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4 -9 Nov 2008 - Healing at Full Gospel Assembly, Main Church

Elijah Challenge @ FGA
The Elijah Challenge Basic Training Seminar
'Elijah Challenge End-Time Model of Evangelism'
4th to 9th November 2008

Lot 689, Taman Goodwood, Jalan Kuchai Lama, Off Jalan Klang Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03-7981 4755
Organizer: Pastor Jessica Leong

After the first report on 4th November, I was too tired to write anything. Every night, after the training and healing sessions, I was just too exhausted. However, now the training and rallies are over, it’s time to give thanks to God. Like all the people, during the last five days, who were healed and later testified, I want to testify to the glory of God too.
At the end of the whole event, my impression of Full Gospel Assembly has become very positive. After spending time to fellowship with Elder Wong Ah Chiew, Pastor Tan Eing Lock and Pastor Jessica Leong, I learned that this church is a very evangelistic and magnanimous one. The reason why this church is among the fastest growing in Malaysia is because the leadership emphasizes much on soul winning. The members are regularly encouraged to invite unsaved friends and loved ones to come to church. This has become an expectation and culture of the church. When the mother church becomes too crowded, the leadership sends out ministers to set up preaching points and subsequently these become satellite churches.
Apart from establishing satellite churches in Malaysia, the leadership also allows former leaders, who come from FGA, to establish their independent churches, using the ‘FGA’ name. Therefore, FGA churches, especially in Australia and New Zealand, may not be officially linked with the mother church but they are so proud of FGA that they choose to affiliate with the mother church by association.
The Chinese Church in FGA mother church is one of fast growing Chinese congregations in Malaysia with 700 to 800 adherents. Among this congregation are many young people. That, in itself, is a unique aspect because not many Chinese churches could attract younger people.
Every night, after the training session, the trained believers showed great enthusiasm in healing the infirm. Night after night, the number of people healed became more and more. This was the result of the increased faith of the trainees. During the breaks, I overheard many participants discussed excitedly about the ‘new’ teaching that they had received. They did not know that they could exercise the ‘kingly authority’ to heal the infirm - especially healing those who are unbelievers so as to prove that Jesus is the living God.
On Friday, the large auditorium on the 5th floor was packed with participants and the guests they invited. Quite a few of these came in wheelchairs. My team, which consisted of my wife, Grace and my father-in-law, Brother Ong, was impressed by the attendance. The atmosphere in the sanctuary was that of great expectancy. God was gracious to allow my Mandarin to flow with exceptional ease. Being an English-educated person, I had often feared that my Chinese language would fail me, especially during preaching.
During the altar call for salvation, more than fifty people came forth to accept Christ. This was to be repeated at the next two healing rallies. The number of people healed during the healing sessions was also remarkable. We were overjoyed when we saw many elderly people, with arthritic pain in their joints, received their healings. To prove that they had been healed, some kicked their legs, swung their arms and even danced vigorously.
The healing rally, on Saturday, was a combined service with the regular FGA Chinese Youth Church’s service. This younger generation of worshippers, with their rowdier and fast songs, created a different worship atmosphere. The young people did not remain at their seats but gathered up front and worshipped with much action. Some jumped, some danced, some waved, some whooped, and some simply knelt and praised God. The welcome was also different because there was not just the usual applause but screaming too.
As in the first rally, about fifty people came forth to shake my hands as I welcomed them to accept Christ. The healing session was as expected – the faith of the trained believers was extended and the infirm received their miracles. The trainees then quickly ushered them up the stage for testimonies. Everybody applauded and cheered as one by one, the healed people gave glory to God for their miracles.
There were some of the more exceptional miracles, apart from those healed of headache, neck pain, back pain, stomach ache and pain in the joints. An elderly man took out his hearing aid because he had no need for it any more. He proclaimed loudly that he could hear clearly and had been healed. An elderly lady also had her impaired ear opened and could hear clearly. Another man, who suffered from stroke, got up from his wheel chair and began to walk. He then pushed his own wheel chair to the amusement of the crowd. An elderly woman with pain in her eyes was healed. The tearing also stopped immediately. A young lady testified in tears, that her broken leg was healed and she put her crutches away.
There were too many miracles to report here. All we can say is “Praise the Lord for all these healings”. Apart from many who were healed, we are more excited with the 200 newly trained Mandarin-speaking Elijah Challengers who are able to share the Gospel by showing the power of God to heal. My earnest desire is for some of these trained participants to go to mainland China and conduct their own Elijah Challenge training and healing rallies. May this become a reality soon! Praise the Lord and all glory to His name!

Reported by Reverend Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia
11 November 2008

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