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Healing Miracles at Bethel Assembly of God, Dhaka

Healing Miracles at Bethel Assembly of God, Dhaka
13 February 2011
5.00 PM to 7.00 PM
Bethel Assembly of God Church
401/1, New Eskaton Road
P. O. Box 277, Dhaka – 1000
Senior Pastor: Rev Nathanael S. Munshi

Rev Nathanael Munshi, the Senior Pastor, interpreting my message

Grace and I were invited by the Bangladeshi AG churches of the Southern Division and lay leaders of other denominations to minister 'Elijah Challenge' at Dhaka and a Revival Convention to be held in Dharabarsail, one of the remote villages in Bangladesh. It was Brother Paul Sujit Barikdar, who first initiated this revival convention in 2010. This year, Grace and I were privileged to be the first foreign ministers to minister at this convention. This second convention was a little different because the Assemblies of God churches in the Southern Division were active partners with Brother Paul. Before the village convention, we were housed for a day at the guest house that belonged to the Bible Society of Bangladesh.
Before we journeyed to the countryside, we were scheduled to minister on Sunday at a church near to the Bible Society. It was Brother Paul who introduced us to Rev Nathanael S. Munshi, the Senior Pastor of Bethel Assembly of God Church, one of the older churches in Bangladesh. This pastor had parts of his theological education in Malaysia and he and we had much to talk about. He seemed to like the many common foods that we love.  
Pastor Nathaneal’s congregation meets on Sunday at 5.00 PM which in itself is uniquely different from other churches.. Most churches meet on Friday as that is the official weekly holiday of this Muslim-majority country.
With Pastor Nathanael interpreting in Bengali, I shared from Mark 16:15 to 20 about the Great Commission and how the Lord confirmed the Word with signs and wonders. Then I showed them Luke 9:1 and Luke 10:1 and 10:9 about how evangelism has two aspects to it – first is to share the Gospel and second is to confirm the Word with miracles. The congregation was told that this is a package.
This congregation was not very expressive and so for a brief moment, I could not figure whether they had really received the message. After the preaching, I asked for those who were in pain to come forward. Surprisingly, quite a number flocked to the front of the church. It was more difficult to get the leaders and believers to lay hands on their friends. With only a few helpers in this area, I had to ask those without anyone to lay hands on them to lay hands on themselves.
I commanded in English and Pastor Nathanael interpreted the commands in Bengali. It was awkward at first as the people tried to follow the Bengali commands. Soon we caught the momentum and the commands rang out smoothly. The Lord was definitely present and was there to heal! Among the first of the 14 people who were healed was Brother Paul Sujit. He was the healed of back pain that he had suffered for years. Another person who was healed was Rev. Proshanta Kumar Roy who was the previous chairman of the Southern Division of the Assemblies of God in Bangladesh. These were the two brothers responsible for the Dharabarsail convention and it was only appropriate for them to be among the first to receive God’s healing power.
During the time of testimony, Pastor Nathanael was busying interviewing the healed people. Without the pastor interpreting, Grace and I could still figure out, by their none-verbal and gestures, that miraculous healings had occurred upon various parts of their bodies. The recipients testified with excited voices and we could see how thankful they were to Jesus. A lady with chronic headache rejoiced in her miraculous healing. Many men and women were also healed of back pain. People with pain in the limbs also received their healing.
I pray that this church will catch the vision and begin healing the sick and cast out demons whenever they share the Gospel.
Reported by Rev Albert Kang
Coordinator, Elijah Challenge Asia
The infirm responded to the altar call
The infirm laid hands on the affected areas of their bodies

Commands in English and Bengali

Many learned to heal the sick for the very first time
People responded by faith
Bro Paul Sujit and Rev Proshanta Roy were among the first to be healed
Different testimonies of the healing power of Jesus
Grace command the kidneys of this lady to be healed in the name of Jesus
More people testified to the glory of God

This young girl received the healing power of Jesus

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