated every word and phrase accurately – she was healed and she could hear clearly. 

Here is a testimony of distant healing: 

Our Chinese Service's pastor, Rev Edward Chiu's mother-in-law was in coma after taking the wrong medicine for her tuberculosis. She was in that situation for four days and she lived far away from our church in another state. Rev Chiu and I took authority over the coma by using the healing-at-a-distance approach. We commanded her body to respond to the healing touch of Jesus and also for her to be revived from her coma. About two hours later, the sister-in-law discovered that the mother had awakened. Praise the Lord! Now we know that healing-at-a-distance works also with us.

Some of those trained pastors have gone on to include The Elijah Challenge’s approach of healing in their ministries. Rev Timothy Lam is one of those trained and recently ministered in Guilin, China. His testimony came this way:
An elderly man who could not speak for many years, started to utter words after being ministered to. His wife wanted to hear him say, "I love you"... and he did. Slowly but surely, he said those lovely words to his wife after many years of dumbness. [In Chinese, the words would sound like "wo ai ni."]

This type of scenario is repeating in many congregations around the world. From Vietnam to Africa, Singapore to Dubai, Malaysia to United Kingdom, India to United States, thousands have been healed in the name of Jesus. What is so special about this type of healing ministries? If you like to learn more, Grace and I are most willing to share with you and your congregation. Today we serve as coordinators of the Elijah Challenge Asia and our primary task is teaching congregations how to heal in the name of Jesus within the context of evangelism.

God’s Special Touch
What happened to my own dilapidating condition? Without much fanfare, I was miraculously healed. While I was busy healing others in the name of Jesus, God was quietly healing me. One day, I got up without pain. For a short period of time, I still carried my walking stick just in case it was only a brief remission. After a while, it seemed silly to carry the walking stick when there was no pain and so I left it at home. 

There were many occasions when the pain threatened to return but my dear wife was ever ready to rebuke the pain for me. Today, after five years, the pain recurrence has reduced to almost zero. I still have to be careful not to lift heavy stuffs or jump off the stage while preaching. The Lord is merciful and Grace and I are forever grateful.

About Elijah Challenge Asia
Rev Albert and Grace Kang serve as Coordinators of the Elijah Challenge Asia which is a ministry affiliated with The Elijah Challenge International. Elijah Challenge Asia seeks to provide ministry support, training seminars, teaching events, healing and prayer opportunities for the churches in Malaysia and Asia. In keeping with the strategy of Elijah Challenge End-Time Evangelism, this ministry has the goal of training and raising Elijah Challengers who would become leaders in the ministries of praying and healing the sick for the extension of God’s kingdom.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Elderly couple with heart condition now runs down the stairs

Quatro Barras, Curitiba, Brazil
Friday, September 30, 2011

Quatro Barras is likely one of many similar hamlets spreading out on both sides of the expressway which takes you the big capital city of Curitiba maybe 20 km away. 

My host here is Pastor Manoel of the Christian Community Church of Quatro Barras, a relatively new congregation of mostly younger couples, young adults and children. Last night we began the Basic Training. At the demonstration of healing near the end of the session, an elderly couple hobbled very slowly to the front. Both had heart conditions. Two brothers and two sisters came forward to minister healing to them as Jesus might have done as recorded in the gospels. They laid hands on them and exercised authority over the heart disease in Jesus' name.

By the time the dust settled, the wife was able to jog (slowly) to the back of the church and then back to the front---feeling fine. She testified that earlier she was dizzy and could barely walk. Her husband also testified that he felt fine as he walked back and forth at the front. After the meeting they refused a ride home by car but instead walked home on foot.

Today I was told by Pastor Manoel that the two are now running down the stairs in their home. The Lord is good!

Pastor William Lau

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Medical Report of Healed Heart

A woman Brazilian physician, who had served as a missionary doctor, had to retire from serving because of a heart condition. 

On Thursday night when the disciples ministered to people with heart conditions she came forward to be healed and she felt God's healing touch. Yesterday she went to be examined by her doctor. 

Today she came to the final training session and testified from the stage waving in her hands a big white envelope. It contained the results of the examination and medical documentation showing that her heart was now completely normal!

