Monday, January 17, 2011

CHINA: Mute man says "I love you" to his wife plus other miracles

We just received more testimonies from Elijah Challenge Asia-trained Timothy Lam in Guilin, China. Do read them and rejoice with us!

"Praise God for His mercy and greatness.

a) in C Church, China: The Lord is working wonders through the trained ones who decided to activate their faith and commanded healing on people [in the name of Jesus]. A group who attended the training ministered to the infirm during a service when people stepped out in response to the 'altar call'. They volunteered to step forth and serve the infirm and commanded healing in Jesus' Name.

The leaders were amazed and opposition quelled! 

A testimony came this way: An elderly man who could not speak started to utter words after being ministered to. His wife wanted to hear him say, "I love you"...and he did. Slowly but surely, he said those lovely words to his wife after many years of dumbness. [In Chinese, the words would sound like "wo ai ni."]

b) in KoG Church, China: Cell Group format. Back pain, Parkinson's Disease, migraine, deafness (caused by accident during Cultural Revolution), knee pain, frozen shoulder - all received healing in Jesus' Name.

c) The elderly woman in Szechuan who arose from comatose: she shared that whilst in the coma, she felt she went for a long walk but was called back. This was around the same time the students commanded healing in Jesus' name from a distance in Guilin!

I went to China to teach leadership but ended up giving an express session of Elijah Challenge Asia materials. I stand amazed and humbled by God's divine direction and intervention.

As of 7.30pm, I have completed my teaching task on leadership. The bonus is from God! All glory belongs to God -  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Timothy Lam"

We personally sense that China is the next major mission field for The Elijah Challenge. Already the Lord has raised up a close co-worker named Julia Pan who is originally from Beijing, but now resides with her husband Andrew in San Diego. In July Julia will be in China to teach the Alpha Course as well as The Elijah Challenge.

Brethren, please pray for Sister Julia. May the Lord use her mightily throughout her native China to raise up a powerful army of Elijah-like witnesses to fulfill the Great Commission during these last days.

If you'd like to know more about Julia and her ministry, her website is at

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