Thursday, January 15, 2009

Testimony of Healing from Tom Briggs on January 15, 2009

I want to publicly thank our Lord Jesus and his humble servant, William Lau of, for discipling us at Open Air Seattle in the use and excercising of His authority given to us (and all obeyers of the Great Commission) by Jesus "to heal the sick, cast out demons, cleanse the lepers, and raise the dead" in the context of preaching and evangelism of the lost OUTSIDE of the "boat", i. e., the Church.

I now wish to publish what Jesus did through me today in Federal Way, Washington at around 1:30 PM PST.

There was a humanitarian outreach to the homeless at a church across the street from a wooded "forest" used by 40 or 50 homeless folks. Thadeus and I were there making ourselves 'available' to see what God would do through us at this free lunch outreach. After the folks were fed lunch, and given used clothing for the winter, things were winding down, and I was getting I INITIATED what you are know about to read!

I introduced myself to a woman named Martha sitting on the couch next to where I was. I expressed my overhearing her complaints of pains and general misery as she shuffled around with grimmacing and obvious discomfort. I explained that I was a street evangelist of the gospel of Jesus Christ and was recently trained how to heal disease and infirmities in Jesus' Name in order that people may know that Jesus not only can forgive sins, but also heal them just like in the Bible days past. I asked if I could minister healing to her. She said, "Yes!" (O yes, Jesus! Let's go!)

I asked her what was bothering her, and she said pain in her stomach area due to gall stones, pain in her back due to spine curvature (scoliosis?), and pain in her lower back from a vertabrae/disc problem. (She had just been examined and given the diagnoses from a free medical exam team sponsored by King County which had been invited to be there as part of the free lunch event.)

I told her I wasn't going to close my eyes and 'pray' for God to heal her, but rather I would take authority over her infirmities and command healing in Jesus' Name with my eyes open! I asked her permission to touch her (fore)head and minister healing to her. She said "yes," so I proceeded.

Seven or eight seconds later, I stepped back and asked her what happened. She was speechless! I asked her to check her pain level. "If it was '10' before, what was it now?"

She said "There's no more pain!" I said---not anticipating such outstanding results so soon---"Is it at a one, a two...a what?" She checked again and said "I feel fine!" I took her hand and asked her to get up out of the couch in which she was sitting. She stood excitedly and in wonderment. I said, "Praise Jesus! Why not tell someone here in the foyer what Jesus just did for you?" She said, "OK, yeah, thank you, Jesus!"

She told Thadeus who had just returned from down the hallway. He added to the joy by testifying and showing Martha his healing received during The Elijah Challenge training last Wednesday at my house. His old hip fracture prevented his movements, but he showed her his healing by doing three or four deep knee bends, then he also testified to Jesus delivering him from (as of last Wednesday) cigarette nicotine addiction, and he was still "sober!"

After things calmed down, I told Martha this would all be in vain if after she died she ended up in hell because of her sins against God and His Law. I offerred her some gospel tracts, so she took 6-7 to share with her friends in the woods across the street.

Praise the Lord. Elijah has returned to prepare the way of the coming of Jesus to claim His Bride and judge the world in righteousness. O come quickly, but not too quickly---we've a lot of harvest to get in the Barn, but the laborers are few---still in their boats, waiting for the fish to jump into their boats, I guess, right?

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