Reported by Rev William Lau

Londrina, Brazil
Saturday, September 24, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Distance Miracle Healing By Brazilian Medical Doctor

Londrina, Brazil
Location: Central Presbyterian Church of Londrina 
Friday, September 23, 2011

This morning I had breakfast with Rodolfo Montosa, my dear host pastor at the First Independent Presbyterian Church of Londrina who hosted me earlier this month when I here. He shared with me that many, many miracles have taken place through his trained leaders after I returned to the United States. In particular he told me about Dr. Oziel, a physician who is one of his elders. This is the doctor who passed out forty copies of our Training Manual after the Lord used him to heal a young girl of severe epilepsy. Dr. Oziel is now very bold in healing the sick in Jesus' name. Below are some testimonies from him.

There was a woman who used her hands extensively making chocolate in a chocolate factory, but had been struck down by a disease causing various physical symptoms in her body, including pain and immobility in her hands. She had been taking various drugs and medications for the condition, but there was no relief from her suffering. Dr. Oziel's mother urged him to go see the woman, but he said that it was not necessary---he would simply minister healing to her over the telephone.

Dr. Oziel called her on the telephone. He first shared Psalm 103 with her, telling her that the Lord could heal her disease and more importantly could forgive her sins. Then he prayed to the Lord for her. After prayer, he rebuked the condition and commanded her healing in Jesus' name. Immediately afterwards while still on the phone the woman was amazed to discover that the symptoms had vanished. She was overwhelmed and wept for joy. Calling on the name of the Lord who had healed her with Dr. Oziel on the line, her sins were forgiven. She became a follower of Jesus Christ.

There was also a man who had suffered from an aneurysm and for several months had been at home in a coma. Dr. Oziel and other trained leaders went to minister to him. Later that week, the man awoke and got up out of bed. His family was overjoyed. 

Pastor William Lau

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Elijah Challenge Conference Bangkok, Thailand in October 2011

Elijah Challenge Conference
Venue : JaiSamarn Church Sukhumvit 6
Bangkok, Thailand
7 - 9 October 2011
You are welcome to attend

If you are interested in learning how to apply your God's given power and authority to heal the sick whenever you share the Gospel, please avail yourself and attend this Elijah Challenge Seminar to be conducted in Thailand.

Please take a look at this link for more information


Monday, September 19, 2011

Football Star Was Healed And Not Misdiagnosed!

by Teresa Neumann : Sep 12, 2011 : 

"Somebody said they misdiagnosed him. I'm telling you, he didn't get misdiagnosed. He got healed." -Head football coach, Russ Schneider
(North Augusta, South Carolina)—When C. J. Williams, a star running back at Fox Creek High School, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, his community banded together in prayer.

CJ WilliamsAccording to Beliefnet News, just as Williams was ready to start his chemotherapy treatment the preparations were suddenly halted.

As his mother, Christina Berrien, told the Augusta Journal, "The results [of some tests] came back. They said it was a rare infection that shows the same signs as Hodgkins lymphoma. They said it's only happened one other time. It was five years ago."

Added Barrien: "Prayer changes everything. I want to thank everybody."

William's footbal coach, Russ Schneider, went a step further in sharing his belief: "I tell you what happened. He got diagnosed with cancer, and not only this whole community, every one of you, every teacher, every parent, churches we don't even know about got on their knees and started praying. Somebody said they misdiagnosed him. I'm telling you, he didn't get misdiagnosed. He got healed."

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Star Football Player Healed Instantly of Knee Injury

Star football player instantly healed of knee injury - September 4, 2011

Below is a testimony we received from Arjae Matthews, who trained with The Elijah Challenge last year.

"In Savannah, Georgia the people were open to receive what the Word had to say about healing by using authority. People were healed and and set free from back and neck problems and tumors. One that stood out more involved a young man who was the star football player on his high school team. He had blown out his knee and he had a scholarship from a college to play football. He was healed instantly---he dropped the crutches and started walking and he had no pain in the knee. Then I told him to run. For the first time in weeks he took off running. Praise God! I told him he can go back to his team. There was also limbs growing out. The Lord moved in a mighty way."

Friday, September 2, 2011

Man Born Without Inner Ear Healed By The Power of Jesus

Creative miracle in Oklahoma

Robert Short is a disciple from Phoenix, Arizona who attended Basic Training II in Houston. Here's what Rob just sent us...

