Saturday, April 14, 2012

Drug Addicts Healed

Drug Addicts Healed
Rev Princella F. Johnson, a pastor from Virginia wrote to Pastor William Lau, Director of The Elijah Challenge: "For several years I have repeatedly watched the training videos of the ministry Christ has given you to equip the Body of Christ. I have been blessed tremendously by the fruit of your teachings. I have personally experienced divine healing through practicing the principles outlined in the teachings and so have members of my immediate family.

Further, Christ has used me to heal the sick suffering from a heart murmur, blood clots and recently a 26-year cocaine and 30-year marijuana addiction. Because of the addiction healing, 7 more souls came to Christ and joined our church! Prior to the training, God had used me in the gifts of deliverance ministry by casting out demons and also healing. Yet, I came to a deeper understanding of the authority given to us by Christ through your teaching.

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