"I was ministering healing in Oklahoma City and did exactly as trained in the Elijah Challenge as I placed my finger in his ear and commanded restoration to his hearing. Here is the testimony he shared on Sunday morning service.  He was dancing with such great joy all morning!
'One man who was born without the inner ear apparatus that enables you to hear shared that as an infant that they had transplanted some small bones into his ear to create some capacity for him to hear. He had about 10% hearing as a result and a lifetime of strong pain in his ear and head. We ministered to him and the pain left completely. The next morning the stuff that had been transplanted fell out of his ear and he could hear normally. Thank you, Jesus.'
There were many other testimonies but this one I will never forget. Things are getting exciting seeing the Gospel confirmed like that. Looking forward to 'dancing on the edge of the earth!'"

God is good!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Healing Miracles At Umbrella Fair, Northampton, England

We just received a report from Peter Pap who ministered healing with his team at the open-air healing outreach at the Umbrella Fair (where a variety of healing was offered from Eastern to Reiki and also church groups offered prayers, etc.) in Northampton, England. Around 90% of the people who came to Peter's team were clearly healed and Jesus Christ was glorified. Thank you for interceding for them, dear ones! 

If Peter and his team can do this in gospel-resistant, post-Christian England, how much more can it be done by trained disciples in other western countries like the USA and Australia! (Peter and his team were trained via our videos on YouTube.)

Below is Peter's report...

Thanks for the continuous support and prayer covering. I must report really positive news from today's healing tent:

Junett - already a believer, but backslidden. She was on the way to ask for some strong painkillers when we met her. She had arthritis in the hip and also inflammation as a left over from some removed lumps from her abdominal part. The symptoms of arthritis disappeared. She felt like the infection/inflammation had also disappeared. (And did not need painkilllers). We encouraged her to return to more active fellowship with Jesus and deal with her past in prayers.

A man in his 40's - finger injury - could not move his finger and he had constant pain. Commanded 3 times - at last the pain was completely gone and he could move his finger. His family was there watching and were amazed. I shared the gospel with them and agreed that he will explore more of Jesus.

Neil - chest pain (probably muscular, but possible related to being overweight) - First the pain eased up, for the second ministry it was totally gone.

Debbie - she had back pain - instantly healed. While ministering to her I had a word for her that the real cause is her right foot. She told me that she had an accident on that and it is true that since then her posture has changed and back pains began. We ministered against that too. Her friend Lisa standing there (who was first very sceptical) opened up by seeing the healing and also received something of Jesus. I prayed with both of them after and they went with my blessings saying that they will consider giving their lives completely to God. Let it be, Lord!

Adam - a young man came for healing for his injured back. Shoulder pains were gone instantly, the lower back after a few more minutes ministering. Him and his friend both received well the gospel, asked questions and wanted to know God more. I've got their contact details for follow up.

Sharon - a lady with damage of both eyes. Her vision is still very poor. After ministering her sight got more clear, but not as much as we would like it to be. We agreed to keep in touch and seek God together.
Sharon's daughter Hannah also came for healing with a severe condition. She is 17, but the size of a 7-8 years old. Hannah's spine is in constant discomfort and her right leg muscles did not develop and the leg did not grow properly. She can only walk slowly with a limp. Her right leg is in a plastic cast and completely de-sensitized. I ministered to her several times. The spine discomfort went more or less straight away (she also said that she felt a warmth running through her whole body, like energizing her wanting to run). The leg though did not get any better. We agreed with them to keep in touch. (They both responded well to the message about Jesus wanting to heal them physically as well as restoring them to eternal unity with the Father).

Primrose - this was probably the most powerful one today. This lady came in a wheelchair, she had a car accident in 2009 and more or less all the major bones and muscles in her body got injured. Shoulder, legs, neck, teeth and hips etc. After ministering I felt that this is just the beginning of a longer process, but I wanted to somehow test it. I asked her if she can walk at all. She said no, she hasn't been on her feet for 2 years. So I told her to try to walk now. I offered my arm to lean on. (She is a quite big lady, so it was a brave offer). She slowly raised from the armchair, stood on her feet and slowly started to make steps. By the second step she was already exclaiming saying "This is a miracle! I haven't stood on these feet for 2 years and now I can walk!". Well, it was beautiful. By this time a crowd gathered there to watch. After about 3-4 steps she was exhausted and stepped back (!) to the wheelchair and sat down. She was very-very delighted and praised God (without anyone asking her to do it).......watching her standing up a young girl bravely stepped to me and said "Wow, this is just sooo cool. Can I just stay here with you?". So after I finished with Primrose and we exchanged details this girl told me that she is diagnosed with depression. I found out that her dad has been a victim of depression too. So we broke the curses and we together prayed for her healing and for finding God. She actually asked me to pray so she will know God. So we did. She is only 13, so I didn't feel right asking for any contact details. But she won't forget this day.

A believer (a sister called Jannice) came for healing from arthritis in her hand - and the pain and symptoms were gone immediately.

A lady called Sue - pain and tension in the back - immediate healing.

A young lady called Sarah came with her boyfriend. She asked for healing of her stomach as there was an unknown swelling in it with pain. As I ministered the pain was gone quickly, but I had a word that the cause is actually self-hate. (It wasn't obvious as she appeared to be a confident and pretty young girl). As soon as I told her this and I mentioned the word "self hate" she collapsed and cried. Her boyfriend was there all the way through and that was great. She got healed and I prayed for both of them and we agreed to keep in touch.

A lady called Jo - she had stomach ache - immediate healing - she responded to the gospel very well.
Soooo.... William, I think today we had around 90% success in terms of clear-cut, obvious healings. This is brilliant. People being miraculously healed and some finding faith. Glory to God for this all!!!!  The team members and others from the church also got encouraged and motivated by this - so more to come :-)
I can't explain how great it is to explore this simple and so obviously Biblical way of evangelism! Amazing... the sick are healed, the gospel of the Kingdom is preached. Truly the Messiah is glorified!

Dear William, please keep me posted, let me know whatever you think I need to know. Many blessings, I need to go now, it's very late. I just could not leave this for another day...


Peter Pap

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Testimonies Of Those Being Affected By Kundalini Spirits

"D" writes:
I went to Lakeland 3 times. I was so drawn to go there. I really thought it was of God... I had so many supernatural experiences - to seeing a mystical Jesus with a third eye, angels talking to me, visions, being transported. I had one experience with my daughter being in the room and her experiencing it too. I was roaring like a lion, had gold dust and many other experiences. The worst thing that happened to me is that it got sexual. 

This false Jesus was approaching me sexually and I fell into it. I still to this day do not understand how I could have been so deceived. I have been a Christian since the age of 16. I am 49 now... I fell right in... hook, line and sinker. When I came home that last viist I became aware it was demonic, and I was surrounded and covered with demons literally, it was so horrible, all that I went through, you cannot imagine... I was seeing demons and being touched sexually and tormentingly constantly.. it has been 1 1/2 years and I am still battling these demonic spirits. I cry out to the Lord everyday for total deliverance. It has been horrible. I have renounced and repented, but still fighting. How do we get free of this?

SHERIE writes:
I can testify that I was infested with this foul eastern spirit, the kundalini. I was in a movement from 1992 - 2000 which had close links with the Toronto movement. From 2000 - 2006 I joined a church with links to Bill Johnson.

I was desperate for God to move in my life and change situations and heal hurts and was very open to ministry - I had many in this movement touch my forehead and experienced the manifestations you describe - drunkenness, laughing and crying, shaking. I got dreams and visions and just before I left the structure (church) I had a vivid dream of a huge python that came through the back door and ttached itself to my car, and also to rooms in my home. I was very disturbed and sought the Lord for an answer.

It took about 6 months before I was delivered, but God brought a couple over my path who God had trained and had victory over spiritual entities. Every time I was in their presence, I would get very anxious, and they would calmly pray for me and I could feel darkness leaving and my sanity restored. It was only after 6 months of these episodes, I was again in their presence and sensed a fight ensue in the Spirit. 

I was very anxious and fearful and could feel a huge snake in my spine - I was rigid and very uncomfortable - It felt as if this thing wanted to throttle me and rob me of my life. I called out to God and they quietly prayed - then I asked the lady to pull this serpent out of my head - it felt as if it could exit near the top of my crown. She continued to pray and I got the word "kundalini " in my spirit and just commanded this thing by its name to go in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I pled the blood as it was very frightening, and it left. I felt like a washed out rag, but I was free!

That was the last lime I had deliverance and my spiritual eyes have since opened and God has done a mighty work in me outside of the structure... Afterwards they were amazed and asked me what strange term I had used and where it came from - I had no idea except that it was God who gave me knowledge in that situation. 

Thank you for the info that has made everything clear to me! I now have confirmation from where I was infected! May many of your readers heed the call of God to "come out and sever yourselves" from Babylon and its lies and deception and foul spirits, while there is time...

LUCY writes:

David Wilkerson also mentioned the kundalini spirit, and I researched it in late October, after having attended the Fredericksburg (Virginia) Prayer Furnace at which Che Ahn ministered. 

There, I saw many of the manifestations you mention: hopping and jumping during "worship", falling backward at Che Ahn's touch, extreme jerkiness in several cases. Very uncomfortable with this, I came home and watched (my first time ever) videos of Todd Bentley. Needless to say, I was appalled...

SARAH writes:

I'm just about in tears over all of this...
May and I watched the very first nights of the recent "outpouring of the Holy Spirit" on the IHOP [International House of Prayer] webstream and boy, did that turn sour fast. Aside from the singing on the first night, everything was just messed up. AHH! It's breaking my heart! How many people do we know and love in Kansas City?!

I've watched my beloved siblings laugh uncontrollably, jerk as though sick, stumble and speak as though drunk, and "sing in tongues" in complete chaos and without interpretation. I've raised the issue among friends of being "drunk in the Spirit" and even though I prove over and over that God is for self-control, which they agree with, they continue to act like drunken fools! 

See Titus 1:8 and 2:2; 1 Thessalonians 5:6-7 which compared in the NKJV and NIV relates self-control with being sober, pointing to the fact that the Holy Spirit is not one who takes delight in being drunk at all, but in being sober-minded - fruit of the Spirit, what? Drunkenness is the complete opposite of being filled with the Holy Spirit! For sober-mindedness is a filling of Him!; 1 Peter 1:13, 4:7, and 5:8 ...

BRENDA writes:

A very dear friend of mine who has been my prayer partner for years were lured into the enemy's web of deception about many of the ministries and manifestations that you spoke about. After reading and listening to your web broadcasts we had a powerful prayer session repenting, renouncing, and commanding any spirit that we had picked up from these false prophets/doctrines of demons, etc. to go from us in Jesus' name. We broke all kinds of things off of us. Most of it was deep repentance and renouncing - thank you for exposing the enemy and his tactics and all the deception that the church body has fallen deeply into...


Yes - if you have had "hands laid" or done "soaking prayer" under any of these kinds of ministries, it is very important to RENOUNCE (from the very depths of your being in Jesus' name) and also COMMAND OUT these 'kundalini' spirits or any other "anointing" that you have received. Remember, you must VIOLENTLY EXPEL these things in the name of JESUS. Be FREE in His mighty name!

I truly wonder what God is going to do to those ministries who have been spreading this alien spirit right through the Body of Christ. Truly, Judgment must begin "at the house of God."
Blessings to all,
Andrew Strom

Testimony from a sister in Hong Kong

"To tell the truth, none of us here in Hong Kong have heard of this Kundalini spirit. But I have seen and been involved in what was described in the Youtube video by Andrew Strom. The shaking, laughing, and falling down is so common here."
"I had that Kundalini spirit in me!! I used to have the violent shaking and jerking. My mouth was opening and closing like yawning until my jaw ached. This happened when I went forward for prayer in a Sunday night service in Hong Kong. I would fall down and jerk violently. And I used to think I was responding to the presence of the Holy Spirit.
But later I kept asking the Lord if it was not of Him, to get rid of it. The pastor said to wait and let the Holy Spirit do His work. This went on for more than a year or two as far as I can remember. This was like 6 or 7 years ago. When my sister came over from New Zealand about 5 years ago, we spent one evening praying. The moment I started to pray in tongues, I was shaking and jerking violently and got my sister's attention. We sought the Lord.
And she kept remembering our dad's Indian friends' names. Immediately I recalled Uncle Telang. My parents rented a room to him (this was when we lived in Malaysia) and he worked in the British Camp (the British had military base in Malaysia then) with my dad. He was of the Brahmin caste (the priestly one). I was about 11 or 12 years old and he always called me to do his manicure and pedicure and gave me pocket money. This was going on for many years then.
I just called it an Indian spirit not knowing about the Kundalini spirit. So I repented, renounced and rededicated my life to Jesus then. And my sister prayed over me. I don't have the shaking now."

More information on the Kundalini spirit and on other deceptions in the Church

Are You Affected By Kundalini Spirits?


Not all experiences are from God. (I am talking here about the violent "jerking", uncontrollable laughter, bodily contortions, drunkenness, 'portals', strange "angel" encounters, etc.)

Why do we not see such an 'anointing' in the Bible?

Why aren't Jesus or the apostles promoting these manifestations if they really are true Revival?

Why instead do we see these things all the way through the New Age and Hinduism, etc?

Do we not realize that many false religions have their own version of "laying on of hands" that results in these very types of manifestations?

This 'spirit' is not in the Bible - but it is all the way through Kundalini-type Hinduism! Don't you think this should alarm us?

If you search for Kundalini and Shakti on the Internet, you will find that multitudes of people in the New Age and Eastern religions still experience these powerful manifestations.
Often this is with the help of a Guru, who touches them on the forehead so that they can experience a "Kundalini Awakening".

This touch is made by the Guru in what is known as the Shakti Pat or divine touch. The raising of the spiritual experience is called raising Kundalini. 

After a period when the devotee has reached a certain spiritual elevation they begin to shake, jerk, or hop or squirm uncontrollably, sometimes breaking into uncontrolled animal noises or laughter as they reach an ecstatic high. These manifestations are called 'Kriyas'. 

Devotees sometimes roar like lions and show all kinds of physical signs during this period. Often devotees move on to higher states of spiritual consciousness and become inert physically and appear to slip into an unconsciousness...."

And as the guru Shri Yogãnandji Mahãrãja wrote:
"When Your body begins trembling, hair stands on roots, you laugh or begin to weep without your wishing, your tongue begins to utter deformed sounds, you are filled with fear or see frightening visions…the Kundalini Shakti has become active."

When you see videos of these "kriyas" or other Kundalini-type manifestations, you will believe that you are watching a modern "Impartation"-type church meeting. (And I say this as someone who believes strongly in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I just don't believe in "alien" anointings infiltrating the Body of Christ! There is a big difference between Kundalini and the real Holy Spirit).

Since 1993-1994, I believe a foreign spirit has been allowed to invade the church - first through Rodney Howard-Browne's ministry - then Toronto, then the Prophetic movement (which I was part of at the time) and on into Lakeland and many other ministries and movements. 

I urge people now to "test the spirits" just as we are commanded to in Scripture. Do not let just anyone lay hands on you. This is a powerful spirit and it has the backing of a lot of big-name ministries. In fact, these men and women are the very ones responsible for allowing it to spread right through the body of Christ. And one day they will be answerable to God for doing so.

We are specifically warned in the Bible that the Last Days will be a time of "seducing spirits," false prophets, 'lying signs and wonders,' and that we always need to watch for "angels of light" masquerading as the real thing. Why does the modern church not take these warnings seriously? Aren't we living in the very days that the Bible warns about?

Adapted from Andrew Strom’s article, “Kundalini Spirits”

Friday, July 29, 2011

Brazilian Disciples Opened Blind Eyes and Deaf Ears

Barbalha, Ceara, Brazil - Thursday, July 28, 2011
Pastor William Lau asked the Brazilian disciples at Barbalha, whom the Lord had used to heal the sick the previous afternoon to raise their hands. Many hands shot up. 
Here is a photo of some of them. Rachel is in the front row wearing the white blouse. God used her to heal a deaf man. Another disciple opened the blind eye of a woman with the power and authority of Jesus Christ.
Rachel with white blouse, sitting in front, was used by God to heal a deaf man

Woman Healed of Severe Plantar's Disease in Her Feet

Below is a testimony we just received from Simone Garland-Johnson in the US who trained with The Elijah Challenge over the internet. The Lord had healed her from severe depression and bi-polar disorder from which she had suffered for five years.

"I just wanted to write a testimony about the recent healing my Mother received after taking the Elijah Challenge Training.  Last Sunday my Mom was having really bad pain in her feet. She was diagnosed with Planters Percitous (spelling?)  which caused really bad pain in her feet. She had to put special shoes at the side of her bed because when her feet touched the floor they would hurt really bad--the shoes relieved some of this pain. The problem with her feet had been going on for months and I was tired of seeing her in so much pain-- so I decided to do something about it.

Using what I learned from your teaching I began to command that the pain leave her feet and that her feet be restored, healed, and made new. The pain did not leave right away but though mountain-moving faith, I persisted that the pain leave and her feet to be restore and they were. She experienced a 100% healing. The same feet my Mother could not walk on without very bad pain she began to jump and run on. My brother who is not saved saw this miraculous healing and was amazed. 

My mother is a believer but much sickness has come on her body (lupus, fibromyalgia, and a problem with her knee). Before my Mother was not opened to getting healed--her hope had went down for believing for her healing because she had been prayed for many times before and had not received healing. Further, other Christians told her that the reason she was not healed is because of her [lack of] faith--so she had become very discouraged and thought that Jesus must not want to heal her."


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